Mr.Ed: Comments on QFS and Ron Giles’ Whack-a-Banker


“Let’s Play a Game” – Whack-a-Banker by Ron Giles & Comments by Mr.Ed on the QFS

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Sunday, 9-May-2021 18:23:07

“Let’s Play a Game” by Ron Giles – 5.9.21

Comments by Mr.Ed:

I have researched and studied for about a decade under Sheldan Nidle on the GFL. (Galactic Federation of Light)

I have done same with others too on more galactic races and their technologies.

I attended about 100 webinars and posted weekly updates for a very long time. From what I understand from all I have learned…the QFS (Quantum Financial System) uses a Quantum Computer.

What I want to point out is the cabal have recently come out with the same so called Quantum system so they can copy and fool you.

What they have is man made from earth.


They are using Bitcoin for money which is simply a digital currency and not gold backed as they know the dollar is dead. (They inflated it to death over the years. The more they printed…the less it was worth)

So the Quantum Computers that the GFL use are sentient. That means it is alive. They are not man made and not from earth but off world technology.

From what I grasp on it (having never been on a ship or seen one…only heard it described) it is basically a large human brain about 8 feet in size. It is 5th dimensional so telepathic and it can read your thoughts and intentions. It can sense your vibration so it knows if you are a good person or not. It can read your aura. It knows more about you than you do.
You can not trick or deceive it.

All the spacecraft and motherships have one of these sentient computers which is the heart of the ship and controls everything on it. It knows who you are before it lets you board. And it knows what you like and provides it. If you need to use the bathroom…a door appears from nowhere and you have your bathroom. It makes life very perfect for each person on the ship.

It navigates space and runs defense systems to keep them safe.

So if it can do all of this and more…running a financial system on earth is a cake walk for it. What I was told was the New QFS is space based on a galactic ship in orbit around the earth. So the bad guys can’t get near it and it can see all transactions at the same time on the surface.

Anybody stupid enough to try any foul play will quickly find themselves in jail. All our money will be safe from now on with this QFS overseeing everything. It is said your DNA is your QFS account password. (Not sure the details on how that will work yet?) I think i heard it only needs to identify you once and your good to go after that anywhere using any device. (think cookies)


Oh, and the ships I mentioned all have replicators and med beds on them…and the Quantum Computer is controlling the med beds.

On a mothership I think the same Quantum Computer that runs the ship also runs the med beds on it.

But some med beds are portable units and will contain their own ‘Free Energy Unit’ and a ‘Quantum Computer’ to run it off grid. (it would be much smaller but just as smart) 🙂

At least Ron Giles in the above article points out the ‘Full Divine Power’ of the new QFS to catch the crooked bankers.

I just wanted to elaborate on the topic so readers can get a better feel for what we have coming and soon.

Now you can see why nobody dare try to mess with the QFS. (or your money)

Under the new QFS we will get instant transfers of money. You can send as much as you want to anybody you want and no limits or delays or fees.

No more holding your deposits for 3 or 4 days to clear. They were flipping your money on the short market and keeping your proceeds from it.

As it is now and has been forever if you send over $10K for anything…the bank reports you to the IRS. And some years later they changed the number to $5K. Any bank transaction over that amount on any day gets printed out on a list and sent to the IRS.

The long term irony in all of this is…soon we will get technology that will eliminate the need for money to live or survive.


With free energy…free transportation…replicators in every home as well a med bed. You will have no bills or expenses. So you will have no need for money.

Most do not realize money and banks are tools created by the satanic controllers who have taken over this world to keep us down.

We do not need banks or money. It is a game they created and they use against us. It is the very reason why all of us struggle all our life to just make it. It is no accident. Your stuck in the matrix and these two things are a big part of it.

As soon as all the dust settles…everybody will be filthy rich and never worry again about not being able to afford anything you desire. As I say…until the need for it is gone.

Now you can see why 4600 bankers got busted recently. Funny…not a peep on the MSM about it???

Mr.Ed 🙂 Agent for Truth @ RMN

Source: Rumor Mill News


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