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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:58 PM ET on November 4, 2023

In the First Amendment We The People have the right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Thus we need to write up a petition for the US Treasury to take actions now for our safety into the QFS and NESARA Law and not into another depression/recession!

I thought it would be good to get a head start and put this up earlier on Saturday night for you all to get rolling for Sunday as some people may want to get it done ASAP.

Who is willing to write this up or follow up on what I wrote below and get it to the proper authorities? Who in the US Treasury is to be served as we may not know who is in the USA, INC. Treasury or who is in the USA Republic Treasury? And which government officials are we to go to to get this being able to serve it to the proper personnel? Do we just serve it to the USA, INC. personnel and thus nothing gets done which the USA Republic officials are to be served and we don’t know who they are?

Was; “All money was in all banks and ready to go.” just referring to just the RV exchange funds and not the “restitution and reclamation allowance” funds?

This is a Notice that the US Treasury is being served along with every state, county and municipality that until the changing of the guard of the USA, INC. to the USA Republic of the 50 states is publicly recognized and the EBS is officially being posted that We The People know what is to happen and not left in the dark for the 10 days taken as the banks are closed along with all internet, phones and general shopping are down.

This will remove the conspiracy theory of the Q and Trump taking charge as a dictator with his US Military backing him. And who can serve Trump with this if he is in charge of the US Military as he is the Commander-in-Chief. Serving the Secret Service may be a way to Serve Trump if no one can get to him directly, or we get a 4 star general served to give it to him and if they fail they just committed Treason so serve it to several 4 star generals.

Maybe those in the USA Republic can direct us on what to do and where to go to make sure this is being done properly, but they cannot be the ones doing it themselves as basically they are the ones stalling all this QFS and NESARA stuff and they are to be served.




This petition has to come from We The People and not from Trump, White Hats, politicians or any of the patriots that are already working in the background for the Republic. There is also not a percentage amount of people required that must sign it in the Constitution.

This should be made sure it is served first to the USA Republic Treasury, Trump and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to make sure it is official and not passed around from city to city and find out is was never served to those first people in charge.

This should not take 30, 60 or 90 days to be taken to process it or for it to be that long in order to be completely in effect, which 180 days would be 4 May, 2024 if started 5 Nov. 2023 with the writing. If it takes 10 days to do the EBS then it should only be 10 business days to process and go into effect, thus at the latest things would be in compliance by 17 Nov. 2023. And no more waiting week after week for things to come about and then be just another rumor.

There should not have to be a certain amount of US Citizens that sign this petition, but at least one people in each state that understands this and preferably in more than 50% of the counties in each state that represent all the American citizens, Not illegal immigrants. Yet if it does not get to that point then we go with what we have, and maybe have Trump make a statement in one of his speeches about this that this is being done to get more people on board.

Maybe get this petition in writing as an original for the copies to then be taken to be served by individual people in each state, county, municipality and to a bank manager. Make sure you have the proper original and not just what I write here unless this is accepted by all that see it as there may be corrections to be made, yet I think most of this should be included except for legal matters I missed under Common Law and not cut down to only a few sentences.

Maybe it should go something like this;

“To: The USA Republic Treasury, aka US Treasury and Donald J Trump Commander-in-Chief,




From: We The People of the USA Republic, presently US Citizens,

We hereby demand that the present people in charge of this New USA Republic that have taken over the incorporated UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and are bringing forth the QFS and NESARA Law into compliance are to provide funds available for every lawful USA citizen that has a Lawful USA Birth Certificate and Social Security Number, or has in the past due to homelessness, illness or other circumstances, at the age of 18 years of age or older, are to receive $10,000 per month that shall be just compensation, eminent domain, until this RV, QFS and NESARA Law are put into place properly.

It has been reported that our USA Birth Certificate has been bought and sold as a bond with the Vatican holding it until the USA Republic Treasury took it back and now We The People want it back for ourselves and not be held as a slave to the US Treasury.

It has been reported in the NESARA Law that $100,000 per month for eleven years, $1,200,000 annually and $13,200,000 total are the just compensation on our USA Birth Certificate, along with all our work related withholdings, mortgage loans and other loans that people had to pay out unlawfully as they were already paid for at the signing, thus the $10,000 per month is only a partial of those payments coming to them.

No financial institution, law enforcement official, judge, government official, legislature, governor, state Supreme Court, Congress, US Supreme Court, President nor even the US Military nor Commander-in-Chief can override this petition at any time!

And if any of these people being served fail to take action as requested, demanded, then they have just been recognized as not complying with We The People and have committed Treason, and words of this defeats their purpose of their actions is just utterance of non-compliance for just a portion of what We The People are to receive.

Even though it may be Fiat currency at this time all $10,000 per month funds and other funds in their accounts shall be gold backed once the QFS and NESARA Law are in effect and no withdrawals or change in currency rate shall occur of these funds otherwise.

This is also the start of the “restitution and reclamation allowance” that is to take place due to the Unconstitutional withholdings of the 16th Amendment Income Tax, Social Security Tax and other taxes from our work earnings, and those that receive paychecks are to have those withholdings stopped immediately.

No more waiting upon the serving of this document of more than 5 business days shall happen for these initial funds.

All banks, credit unions and financial institutions are to be notified to provide these funds starting with those 60 years of age and older and work at a quick pace where everyone, lawfully to receive these, is compensated each month where it is not a loan of any kind and of course no interest applied.




The US Treasury shall provide these funds to the banks, credit unions and financial institutions in a higher amount rather than the US Treasury doing this all themselves for all Americans.

If anyone that is to lawfully receive these funds tries to gain more than the $10,000 per month they cannot be criminally charged or arrested till they have gained more than the $1,200,000 annually.

All loans are to cease upon being served and no property can be seized of any kind.

All people that have been charged and/or sent to prison for crimes related to these seizures are now to have those charges dropped, their property returned or refunded and they are to be released from prison with their records expunged.

There may not be any more Qualified Immunity or Civil Asset Forfeiture on this matter or any other in dealing with masses amounts of cash or in their bank accounts unless it has proper evidence a crime has been committed for other reasons and not just based on assumptions.

Immigrants that have come here lawfully and can prove their true citizenship can also be reconciled for this in this manner as others if they have paid into this old system.

All financial institutions should have on record of whether the members are lawful citizens or not, but can later press charges if the people committed fraud and they would be the staring point for the US Treasury if they were to receive the $100,000 per month or not.

We are also to receive the New United States Treasury Notes before January 1, 2024 and have SIX months to exchange the Old Federal Reserve Notes for the New United States Treasury Notes per the NESARA Law and not have the Federal Reserve Notes worthless by New Years Day 2024.

We should not also have the New Republic elections to be on November 5, 2024 with announcement of NESARA the week of July 8, 2024 for the 120 days per NESARA Law as November 5th is the same day of the present corporate general elections.”

Maybe a set of good lawyers or those that know about the Constitution and writing petitions should get this going in a day or two and not wait weeks while we are still waiting for the RV, QFS and NESARA Law which then this petition would be a waist, or we just put pressure on all those involved with the Republic to take action then and there.




I think I covered most of what we need and included other items that need to get going as well, so it may wake Trump up too if he sees this. But Trump should not get the RV and EBS going at the same time when the different Tiers need the phones and internet going and banks open.



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