“To Humble Human Angel” by Janet S – 5.16.21


Entry Submitted by Janet S at 4:57 PM EDT on May 16, 2021

It’s interesting to see how each of us, wherever we reside on this planet, interpret the comments of others.  Upon reading Humble Human Angel’s (“Angel”) post in reference to Ron Giles claim that Steven Leonard used his words in publication and dissemination, I have some thoughts.

If we continue to have further delays in the “get ready, imminent” notices, I’d like to touch on “plagiarism” as more information and discussion of the QFS will take up much intel.  We all have access to hundreds of articles and speeches.  I love the 5th dimensional discussions, however, until things happen, we have to deal with down to earth words and phrases.

I do not know what coping or using someone else’s work or ideas is called in other countries, but in America it’s “plagiarism”:  Anyone who uses or copies another’s writings or works without citing reference to it, or acknowledgement of it’s source. (Reference:  Google research)So you are right in one aspect Angel:  there’s NOTHING wrong if Mr. Leonard used Mr. Giles presentation of ideas or words as long as he referenced and/or acknowledged him as the source.

It raises my curiosity of any other publications Mr. Leonard can share of his own knowledge of how the QFS will work and if he has a website to share with us.  You say he was given (?) the title “Scientist!”  What is his exact official title?  Mr. Giles has made available to us for a long period of time not only his website that includes his research and publication of his knowledge of how the QFS will be available, but also humanitarian programs that are/will be developed by LoveWonSociety.

It’s my understanding that Charlie Ward is relaying other people’s intel and relays that information.  I find Charlie Ward very interesting when he speaks of his first hand experiences transporting gold, monies, and valuables for such high level persons we will never know names of, and his first hand impressions.  He’s been put in the spotlight and is doing his job.  God bless you Charlie.  As David Wilcox said in a recent video to a comment, “If you think you can do a better job, come on up here!”

Angel, you wrote “…just words,” which prompts me to agree with you that there should be no IN-FIGHT at this time.  I did not see that in Mr. Giles’ comments.  I see published articles, well researched and explained, which probably took more hours than you realize to guide us during this process of changing from one system to another.  And I see him as an author trying to protect what he says are “his words and ideas” of how everything works, is developing, and will manifest.  If you wrote results of YOUR research and development of how a new financial system works, you would deserve and appreciate being given credit for your research, vision, and interpretation.  I also agree with you that there’s NOTHING wrong when we all tap into the Quantum Field, ALL IS ONE.  However, when you produce information from that Field that is specifically yours, you deserve acknowledgement.  Example:  In school or university, if you took someone else’s theme paper and turned it into the teacher (or had someone else write that paper for you), you would be expelled from class and get no credit whatsoever —– and probably a big Fat “F.”

I finish with a universal code of conduct the Buddhists termed the Eightfold Path, in addition to  the Bible teachings of the Sermon on The Mount that Jesus spoke.  I finish with INTEGRITY:  the practice of being honest and having strong ethical and moral principles, such as honesty, honor, truthfulness, not taking advantage of others. (Reference:  Google research)  Even though we, together with the planet, and the solar universe, are in an ascension process, this quality of Integrity never goes out of style.  In fact, it’s one of the basics required of us while in human form, interacting with others.  It’s part of the Love, Light and Wisdom paths we choose to travel.  So honor each other and give credit where credit is due.  We sincerely need Mr. Giles,  Mr, Leonard, and all who can illuminate our minds, hearts, and souls.  Thanks for listening.


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