“Re: Sales Pitches to Banksters” by Kandi Darlin – 4.23.21


Entry Submitted by Kandi Darlin at 1:24 AM on April 23, 2021

“Why are we Making Humanitarian Project Sales Pitches to Banksters?” by Truthseeker – 4.22.21

My brother and I have discussed this for years and totally agree that if the real God fearing Alliance has anything to do with the GCR, they should be too wise by now to have a banker or wealth manager anywhere near redemption centers which we also hope and pray are at military facilities for safety and security and that the finances immediately go in the QFS system IF it is all we have heard and read it is and will be.

Basic common sense and God given wisdom says you have stated the case perfectly.  No sense in going backwards and literally handing the bad guys who are against humanity and humanitarian thinking more money to continue to do their dastardly deeds.
Those of us who have been wise enough to invest and hold on to that investment through being rich or poor should just walk in like exchangers have done for decades and just walk out of the military base with an exchange.  No haggling, no begging, no list of humanitarian ideas, no NDA (as anyone with any sense at all will want to keep quiet and protect themselves and their family) and nothing but a driver’s license for ID which is the current normal procedure for a currency exchange, have opportunity to open a QFS account, have training for the QFS and walk out the door to begin a new life and job of being a humanitarian.  There should be nothing other than the maximum amount possible given to each of us and for those who do not have sense enough to spend wisely or get help, then, yes, they may end up poor and in debt AGAIN within a few years. 

No one tells me how to spend my hard earned paycheck or what I can spend it on.  If you walk into any bank, airport, exchange center around the world to do a currency exchange today, no one will require all the supposed requirements the GCR will supposedly require and tell you how or where to spend it.

So many of the things we have read or heard make no common sense so I have learned to just skip over all the “exchange requirements” in my reading and listening. 

If it is absolutely ridiculous, why worry about it?  It won’t happen that way. 

I believe there will be some publicly announced information so we don’t get “fooled” into going somewhere to be stolen from.  Public service announcements during the expected “media takeover with the 8 hour 3 times a day revelations programming would be the perfect time for the awakened investors/currency and bond holders to see and hear what the real process would be in a way that will also announce the QFS to everyone and not appear to be out of the ordinary since people all over the world will be interested in the GCR and how things will be 1:1 afterwards worldwide. 

I think the “gurus” are showing their true colors by such senseless “Intel” and basic discernment backs me up on this.

God has brought us this far and won’t let us down now.   Keep the faith and expect miracles. 

Kandi Darlin


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