“Listen To The Music” – The Office of POOFness Weekly Report – 5.2.21


” The Office of Poofness “

“Listen To The Music”…DOOBIE BROTHERS

Don’t you feel it growin’, day by day
People gettin’ ready for the news
Some are happy, some are sad
Oh, we got to let the music play
What the people need
Is a way to make ’em smile
It ain’t so hard to do if you know how
Gotta get a message
Get it on through
Oh, now mama’s go’n’ to after ‘while
Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time

Well I know, you know better
Everything I say
Meet me in the country for a day
We’ll be happy
And we’ll dance
Oh, we’re gonna dance our blues away
And if I’m feelin’ good to you
And you’re feelin’ good to me
There ain’t nothin’ we can’t do or say
Feelin’ good, feeling fine
Oh, baby, let the music play

Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time

Like a lazy flowing river
Surrounding castles in the sky
And the crowd is growing bigger
List’nin’ for the happy sounds
And I got to let them fly

Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time



Greetings and Salutations,

There are those who want to dismantle the entire RV program and the entire PP programs as well as the long term funds long awaited for.

There is an ongoing conspiracy and you do already know how vastly overrated all of that this.

The less than nice guys can’t quite get access to the funds even though they are trying; and as long as the note holders keep the funds in the vault the banker boys and girls can’t get access.

Please rest easy; funds are waiting and nope, they are not coming this week.

Just hold on and allow the several agendas to play out as they are; you must be able to see the higher you climb the worse it gets and the meaner the guard dogs are.

So shut it down and be quiet; Pay your dues, do your prayers and your affirmations.


Have fun and lighten up. It will all work out……

Love and Kisses,



You’re Worthy And You Matter

You weren’t born
to lose yourself
within this darkness.

You were born
to rise,
to shine,
and thrive.

You were born
to live,
to give,
to love,
to be loved.
(You’re worthy and you matter)

Madalina Coman

PP Update:


Your choice, listen to the rumor mill, “Everything and everyone is waiting” or Poof, not this week.

Love and Kisses,




What is the purpose of a “law” if it can’t be enforced? The definition of “law” is “a system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties” A law that is not enforced becomes merely a “rule”. The definition of “rule” is “one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principals governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere”.

There is an old adage that “laws are meant to be bent and rules are meant to be broken”. In the world we live in today what we see is selective enforcement of laws depending on who benefits from the enforcement of or lack of enforcement of a particular law. You could break down all the various arenas of law but in the end it boils down to enforcement.

Laws have morphed into political tools and when there is a clear violation of a particular law by a political agenda or movement those who create the laws change or introduce new laws to cover their nefarious activities. If revenue is needed by any particular governing body they just amp up enforcement or create new regulations that are enforced with monetary penalties to reload the coffers. We, as the common public, are the well these governing bodies go to.

Our common sense perception of laws is that they are there to protect us. It is pretty obvious murder, theft and other harmful situations require strict laws to preserve the safety of the masses both physically and to protect our properties otherwise we would see mass chaos and the criminally minded running amuck. That is unless there is political gain to be had by not enforcing or ignoring the obvious violation of a law. Recent examples are the rioting, looting and destruction of properties that decimated cities throughout the U.S. Are you kidding me?


To point out just how stupid and far governing bodies will go with laws to control or milk you out of hard earned dollars, here’s a few examples;

In Alaska it’s against the law to get drunk in a bar.

In Goodyear Arizona, it is against the law to spit, in or on any public building, park, sidewalk or road. While it is gross to see spit on the ground offenders may be charged a fine up to $2500 and six months in prison.

In Chino California it is illegal to build, maintain or use a nuclear weapon within city limits. Forget the fact it’s a nuclear weapon, it carries a $500 fine. What?

Idaho is the only active state to have a ban on cannibalism. Technically not a crime in the rest of the nation. Cannibalism is defined as the “the nonconsensual consumption of another human”. So if someone gives you permission to eat them, the feds can’t stop you.

In Iowa any person who attempts to pass off margarine, oleo or oleomargarine as real butter can get 30 days in jail a $625 fine.

Stealing someone’s crawfish in Louisiana can get you ten years in prison and a $3000 fine. They are way serious about their crawfish.

In Rockville, Maryland it is illegal to swear or curse on any street or highway and carries a $100 fine. They figured to capitalize on road rage.

In Helena, Montana it is illegal to play “Folf” (That’s Frisbee golf) unless on a designated folf course. A $500 fine or six months in jail.

Did you know in New York they charge an additional 8% sales tax for a “sliced bagel”? Uncut bagels aren’t charged.


How about Vermont. They passed a law just to say there would never be a law prohibiting clotheslines.
Here’s the best one, in two Washington state counties it is illegal to poach a Bigfoot. It is a felony and carries a $1000 fine. The law has been in place since 1969.

How, what and why a law is enacted and enforced must be redefined. Because how the judicial system is currently functioning is against the law.



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