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MilitiaMan » April 24th, 2021

So, where are we in this investment? Today is Saturday the 24th of April 2021… of course you all know that..

But, with all we know and understand the exchange rate has not thus far gone the direction we have been hoping and praying for. Or has it?

Maybe we are all not looking at it in the same way. Hold that thought.

The powers that be have been working for years to get the country of Iraq to re construct and get back to a rightful place in her region and the world. We can see the progress on many fronts over the past 4-5 years now. But more recently we see a laundry list of crucial items (mechanisms) coming together to facilitate the birth of a new nation of Iraq.

One that is to have an advancement to their internal and external systems like no other possibly in history or at least our life times with or in respect to the “Iraq Marshal Plan”.

This new plan is going to be vastly different in nature from previous era Marshal Plans of the world. Why? The previous were industrial in nature primarily. This one will have and industrial nature of course, but with a new and improved digital component to it.. Much of what we are witnessing is from my perspective has two fronts.  Of which they both may be working against each other.


 Kadhimi on the one hand and the corrupt on the other.

The two opposing forces appear to have now come to a cross road. That road is transparency. The new system requires it. The digital world they’ll begin to live with looks to be with the USA help is to go live 05/01/2021 digitally for both Dinar and the Dollar.

To do that Interconnectivity is to be international.. Article 8 compliant. Cross border payments and settlements for trade require it.. imo

The plan has been all along to be geared for financial inclusion. Financial inclusion has many facets to it. They include E-Gov, E-Commerce, E-Borders, taxes, customs, fees and above all E-Money!! All digital!

Those opposing forces on one hand want it to happen like now the other wants nothing of the sort ever!! Who is going to win?

In my perspective the good will prevail.

The powers at be have been hard at this long enough to game the bad. We can see evidence of that by the lack of quorum lately.


Kahdimi has set the trap and has put the corrupt on notice.. Those with dirt on their hands will show under their finger nails. There is more than a hand full of folks in parliament that fit the glove. So, back to the hold that thought.

The exchange rate is changing in country as inflation is rearing her ugly head. The citizens are paying the price at the pump, stores etc.. That does a few things. One of which is to devalue the currency which creates pressure to change the exchange rate to one that supports the citizens not harm them.

They don’t know or just may not know that by devaluing for as long as they can creates pressure, creates more large notes to be absorbed off the streets and yet in a stealthy manner adds value for them once the exchange rate lacks the three zeros. 1450 is less valuable than 1480 once they drop the zeros..

So with having the E-Gov, E- Commerce, E-Borders and new E-Currency we should see an exchange rate change at or before the roll out of the digital playing field they suggest is to roll out May 01.

I am very optimistic that my view has legs to it!! Let’s see what the day brings us. imo


Source: Dinar Recaps


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