“To all IDC Patrons Regarding The Dialogue” by Dean House – 4.19.21


“The Dialogue” by Ron Giles – 4.19.21

Thank you AGAIN, Ron Giles for your very important clarifications with regard to NESARA and GESARA. As I understand what you said, your main points are 1) that NESARA has not been announced publicly so subsequently we are still waiting for that as a beginning point for the world to move forward with NESARA and 2) that NESARA requires the resignation of all elected officials (because they are not elected representatives of the REPUBLIC) and a subsequent new election to repopulate the new Constitutional government needs to happen. The new election is a requirement of NESARA for the removal of the criminals of the fake and defunct UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc. and to elect new and real representatives of the people who will faithfully fulfill the responsibility of following the peoples will to the highest degree. The announcement of a new election will also be evidence that NESARA has been announced.. Another important point to make here is that the NESARA law as we humanitarians have known it has been our hope and inspiration behind the idea of a new Golden Age for our world and universe from the very beginning of our RV  journey.  NESARA is the basis of our hope and faith in the entire freedom revolution, our hope that the corruption, tyranny, danger and fear that we have lived under for hundreds of years will be totally eradicated with not even the smallest vestige of it remaining. NESARA is where most of us started and what gives us the hope that keeps us in the game . As such NESARA is the proof of what you (Ron) are saying.  What you are saying is written in NESARA law and consistent with it.  It is our proof of what you are saying. Thank you.

Now there is something that is not written in NESARA law that most of us believe but have only learned after the fact of knowing about NESARA. This assumption is that there will be an RV that is a part of NESARA law somehow. There is definitely logic in that assumption because an RV is essentially a partial reparation for the evil that has been perpetrated on a country’s economy and justice requires that it is essential to “level the playing field” of all countries BUT it is not specifically mentioned in NESARA if my recollection is correct.  Justice is what NESARA is all about, period. Not an RV. An RV seems logical but what is our proof? We should discuss this between ourselves to establish a level of logical conclusion for an RV so we are solid in our beliefs.

The next issue is the source of the gold that backs the RV.  Charlie W. says the gold that backs the new UST/QFS currency is from sources that have been confiscated (a logical assumption on my part), i.e. the Vatican and it all has been recast (smelted) into precise and consistent bars (weight and size) with serial numbers and a GPS tracker attached to each bar. We have been informed that the Alliance confiscated Quadrillions of dollars in gold from the Vatican and that it was redistributed to nations all over the world.  All of this gold along with all the other treasures was supposedly evacuated in 650 plane loads according to Charlie W. *Secondly, if we are to believe Charlie W. that the Vatican is the source of the gold backing for the UST dollar / RV /QFS  then what do the Chinese Elders or the St Germain Trust, the Rodriquez trust or Kim G. or any other of the trusts have to do with the RV?  According to George H W Bush president Sukarno, the past President of Indonesia is the one who had control of the majority of all the gold in the world SO HOW CAN THERE BE ANY OTHER SIGNIFICANT TRUSTS EXISTING? I mean, what part of any of this is or can be true?  Basically what do we know about what the source of the gold is that will support the RV and gold backed currency worldwide and who is the authority that is allowing it to be used for the RV? I suggest we just don’t know and at the very least have no clue of what is or isn’t as to who possesses the gold that will back the UST dollar / RV /QFS or where it is coming from.  Also we don’t know who the people are that are giving their permission to the countries of the world to use it.

IN CONCLUSION: The two points Ron Giles makes in regards to, 1) NESARA is not in effect because it hasn’t been publicly announced and when it is, 2) we’ll need a new election, are correct and true and supported by NESARA, if is true.  My two points are, that, 1) an RV is not a documented part of NESARA and, 2) the source of the Gold reserves that will back the UST dollar / RV /QFS are a point of total speculation and not factually unsupported. There needs to be some contributions from anyone among us so we as a collective, can evidentially or rationally come to some reasonable conclusions as to why we should believe that an RV is coming (Which I personally believe) and where the gold is coming from that will back it. It is important to close the gap on what we are now are assuming in the RV community so that we have a reasonable confidence by our faith, that what we now hope for, which is not seen, is TRUE.

Dean House,

A self reliant and god loving veteran, patriot, and humanitarian

PS: *The Vatican gold was described by Judy B. as 30 meters (98.4 feet) high and 60 meters (196.8 feet) deep on both sides of a section of underground tunnel that was 150 miles. 14 feet is considered to be a single story height so that makes the supposed Vatican stores of gold 7 stories high and 2/3 of a football field from the main central roadway to the wall of the tunnel on both side for 150 miles. That also suggests that the tunnel had to be about 8 stories high and 450 feet wide to hold all that gold as it was described.  

– A cubic meter of gold weighs 19.3 tons or 38,600lbs.
– The gold is stacked 30 meters high and 90 meters deep so that is 2700 cu meters in one row.
– There are 1609.3 rows in a mile which is 4.345M cubic meters of gold per mile on one side.
– Double that to include two sides which is 8.69M cubic meters of gold per mile both sides.
– The tunnel is 150 miles long which means that the entire 150 miles of gold is 1.3 Billion cubic meters
– The entire weight of the gold in the 150 miles of tunnel is 50.316 trillion lbs- The conservative value of the 150 miles of gold ($1700/oz) in the tunnel is $1.37 Quintillion dollars

The C-5M Super Galaxy, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, is the biggest military transport aircraft used by the US Air Force (USAF). The C-5 Galaxy strategic airlifter and can take-off with a max payload of 142.2 tons. If all 650 planes were used exclusively for gold transport the maximum tonnage of gold they could transport in 650 flights would be 92,430 tons  which computes to $5.028 trillion dollars in gold.  I don’t know about you but this doesn’t compute in my mind.  This story sounds like a fairy tale.


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