Dinarland Highlights for November 11, 2023



Dinarland Highlights – 11.11.23


[via PDK]

Iraq is now selling gold to banks and that is good news…. They are doing everything they need to do and are making solid progress toward this Rv…but, stay grounded. We know we are close…we are hopeful…but, manage your expectations…But everything seems to be pointing to an announcement in the next day or so.

The earliest we expected things was Friday evening… The most probable time is Saturday. But there is nothing yet.  Iraq is embracing alternative currencies like the Indian Rupee and the Chinese Yuan. Euro ect…Many interesting things happening in Iraq that points to an ”International Currency”.  This means a new rate.


Bruce (The Big Call)

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…first of all regarding Iraq, very early in the morning…Friday…the ATM machines which have been loaded with lower denomination dinar…meaning  being 5 / 10 / 20 /50 / 100’s – sort of like we would have 20s in our ATMs. I don’t know how many different denominations they have…those are activated early this morning for the first time – that’s new…So the lower denomination dinar are in the ATMs and were utilized…


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: The television is talking about some economist…we trust him, saying Iraq needs to bring the dinar to a register inside of a basket with internationals…Then they say to us the reason for this is so the black market can  be dealt with.

FRANK: This monetary reform education is at it’s best!

FIREFLY: The talks are about bringing value to the dinar.  They also say they’re going to give us metal currency.  Coins…

FRANK: This is the part where I tell you, I told you so! Lol…

FRANK continues: They prepare you inside of Iraq for your new exchange rate by telling you about the coins.  Those are even smaller than the new small category notes…To see it right now is perfect timing…In these last final second of all this information is being given to you about your monetary reform… Congratulations. Every day is one breath closer to you new exchange rate before 2024. 

When Sudani went over to the United States Treasury at the the UN…they told him to do a couple more things.  He said fine I’ll do it.   He went back he did it in less than 24 hours because it was simple.  But the purpose for him going there was to deliver the new exchange rate that they are going to release.

“What do you think the rate will be?”

IMO a reinstatement of $3.22 to a cap of about $4.25.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Article quote:
“It’s not possible to import the dollar and secure in the local market without registering the dinar in the basket of Arab and international currencies.”

Bing!  Wow, what did they just say? …That’s like going back to where they were in the past, that ‘previous era’…

The second workshop the UNCTAD will put on through 11-14 November 2023.   It is for Iraq’s on going preparation for WTO accession… They are in it to the end now. They are in a place where they can have accession at anytime that the check boxes are checked…They are not waiting on any distant time frame. It is all a part of the process that they have to go through and the completion stage they are in…Just note, post assistance for Iraq and for after accession is a key indicator that they are in the completion phase..

At the moment we’re at 1310.  If you drop 3 zeros you have a number…The dinar at 1000…drop the 3 zeros, what are you at?  You’re at 1 to 1.  That’s the project to delete the zeros off the exchange rate.  Not the currency.  The exchange rate.






Importing of foreign exchange, that was a huge step for Iraq but don’t count chickens before they hatch.  Hopefully they don’t do anything to mess it up…  There’s somebody in there challenging this…On the face of things with everything that’s going on with Iraq…trying to open up to the international community…trying to bring prosperity to the people…trying to get rid of the United States as a babysitter, them wanting their own sovereignty back, I just don’t understand how anybody would ever think about challenging this.

The only people I could think of would be the corrupt people.  As long as there’s a black market well then they get to make a lot of money off of it.  IMO it’s most likely somebody with the political party, I don’t want to name no names, Maliki, but I’m guessing it’s got to be somebody from the Coordinating Framework that is opposing this.  Because if you do allow them to import foreign exchanges and the currencies are coming into the bank it makes it really hard for there to be a black market especially if the Iraqi dinar starts going up in value…No need to panic…Positive Juju…come on everybody, positive Juju.  Everything is going to go according to plan… 

I believe the dinar is going to go up in value in such a way that it’s going to create a bunch of millionaires.


Clare (KTFA)

“Central Bank: Inflation rates in Iraq are low and their percentage is acceptable compared to countries in the region”


Walkingstick (KTFA)

The economic reform is blossoming…because the monetary reform was a success…It is due to the security and stability that Sudani and Alaq have created for the reforms.





Nader From The Mid East

I can’t wait to see what’s going on.  If they’re going to bring the dollar to 1,000 or less.

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