“Re: The Dialogue” by MRH – 4.19.21


“The Dialogue” by Ron Giles – 4.19.21

I realize that sometimes responses may seem nit picky, but having written many court documents, I can attest that every word has meaning and every word is important. An invitation was made to correct the author of this posting, so below are the corrections that I see that stand out. This of course does not make me more right that another, because the one thing I do not know is everything.

Let’s start with the title. “The Dialogue”. I only see commentary by one author. This would make it a monologue not a dialogue which requires the participation of two speakers.

As I comprehend it, and this is just my reading of others’ reporting, NESARA stands for National Economic Security And Recovery Act. But not having seen the actual document, who really knows. I have read that it was changed from one to the other. But again, without having read the actual document, we only have the word of others of its existence.

As for the Constitution, this is one thing I know very well. Ron has the story correct, but he has switched the positions of “for” and “of”. It was actually, the Constitution “FOR” the United States that was changed to “OF”. Using “of” is what made it a foreign document indicating it is from “without”. The preamble to the Constitution states, “We the Peopleof the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” (Emphasis mine) That is where the Constitution was titled. It is a legal document. Every word has meaning and every word important. Readers who go to the archives for the government will see that title on the page states “The Constitution of the United States of  America”, but looking at the actual document anywhere shows the terminology on the original document did not use the word “of”. It used the word “for”. It was the people “of” the United States, because they were from the states and they were not in said states at the signing of the Constitution for the United States except for those who lived in Pennsylvania. Knowing Ron, he probably knew the story, but just made an error when writing the article as we all do. When I researched this myself, I went to look at the original document. One can get a closer look at the original document at the government cataloge.

Of additional interest to readers, however, is the fact that the Constitution did not replace the Articles of Confederation for a Perpetual Union. A constitution is signed by constitutors. A constitutor is one who promises to pay another’s debt. So when we activated the Declaration of Independence and the Articles, we were a free nation at that time. The problem arose when the fledgling union of nations borrow money from the Bank of England through its French branch. So now the new nation was indebted to its enemy. The promise to pay was from the member nations promising to pay the federal government debt to England. Part of the agreement was the Bank of England running a central bank in the USA to assure payment of the debt. It is also why we are always in debt to the central bank. But this constitution did not require payment by the people of the states. It only required the states to pay. The reason for the Bill of Rights was to assure the people would not be burdened with this debt. So those running the corporation had to devise a means of fooling the people and everyone who still pays personal income tax is participating in the scam.

The actual takeover began much further back than 1871. As a matter of fact, the act of 1871 did not take over anything. It merely established a corporation under the guise of running the city. Corporations only exist to take liability from those who run them and for no other purpose. As a matter of fact, about 85% of the statutes passed by the federal government applies ONLY to Washington DC. It is the ignorance of the masses that subject themselves to these statutes. Take title 26 for example. In the definitions there are two definitions that stipulate when reading both of them that Title 26 ONLY applies to Washington DC, but look at the percentage of Americans who pay income tax and file tax returns. I quit 25 years ago. I do not file nor do I pay. I am not obligated to do so, so why would I volunteer for a tax I am not obligated legally to pay. It was not a government agent who told me I was not required to pay. So many people ask the thief if the thief has the right to steal and accept the answer when he says “Yes”.

The takeover started from the very beginning before the ink was dry on the Constitution. We were infested with esquires. Esquire is a title of nobility granted by the crown of England. It was important to the founders that people in the new republic be treated equally. As such, the founders included stipulations in the Constitution at Article 1 section 9 clause 8 forbidding the United States from granting a title of nobility and did the same in section 10 clause 1 forbidding the states from doing the same. This however was a bit shortsighted because it did not prevent those who were already esquires from serving as foreign agents for a foreign power. So, in 1810, the congress passed an amendment, the 13th, that forbade anyone with a title of nobility from serving in any public office and anyone who accepted a title of nobility from a foreign power would lose his citizenship to the United States. That and the lack of support for renewing the central bank charter was the reason for the War of 1812. That is why the British made a bee line for DC to burn it down. They were trying to burn the evidence that this amendment had been passed. But it was too late. It had already gone out to the states and the last state required for ratification did so in 1819 when Virginia ratified it and included it in its revised code. I have seen certified copies from 3 states, Virginia, Texas and Colorado. Although Texas and Colorado were not states at the time, these states official government archives acknowledge the legitimacy of this amendment. The certified copy of the amendments that include the original 13th can be seen in the evidence of a case The United States of America v. United States corporation case #1:17-cv-01046. To more more about the original 13th visit These guys did a great job of proving the ratification of this amendment.


Why is this important? Every attorney who has sworn a vow to the British Accreditation Registry or BAR, is serving the crown of England. They control the courts. So every single public official who is an esquire is not permitted to serve in public office and must lose his citizenship upon swearing his oath to the BAR. Much of this was covered by Ron, but a little more detail as to why is included here.

One item of concern is people thinking that presidents are elected to govern countries. In fact those who govern a country are “governors” not “presidents”. The easiest way to tell if one is heading up a corporation or country is the title given him. Presidents, secretaries and treasurers serve corporations. So we need to elect a governor not a president if we are to elect someone to lead our country.


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