IDC Community Thought(s) – 11.7.23


Being calm about everything allows your mind to find solutions. Calmness is also a state of trust. Instead of overthinking and overreacting, you just surrender for that moment and allow yourself to receive guidance for what doesn’t make sense.

I choose not to participate in the collective hate and fear. Instead, I will send peace, love, and healing energy to all.

Before you respond to someone, remember that your response is also an agreement to create an energetic connection with them, which may affect your vibration. Pause and ground your energy deep into your body if you feel a need to respond. Especially during highly reactive times like right now. — Roya Darling

So much suffering comes from resistance toward a decision your heart knows is right for you. Yet when you resist what is true for you, difficulties ensure to try to get you back on your divine path. Trust your heart. Your fear might convince you that it’s better to stay put than make a change. This is why so many people become comfortable in their own discomfort. Yet stagnancy leads to dis-ease, which can eventually lead to disease. Your heart will never guide you astray. There’s a reason things are difficult. Life is inviting you to step up, make a change, and move forward. Trust this. Trust life. Trust your heart and make the change.

One aspect of ascension and transformation that is rarely talked about is the grieving process. Ascending into a higher version of yourself necessarily means letting go of older versions of who you once were, and it’s important to allow expressions of grief as you let go. You had many deep life experiences from infancy forward, through each stage of your life, and all of those experiences need to be honored, respected, and grieved before you can fully embrace who you are becoming

Right after you wake up: Your brain is in a frequency known as theta. Theta is the brainwave frequency associated with rapid programming and hypnosis. You access this state right after you wake up and as you are falling asleep. These are the best times to repeat and/or listen to affirmations with the intent of reprogramming your subconscious mind for the best results.

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. — Chinese Proverb

The feminine is not built to do it alone–and neither is the masculine. Their relationship is symbiotic. She is strong where he is weak, and he possesses strengths that she does not possess. Their energies combined are a powerhouse.



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