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There are 2 significant financial articles I will post links to them below this

BUT there has been a tragedy in Baghdad a hospital blew up. Close to 100 dead so far and about the same injured an that is consuming most of the news now.

They are having 3 days of mourning and leaders from around the world like the US and CHina have called Iraq to offer condolences and assistance to them. Iran and  Kurdistan also have offered to help with care for the victims so it’s pretty bad  3 people have been fired already as well.

FoxNews reported on it

Parliament Presidency meets with the Finance Committee regarding the budget

Finance: Budget appeals have not delayed their implementation

that’s it for now……Nothing new on the CBI site and no new Gazette  but the budget has already been published in the Gazette so I believe that is a done deal!

Al-Fateh: Political pressures on the central bank will cause the country heavy losses




Al-Fateh Alliance confirmed, on Sunday, that the Central Bank has been subjected to great political pressure to achieve self and party interests.

“The government’s insistence on continuing with the policy of raising the exchange rates will cause the governmental financial institution heavy losses that will be paid by generations of Iraqis,” said a member of the coalition, MP Hamid Al-Mousawi, told Al-Maaloumah.

He added, “A lot of pressure exerted by political forces on the Central Bank of Iraq made it continue in this financial policy, and therefore the government institution will pay the losses, not the parties.”

He pointed out that “this policy will cause Iraq to lose approximately 13 trillion in compensation amounts due to the difference between the old and the new exchange rate.”  link

Iraq: New demonstrations against the deteriorating service and economic conditions

For the second day in a row, night protests are renewed in Wasit Governorate , southern Iraq, and other neighboring towns, to demand the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi  provide services and job opportunities, and reform the conditions of local governments in their governorate, which the demonstrators accuse of corruption and failure to provide services and manage service projects.

And at dawn on Monday, the protesters closed the building of Wasit Governorate, using iron welding machines and cement blocks, demanding the resignation of the local government. 

The protests began in the main square of the city of Kut, the center of Wasit governorate, before they headed towards the governorate building to confirm the previous demand of the demonstrations, which is the dismissal of Governor Muhammad Jamil Al-Mayahi and his two deputies, to cause the decline of services and deterioration of living conditions in the province, as well as to hold the killers of the demonstrators accountable, and to stop the prosecution of activists And returning the dinar exchange rate to what it was previously.

And the demonstrators delivered a statement in front of the governorate building, in which they said that “the political class, with all its colorful parties and its passive governments, is practicing the most heinous crimes against Iraqis,” noting that “the horrific crime that occurred in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in Baghdad on Saturday evening is nothing but a clear underestimation.” Iraqi lives, and evidence that this class is not suitable for governing Iraq. ” 




They pointed out that the political class is accused of killing Iraqis for not proving otherwise, “criticizing the government’s intention to raise the exchange rate of the dollar to starve the people. 

They pointed out that the ruling class is responsible for the malicious charges against the demonstrators to break their will and kill the national spirit inside them, and the deliberate killing of youth, and tampering with investigation papers And changing witnesses to acquit the murderers. 

Wasit demonstrators added in their statement, “Out of a sense of responsibility towards removing this corrupt class, we call on all Iraqi people to prepare for a major central demonstration against the decision-making center in Baghdad next month.”

The governorates of Karbala, Maysan, Diwaniyah and Muthanna, in the south of the country, witnessed night demonstrations in solidarity with the victims of the Ibn al-Khatib Hospital fire in Baghdad, which killed 82 people and wounded dozens of others, and demanded accountability for negligent people, and the provision of services, especially the electric current.

The first Iraqi protester was killed yesterday, Saturday, and 11 others were injured, in clashes with security forces in the Al-Wehda neighborhood, southeast of Baghdad, during a demonstration against the background of the continuous power outages and the scarcity of water connecting to homes.

 The Prime Minister promised to open an investigation into the killing of the demonstrator, which showed footage taken by activists who had been run over by a military vehicle after he was shot.

Yesterday, Sunday, Basra residents organized a protest stand in solidarity with the victims of the hospital fire in Baghdad, and during the sit-down they also called on the government to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar, demanding the dismissal of those who caused it, namely, Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb.

They indicated that this decision caused starvation for the Iraqi people, explaining that this pause will turn into mass demonstrations if the dollar exchange rate is not restored to what it was previously. 

The government’s decision, at the end of last month, to raise the exchange rate of the dollar from about 1,200 dinars to 1,450, and to confirm this in the 2021 budget, was met with a wave of widespread public discontent, which caused the price to rise. 

A member of the Iraqi parliament, Katie al-Rikabi, confirmed that the Ministry of Finance is in one valley and the people are in another valley, explaining in a press statement that the ministry is the basis of the problems. 

During the past days, a number of Iraqi provinces have witnessed demonstrations as a result of the deterioration of the service and economic conditions in the country, and a protester was killed on Friday – Saturday night and others were injured by security forces during protests in the Al-Wehda area, south of Baghdad.   link




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