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I have been inspired by the absolutely brilliant article written by Mark Baughman from Operation Disclosure. Well worth reading.

Ascension to 4D or 5D, a Look into the Near Future of Technologies, Quantum Realm Physics, and Very Possible Timelines of Events | Operation Disclosure Official

I suggest you read this article first and then expand upon it with the profoundly deep insights that Mark has.

Reality/Truth A Quantum Version 

In the early days of Quantum Physics, the late 1920’s, the greatest scientists of that time met in Copenhagen to discuss their scientific findings and a part of that process was to define reality. As unscientific as it may seem, the conclusion was that ‘Your observation (perception) determines that which you manifest!’ 

A description of reality as per the Copenhagen Interpretation. “The reality we observe is determined by our act of observation”. This I believe to be the most accurate current interpretation of reality with profound implications for mankind, a quantum leap of consciousness if you will. It literally states that your observation is the mechanism that causes the photon to rotate itself into an energetic form that manifests into a physical reflection of your belief as to what is real in the physical aspect of creation. 

Quantum physics is such a far leap from the laws of nature that we (classical physics) have been taught to believe to be true, that its implications are so violently shocking to the quantum scientists as it has taken the classical Newtonian view of reality and turned it upside down.  

Reality is no longer objective. Quantum logic states emphatically that reality is subjective, dependent on your observation. Consciousness is a key to creating the reality we experience in our human instrument. No living organism is an independent isolated entity, it is connected to all other living things by an individual web of intelligence. Any information that exists is instantaneously transferred to every particle in this universe. 




Through quantum laws, we can accurately measure the distance from earth to the moon within the width of a single strand of hair on your head. Yet it is also so ‘nonsensical’ according to our frame of reference that the most noted experts are at a loss to explain how quantum physics works. 

Niels Bohr. “Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it.”  

Niels Bohr. “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”  

John Wheeler. “If you are not completely confused by quantum mechanics, you do not understand it.”  

Albert Einstein. “If [quantum theory] is correct, it signifies the end of physics as a science.”  

Erwin Schrödinger. “I do not like it [quantum mechanics], and I am sorry I ever had anything to do with it.”  

Roger Penrose. “Quantum mechanics makes absolutely no sense.” 




Richard Feynman. “It is safe to say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”  

Wolfgang Pauli.  “It’s concepts have been likened to Eastern Philosophy and used to probe the secrets of consciousness, free will and the paranormal.” 

It seems as if trying to understand how Quantum Physics works is akin to going down a path from which you will never return, yet it remains the most accurate branch of science ever discovered. It can be applied to solving mathematical problems and scientific hypotheses with the greatest degree of accuracy ever encountered. Our technological revolution is a result of quantum logic. 

Quantum Physics, a simplistic view 

What exactly is Quantum Physics? 

It is the attempt by scientists to ascertain the creative laws of the universe. An attempt to find out what creates matter. To do this they break matter down into its smallest component parts and then try and understand the laws that govern these components. 

Perhaps they should be researching the energy fields that create matter as opposed to the energy fields that matter creates. 

The purpose of this research is to discover the basic building blocks of ’reality’ that can be utilised to improve the quality of our every-day life. For example, Classical Physics used to believe the universe conformed only to the principle of Locality. An aspect of Locality is that objects can only interact, and are affected by other interactions from their immediate surroundings. In other words, matter can only affect matter if it is in physical contact with each other.  

For instance, according to Newtonian/classical physics, to achieve the computing power that your laptop has, we would need a computer the size of a large room. Even then the computing power would be slow and cumbersome. (The first computers were indeed gargantuan, cumbersome systems.) 

Fortunately, Quantum Physics shows that the universe is ‘Non-local’. An aspect of ‘Non-Locality’ is that everything is instantaneously connected.  Time does not exist in the sense that the human instrument understands time. Everything in the universe is entangled by a web of intelligence and information and can therefore instantaneously move from one point to another faster than the speed of light. Two particles did not have to rub shoulders with each other in order to interact with each other. They could be light years apart from each other, yet still instantaneously affect each other.  




As a result of quantum logic, we now have small portable computers many times more powerful than the initial computers that were the size of a large room.  Smartphones, lasers, fibre optics (which makes access to the internet possible), GPS location devices, semi-conductor electronics (utilised in aeroplanes, cars, televisions) etc., are a direct result from quantum logic. These are but a few examples of how Quantum Physics has dramatically changed the lifestyle of mankind through the technological revolution it has caused.  

In the process of breaking matter to its smallest quanta (unit of energy), reality as we know it has taken a serious knock. Quantum Physicists are able break matter down to a point where it stops being a particle (physical) and becomes a wave (non-physical).  

Take the electromagnetic spectrum for example, the smallest unit of energy that matter can be broken down into is a photon or ‘particle’ of light. It appears as if a photon, or light, is the purest form of energy which are the actual causes of the manifestation of atoms. And are we not made up of atoms? 

Photons or light is the interface between virtual reality (a world of infinite possibilities), and the manifested reality that you are currently experiencing. It is the creative force behind matter. As photons are carried by waves, and waves are a function of vibration/sound (more often sound beyond the limits of the human instruments hearing), it would be more accurate to say that photons are the interface between sound and matter, the creative force that changes vibration/sound into matter. 

Up until the early 1920’s, there had been a difference of opinion amongst scientists as to whether a photon was a particle (solid/physical) or a wave (vibrational/non-physical). This was a serious dichotomy, as mathematically, particles and waves are irreconcilable. They are two different systems. One thing cannot be the same as the other, we can only have one condition or the other—things are either particles or waves—never both at the same time.  

