IDC Community Thought(s) – 11.20.23


Ego vs Soul
Ego seeks to serve itself,
Soul seeks to serve others,
Ego seeks outward recognition,
Soul seeks inner authenticity,
Ego seeks life as a competition,
Soul sees life as a gift,
Ego seeks to preserve self,
Soul seeks to preserve others,
Ego looks outwards, Soul looks inward,
Ego feels lack, Soul feels abundance,
Ego is mortal, Soul is eternal,
Ego is drawn to lust, Soul is drawn to love,
Ego seeks wisdom, Soul is wisdom,
Ego enjoys the price, Soul enjoys the journey,
Ego is cause to pain, Soul is cause of healing,
Ego rejects God, Soul embraces God,
Ego is Me, Soul is We

Everyone has their own unique spiritual path.
What is right for one person may not be right for another. So listening to your own intuition and feeling how your heart feels about things is important so you are on your right timeline and not anyone else’s. Trusting your heart and your intuition, you will meet the people you need to meet, go to the places that are good to go to, and come across the right videos and books that you need.
— Jonathan Barber, author of “Your Spiritual Awakening and the New Dawn for Humanity”

The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore. — Rumi

Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy. — Brian Tracy

Some roads you need to take alone. No friends, no family, no partner. Just you and God.

Find the Others
Trust me when I say that there are incredible, beautiful souls out there who are creating a new world. They do not live in fear. It does not even enter their mind. They are vibrant, magnetic humans who are creating magic in this world. When you meet one, you’ll know. Picture the life you want, release fear, raise your vibration, elevate. Change starts with all of us. Find the others.

We all have divine tools and gifts that all have a reason to be used to raise our vibration and to help protect our lives. When you use these tools you have to use them properly and not be half hearted about them for them to work properly. Your faith needs to be solid to be completely in faith. Being heart committed needs to be fully committed to activate the next divine doors to open. Love and belief in yourself needs to be centered so you can free yourself of any negative worries. No one is perfect and no one can always get it right. But knowing these steps of being in your highest divine self is always going to give you the results you need to grow properly. Always have the willingness to grow in all aspects of a higher awareness of love.

When your frequency is high, your boundaries become like an electric fence. They protect you without any extra effort on your end while simultaneously making it impossible for anything not serving your Higher Self to reach you.



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