“Re: The Dialogue” by Kevin I – 4.19.21


“The Dialogue” by Ron Giles – 4.19.21

I have much respect for Ron Giles and this posting isn’t “to correct” Ron but “add a few finishing touches” to “The Dialogue”.  Yes, from a Constitutional perspective the Treaty of Paris in 1783 was treason; what was left out was the U.S. agreed to repay England and France (really 13 families/int’l bankers)  Country debt is for increments of 70 years.  Hence, the debt was due around 1860 and was an unspoken factor for the Civil War.  The 13 families had troops in Canada (England) and Mexico (France)…ready to invade in 1860 to enforce repayment of debt.  Lincoln had a supply ship, headed for Florida, just “hang out” in the Charleston Bay and South Carolina figured it was going to resupply Fort Sumnter so it fired upon it and Lincoln had his war to “save the Union” which later became to “free the slaves”.  The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t even free the slaves of the North.  So, after the Civil War, the “free white men” lost their rights and got lumped with women and slaves into a new statutory entity called U.S. Citizen (14th Amendment).  Remember Robert E. Lee wouldn’t accept Lincoln’s appointment as head of military because he wouldn’t fight against his “country” (Virginia)  Each State was a Sovereign Country.  The 13 families were given public land as partial repayment (later became National Parks) and the Act of 1871 sealed the coup “legally”.  Now, the 13 families needed a central bank to control the currency.  So, we had the panic of 1873, 1893, and 1907…each time emphasizing the need for a “central bank” to stabilize the currency..and we got the Federal Reserve” owned by the 13 families.  The 13 families know how to “play the long game” “legally”..  Another 70 years had passed, 1863 to 1933, and the debt hadn’t been “[paid in full” so a type of Bankruptcy happened and the private gold was confiscated under FDR.  One place it can easily be seen is the Treasury seal on the US currency  After 1933, the Treasury seal is “stamped over”, which encumbers the seal..making it null and void.  One can see that the US currency before 1933.has the Treasury seal unencumbered…not Bankrupt.   From a statutory, Admiralty point of view, it isn’t Treason but Coersion; we are forced to take a Franchise # to work (Soc Security #)…now you are coerced to be a “legal entity” without even knowing it.  That is the crime against us from a statutory point of view.  We seek redress from Coersion..but that case won’t be heard for obvious reasons. Hopefully, the Announcement and Appointments ensue very, very soon…our Consciousness are bringing it into causation.  We have the Power- Kevin I.


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