“May the Black Swan Come!” by Stefan – 4.26.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:24 AM EDT on April 26, 2021

Dear Dinarland family, dear patriots,

Nice that you have time for me again!

Yes, this Black Swan. Where is he? He is needed urgently and is probably still on his lunch break, isn’t he? Or he’s still sleeping. And the remaining Deep State says to itself, “Sleeping black swans should not be awakened!” So he does what he does best: Lie. I quote a text excerpt from Wilhelm Busch: “…what she particularly raves about when it warms up again!”. The story about Widow Bolte was about sauerkraut, the left-green left is about? Well, what do you think? Right! Racism, man-made climate change, Russian interference and a pandemic. It’s all going to be rehashed nicely, whether you like it or not!

“Election fraud? Never! Economy at the end? We don’t care! Disappeared children? Let’s deny it! Corruption? The Russians did it! Lying media? You conspiracy theorists, you!” SantaSurfing nailed it, “The DS script is boring and an insult to clear minds!” True, but I say we have a worldwide pandemic. The “loss of logical thinking” and “brain cell atrophy” pandemics.

Watching my daily comedy show (some call it news) almost brings tears to my eyes from laughter. But then comes impatience, because folks, honestly, there’s a lot I don’t want to hear anymore, it distracts me from my visualizations. And I’m waiting for the black swan. It is said that in America, but also worldwide, 60% now disagree with the actions of their respective governments. 65-72% are needed for the EBS, yes, good grief, that really can’t be hard anymore, can it? Now the black swan could wake up and fly a little. Just a little, because that should be enough for 5-7 percent. Does anyone have an alarm clock?

In the good Telegram channels, where I get information, there are always comments from people who have given up, who can no longer believe in a plan, who think that nothing would happen. On the one hand I have understanding for that, I felt the same way a few years ago, on the other hand I say: If you are with your eyes directly in front of the screen, you don’t see the whole picture, if you stick your nose into a book, literally, you don’t read anymore. You all know that, right? So why are you acting the other way around now in these moving times? What is suddenly different in world affairs?

To me, there are many signs why the Deep State is no longer in control of everything. Do you want me to list them? Really? OK, OK, you win, I’ll do it. But just a few important points, to list everything would take a day, I’m sure:


If the Deep State were in control,

  • Trump would have already died of a heart attack or in a tragic accident.
  • General Flynn would have died in a plane crash with his brother.
  • Lin Wood and Sidney Powell would have been shot in the open street by a BLM or Antifa member.
  • Trump supporters would have been arrested, charged and punished for sedition just for buying MAGA items. So would all Republicans.
  • There would be war in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and of course with Russia, as well as China, so world war. That would have arrived at present approximately also in Europe.
  • In the meantime taxes for breathing would have been introduced.
  • Compulsory vaccinations against C_ovid 19, no one could hide, and who nevertheless refuses, comes into work camps under the earth.
  • All alternative channels would be deleted immediately after the first sending of contributions against the media narrative, worldwide. The operators would be immediately arrested and sent to a labor camp underground.
  • There would be book burnings of all alternative authors, especially those offering alternative healing methods.
  • Block watchers would get bonuses for anyone they denounce for even the smallest of offenses.
  • Functioning communities would be turned against each other.

Well, shall I go on? World war is enough, isn’t it? And I haven’t even arrived in Germany yet, where we are being shown how dictatorship works. Live and in color. And the masses applaud and run with a grin into the next buzz saw. Accompanied by MK ultra-mercenaries with rubber truncheons and service pistols. All right, I’ll stop! You’ve won again, reader 2, Stefan 0.

You are in the lead, so please consider what is happening instead in our world so or has happened in recent months. Nothing of the above mentioned points! Do you still think there is no plan? Honestly? No, you are far in front of the screen and see the whole picture. You are way up in the eagle’s eye view and you see the big picture!

And let’s look at “pandemic”: Movies like “Outbreak” and series like “The Last Ship” showed a lot of people how pandemic works, right? Do we see anything comparable? No, on the contrary! Sporting events go on, TV shows and sessions in Parliament go on, demonstrations take place, etc. . If everyone would think a little, we wouldn’t need wake-up channels. Yes, people are dying, but that was true before the pandemic. And the flu has all nearly disappeared. But who am I telling, you know.

I don’t know when the Black Swan will wake up and appear. We patriots are waiting for it, but try to always keep the expectations low and also not to fall for any date predictions. It will come and it is and will remain secret. But it will wake up the required 5-7%, if not much more. It’s a similar story with our long-awaited RV. It was always said by some sources that the RV will be a surprise and it will come when no one expects it. To me, that means at a stage where there will be quite a bit of chaos. And the chaos has started: Bitcoin price collapse, massive price increases due to the Ever-Given incident, Germany in tightened lockdown while other European countries are loosening, and, and, and.

Or maybe it’s many, small Black Swans coming in single file, one by one, and finally uniting into one big Black Swan. The conductor knows it, the musicians are ready, so may I ask, Maestro?

Ready when you are!


“Always leave a little room in your heart for the unimaginable!”” MAY FLOWERS grow with light!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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