“Listen to the Gurus?” by Jai Guru Dev – 5.5.21


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 6:17 PM EDT on May 5, 2021

As time has passed by since my introduction to Dinar Chronicles, and my amazement, unbeknown to me, the amazing awareness of the digital warriors, I feel compelled to give an isolated (all my information regarding the current changes to mankind was not gleaned from Internet Blogs), independent subjective assessment of the information that readers are given via Dinar Chronicles.

We have the Guru’s (of which I have previously given a satirical point of view regarding their discernment of information), and we have the platform through which that information is dispersed – Dinar Chronicles.

First point. Regarding the GCR and NESARA/GESARA Dinar Chronicles is the platform for the majority of seekers to glean information.

10 out of 10 to Dinar. You do not have an agenda that propagates a subjective point of view. You post opposing viewpoints , yin and yang, left and right, it’s happening = it’s not. You are a platform in the truest sense of what google, twitter, facebook, you-tube, etc. are not. You allow the man in the street to express their personal opinion, thereby allowing the reader to formulate their own opinions. You are destined for more in days to come. Of that I have no doubt.

The Gurus. From my point of view, a more informed view of the Gurus.

Judy Byington – Authentic, sincere, selfless. Processes information and delivers reports to the best of her discernment. Relentlessly so with the motive of heralding the new era in her best discretion. Accurate – to the best of her ability. As we know there is always disinformation sown by the powers that be, Judy tries her best to see through that and post through her pure heart the right information. You are truly an angel.

Charlie Freek – Where are you?  Your original discernment was mindboggling accurate. Brilliant even. What went wrong? Reflect on it. You are just a cog in the wheel, not the wheel. Come back to us. You have much to offer.

Juan O Savin – Brilliant. At the moment a ship out at sea without a rudder. So you lost a bottle of wine on the 1 April. Your truth is still pure even though your timing is out of sync. Come to South Africa and I will buy you a bottle of wine, just for the pleasure of being in your greatness.

Kat -Where are you? I miss you.

IDC Butterfly Memes – Inspirational. I love your posts. You are the soul of GESARA but I feel you are underrated. Listen to IDC more. It touches the soul.

Patriot Intel Report and x22 Report – Powerful beacons of rationality. A necessary part of our sojourn through the maya.

Simon Parkes – Authentic heart driven giant. Get a grip on your movement/company. A friend of mine had an off-putting experience with your organisation in South Africa. Reaching out to your organisation with the intent to set up a med-bed clinic with their own funds redeemed from Zim bonds only to be told that they are living on hopium if they expect to receive any money from Zim bonds. Unacceptable!

Ron Giles – Initially I could not read you. I now believe you are more connected than most. Always authentic speaking your truth. Maybe too far ahead of the masses.

Charlie Ward – Love you! All heart, no deception. Disagree entirely with the concept of the ‘Insiders Club’. You are blessed with insider information and that must be shared freely with mankind, not paid for. I do not subscribe but a friend does and I listened to one of your talks. Information was good and authentic, from the heart. Jimmy put me off listening to any more. Still love you!

Mark Z – Authentic. My gauge for the reality of the situation.

Bruce – Authentic. Operating at the best of his inside info. A good guide to the reality of the situation.

Sasha Stone – A fellow Zimbabwean. Interested only on righting the injustices of the system. You do all Zimbabweans proud. Really Proud!

Rod Steele – Love your patriotism and desire for truth and change. (Still won’t wear veldskoens and a safari suit to show my patriotism for Africa. Not there yet.)

Mel K – A bud that is laying the groundwork for her rose to bloom. Beautiful but more to come.

JC Kay – Will provide accurate info beyond anyone else. Just have to sift through the need to post a video for the sake of posting a video.

All Channelled contributors – It’s channelled. From who? 

Nick Fleming – You have drawn a line in the sand accusing CW of being part of a fraudulent scheme. There can only be one winner. I watch with interest.

Gene Decode – My belief system does not allow for that  only through JC can you reach ‘enlightenment’. A fundamental belief of his reality. Having said that, the most SINCERE, AUTHENTIC, KNOWLEDGABLE, GENUINE, ACCURATELY INFORMED, HUMOROUS, HUMBLE, blogger to follow at this moment! Gene’s insights and off-the-chart theories are entirely accurate to my non-digitally informed belief system. Whatever you do listen to him. He is way ahead of the curve.

Jai Guru Dev – (Me) Opiniated and I aspire like Gene, a sincere desire to uplift mankind. Full of many flaws but sincere in motive and intent.

It is not up to me or Gene or Dinar Chronicles, or any other guru. It is up to you. The redemption process IS rolling out. Use your money wisely.

Jai Guru Dev


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