“Where is the Evidence” by Aquarius – 4.29.21


Entry Submitted by Aquarius at 9:28 AM EDT on April 29, 2021

I find it absurd that we are expected to just believe what these gurus are saying just because it paints a picture of a brand-new world where we have more money than we know what to do with and can help as many people as we want. 

Especially when they make most of these claims with ZERO evidence to back them up and time and time again, they’ve been wrong. 

I’ve heard about a world court hearing 3 times in the last 12 months that supposedly signed off on the GCR.


How many times did we hear that Trump signed off on the GCR? 

How many times have we heard that this is our week? 

Whales are being paid. Redemption centres are ready to go. Funds are moving. 

I can go back as far as 2012 where certain Gurus were telling everyone that OBAMA had signed off on the RV. Honestly its mind blowing. 

We look at the Democrats and the Cabal and Biden and we jump on them as soon as they make false claims.

If these gurus had a highlight reel of all the false claims they’ve made over the years they’d be on par with the cabal.

Yet we come back day after day. week after week. hanging onto whatever information we can get. we feel a sense of community. a sense of belonging. a sense of worth like we are doing the right thing for humanity. And maybe we are.

 I can HONESTLY say I don’t know anymore. And it’s not because I don’t do my research. It’s not because I’m asleep. It’s not because I haven’t reached 5D yet. It’s because it’s impossible to know anymore.

it’s impossible to get reliable information backed by hard evidence. Its impossible to trust someone because they say they have inside information or military contacts or high up intel from the top. 

There are so many examples of contradicting behaviour everywhere on these boards.

The information the MSM is giving you is false they have no evidence to back it up, don’t trust them!!

But hey there was a world court hearing that signed off on the GCR but we don’t have evidence so just believe us okay its classified.

I want all of this to be true as much as anybody else I really do. 

But I refuse to take this so-called intel as truth unless it comes with rock solid evidence which 80% of the time it doesn’t. 

And if you’re like me and you wish to see the good in everyone and you ask yourself why? Why would these gurus be spreading false information? why on earth would they keep dragging us along week after week year after year? 

what could they possible have to gain from doing that? 

Well, here are some figures for you. According to Charlie Wards website he currently has 12,170,678 followers. If 1% of those followers signed up to his yearly subscription at 99euro or $120.14 USD per year, he is earning 12,048,894 Euro or $14,615,910 USD. PER YEAR. That’s $1,217.992 USD PER MONTH or $281.075 USD PER WEEK. And that’s at 1%. Feel free to check the math yourself. 

So, if that doesn’t answer some questions and put things into perspective then I don’t know what will.

Maybe the fact that he wants people to send him their personal information and what currency they’re holding and the serial numbers so that his contacts on the inside who are completely unknown to us can do back ground checks on us. that sounds like a great idea. 

I’m also more than happy to be wrong and eat my words!! I truly am!! I won’t sit here and say I know for sure that Charlie or any other Guru is wrong or right. How could I possibly know that?

All I am going off is the EVIDENCE that is in plain site.



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