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Ya know when it comes to this Intel being provided about the GCR, by the Intel providers, I find myself asking the question, “is it because they’re so convincing or is it because I’m so gullible?” If it is because they are so convincing you want to dive into what their motivation or agenda is as to why they are trying to convince you. Do they have a blog or website that requires them to fill the pages with content to keep you engaged and coming back? Are they being used to propagate a message by higher actors for whatever agenda they may have? If it is because I’m gullible then you have to look at why I’m so gullible. Has desperation manipulated my mind to be acceptable to any Intel that will pacify the stress generated from the desperation? It can be confusing.

I want to think, as a logical person, I can’t be fooled. But the real fool is the one who says that he can’t be fooled. People who would say anything no doubt appear ridiculous to people who say nothing. A person who undertakes to set themselves up as a judge of truth and knowledge can always make a fool of themselves. A person who doesn’t, never takes the risk.

We can’t understand everything at once. We can’t begin with the answer. To reach the answer there must first be much we do not understand. And if we understand too quickly we will probably not get it right. I say this to those of you who have been able to understand so much and yet do not understand. Ultimately we must discern between what is merely conversation and what is fact. It is the absence of facts that frightens people and creates an opening into which they pour their fears, fantasies and desires. The reality is facts don’t care about your feelings.

Be careful what information you choose to accept as fact. Sometimes, some lies are spoken with such high confidence they can be more receptive than facts that are spoken with doubt. One doesn’t need to go too deep, it leads to over thinking, and over thinking leads to problems that didn’t exist in the first place.

Before we see any aspect of the GCR come to fruition, there are multiple points of chaos throughout the world that must be settled. In addition to the chaos, add the addition, implementation and acceptance of the mechanisms needed to facilitate a GCR and you’ll find the facts don’t support the narratives suggesting the week to week launch of a GCR.

The world has “ multiple personality disorder”. If the world was a person it would be locked away in a mental institution and the key thrown away.





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