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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 4-22-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everyone to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 22nd and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for coming in everyone – thank you for listening from all over the globe – It’s good to have you back –

Now let’s talk about the intel portion of our call – and try to give us an idea of where we are and what’s been going on and where we see ourselves –

To start with – I think it’s important to go back and discuss Iraq – Iraq did put their budget in the gazette – the printed version – last Saturday – They may have put it in additionally yesterday – (Wednesday) and remember we talked about Wednesday and Saturday as the printed version of their official register – which is their official document – which is called the gazette –

So — what’s interesting about the gazette is – it is supposed to come out again on Saturday in print to put it out so that it could be released internationally – and that means even to us – because they’ve sort of released it I think within Iraq – maybe to other countries in the Middle East – trading partners of theirs – Saturday is supposed to bring the gazette out to where even we could see it – that means they should have the budget out – and their rate for the dinar –

The rate came out a little under $15 and I don’t know if that is where it will stay for right now but I think they wanted it to be traded up a little higher than that – we talked about the number they felt Dr Shabibi felt the dinar could support –in US Dollars – and I think they wanted to get to that number or slightly higher – so that is good news for us – Where it is now is nothing to? – it is very good but I think it could get traded up higher –

Now – the other thing is about Iraq – there have been over 1100 arrests – in the last several days there – these have been bankers- financial people – Iranian sympathizers – have all been arrested and removed from the scene –  this was done in 4 major cities – these arrests needed to happen – and they also I think paved the way for us to move forward – so in other words with that done and the rate for the dinar going into the gazette and being internationally seen on Saturday – I think basically that takes Iraq and  we can maybe close the chapter on Iraq – maybe we can close that chapter now –


From what we know there was one more thing – one more thing – as of yesterday (Wednesday) that needed to be done – we didn’t know what that was yesterday but we believe we know now – that one more thing to do we believe it is for the rate for the Vietnamese Dong to come out – We believe that rate on the dong will come out sometime overnight tonight (Thursday)

Now – if you stop and think about it – number 1 – the dong – because of the international trading partner relationship with Vietnam and even with Iraq – that rate may come out between 6-8 %  below that of the dinar – which is way higher than we thought it would be – that does not mean that it is going to stay there forever – you realize we are getting rates to show up and last for a month or so – before they’re maybe taken down or brought out on par – meaning even with – the USTN or new US Dollar –

So for Vietnam to come out with their rate on the dong – we kind of need to have a rate that they can see on the dinar – if they plan to come out between 6 and 8% below that – which is pretty cool – so that’s why I think  that one last thing could be the dong –

Let’s talk about bond holders – we heard about a pretty good size group of over 300 Whales – VIP bond holders – that have large quantities of bonds that have been waiting for their 1% liquidity so they could begin using it for projects and other things – some of these are project funders – some are just wealthy bond holders –

What’s really cool about this is they received an email this afternoon saying they would have so called “emergency fund access”  in their accounts starting wither today or after 2PM tomorrow (Friday) to get access to funds that could be used  for (not buying or building houses or real estate) but used for “emergency” matters or clearing off debt or normal everyday expenses – – they are supposed to have access to their accounts in a bigger way – meaning getting access to the 1% for more than just emergencies –  on Tuesday –

Now I think that speaks to us to an extent – because  — now I personally don’t have any absolute clear cut information telling me I am going to receive notifications by email and I am going to get numbers before early next week – could be Monday/Tuesday – while there are things happening now and we heard from a very high source that there are expectations maybe tire 4A  the Admirals Groups – might get notified even tomorrow – now that brings in the possibility of some activity between now the weekend – but it may be a situation where again liquidity or access to funds may be out for next week – maybe that’s Tuesday and that will be when we start exchanging – next week –

Now – obviously this thing is a moving target – we got all excited because we think it’s here – we think everything is done – and there is always that last one thing – that we found out about today – that it was or believe it is – and now we just have to wait and believe that it is it – and that we can move forward – because the information is adding up that it’s kind of coming together overall – I think – and there are some people I’m sure that have said tier 4A and 4B may start early next week – Monday / Tuesday  —  but all we can do is move forward when the time is there and we get our notifications –


So that is a summary of where we really are – where Iraq has been – the bond holders – and those are primarily in 4 states – VIPS or Whales – and they’re being restricted – they may have a little access but it is only for emergency to pay off debt and so on – not really to do anything major –

So we are right there looking forward to our notifications – you know that I will let everyone get notified with the toll free numbers from emails that are sent from our website

So right now – as it stands – that is the height of the intel for right now – I hope everybody appreciates the fact that we bring this to you and you know that I am a messenger only and bring only what I am hearing – I am very encouraged – I can see some light at the end of the tunnel  and I want everybody to be able to realize – take a deep breath – yes we thought we have been here before but we have NOT been here before – This is New – and every day that I get 2 or 3 or 5 nuggets of information – I’m excited because the picture puzzle is starting to get more and more complete

I want to thank everyone for listening tonight

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins  56:24

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