At this present space/time continuum (moment), we are a juxtaposition of 3D, 4D, and 5D. There are merging and separating timelines that will carry us to any one of these realities, dependent on our consciousness. Service-to-Others as opposed to Service-to-Self, will vibrate you into the 5D existence.

The Mandela Effect is a manifestation of these merging timelines.

Genesis 1 vs 3 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said (sound/vibration), ‘Let there be light: and there was light.’”  

Particles(Solid Matter) Vs Waves(Vibrations) 

Particle Wave 
Physical Non-Physical 
It is localised in space. Like any physical object it can only appear at one place at one time. You can’t be in Johannesburg and Cape Town at the same time. Is de-localised in space. Like the ripples from a pebble in a pond it appears in the whole pond.  You can be in Johannesburg and Cape Town at the same time, also in Tokyo, London or New York. 
Particles bounce off other particles like a ball bounces off a wall. Waves travel through physical objects. Like your ability to have a cell phone conversation with someone from another country even though you are inside a closed room. 
When a particular space is occupied by a particle, another particle cannot occupy that same space. Even though you are sitting on someone’s lap, you are both occupying two different spaces. An infinite number of waves can and do occupy the same space. Every cell phone conversation in the entire world is passing through your ears right now. If you had the right code (receiver) you could hear any conversation that that particular wave was carrying. Change the receiver (cell phone number) and you could hear an entirely different conversation, still passing through the space between your ears. 
Has mass. Most waves have no mass. 
Determinism- Everything has certainty and order. Predictable. If you know all the forces acting on a particle, as well as their velocity and position, you can accurately predict their future state. Emphasis on control Indeterminism – Nothing is certain. Chaos. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle shows you cannot measure a particles position and velocity at the same time. Probabilities exist of finding the particle in different locations in space. Requires consciousness. Emphasis on trust and expectation 
The Observer has no effect on matter.  The Observer is critical to the manifestation of matter. Every time you look at something you change the nature of it. 

The Double Slit experiment – the experiment that has captured the essence of the dramatically profound change in reality/truth that we are currently undergoing. It is the best example of how you the observer have a dramatic effect in manifesting reality, signalling one of the greatest and furthest reaching revolutions of our recorded history. A revolution that says that the act of observation, your consciousness is key to creating the reality of your local universe. 




The Double Slit experiment basically set up an experiment to measure if photons behaved like a wave or a particle. If you wished to observe it as a particle, the photon displayed particle like properties.  If you wished to observe it as a wave, it displayed wavelike properties. Many other experiments have been done to test the nature of photons, but all of them ended up with the same result. Photons give the observer the result that the observer wants to see, either a wave or a particle, or both. 

Not only can we say with accuracy that light/photons (the creative force of matter), is both a wave and a particle, but it is your observation that determines which properties it displays! Yes You! You and Your expectations determine the outcome of the experiment.  

It seems as if photons exist in a virtual world, a wave of infinite possibilities, of infinite outcomes; and it is Your observation/expectation that collapses the wave from virtual reality into a physical reality, from pure potentiality into manifested five sensory experience. 

This wave/particle nature of photons has also been found to hold true of more complex particles such as electrons, atoms and even molecules. So much so that the term “wavicle” is an accepted term when it comes to describing elementary particles, the building blocks of matter. 

Reality/Truth is changing again. This time implying it is the act of observation that collapses the wave of pure potentiality into physical reality. Science is very quiet on defining what an observation is, but the mystics and philosophers have for centuries postulated it is your belief system, your consciousness or perception that creates your reality.  Everything you have, everything that has happened to you, everything that will happen, is a result of what you expect to happen, either consciously/knowingly, or unconsciously/below the level of five sensory knowing.   

The scientific community is currently divided in its views of quantum logic. All agree that it is a valid form of measurement and has application in the ‘real’ world. The debate or disagreement amongst themselves is focussed on the implications of what they have found. Some will argue that the laws can be applied to all levels of creation, whilst others will argue that the laws of the subatomic (quantum) level, cannot be applied at a macrocosmic (manifested life) level. They will argue that there are two sets of laws, one for the quantum level and one for the physical level. Yet if one applies the axiom “As Above So Below; As Below So Above” or “The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm; the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm”, then one would have to side with the physicists who believe that there is a connection between these two levels of existence, (the microcosmic quantum world, and the macrocosmic physical world). The laws of the quantum world can and indeed do apply in the physical world. 

Newtonian/Classical Quantum 
Reality. There is only one reality that is empirically measurable Reality. There are multiple dimensions of existence that give us different levels of reality. These dimensions are accessible through your different levels of consciousness (subconscious mind, superconscious mind, etc.) 
Reality. The Observer has no effect on matter.  Reality. The Observer is critical to the manifestation of matter. Matter cannot exist without an observer. When you make an observation, you collapse the wave from virtual reality into physical reality. Every time you look at something, you change the nature of it.  
Local Universe. An object is only affected by its immediate surroundings. Matter can only effect matter by direct, or a chain of direct contacts. Non-Local Universe. Sometimes referred to as Quantum Entanglement. Every particle in the universe is connected by an indivisible web of intelligence that is in instantaneous (faster than the speed of light) communication with each other. Matter can and does effect matter instantaneously anywhere in the universe. 
Waves and Particles. These are two irreconcilable independent systems of creation, a wave (non-physical) or a particle (physical). Both have different properties and characteristics and are not interchangeable. Wavicles. Creation is made up of wavicles that comes into being as a wave or particle through the act of observation. A wavicle exists as a virtual reality that can manifest either as a wave or a particle depending on your observation. 
Consciousness is a product of physical matter Physical matter is a product of consciousness 
Determinism- Order. The universe runs like a finely tuned Swiss clock. Everything has certainty and predictability. If you know all the forces acting on a particle, as well as their velocity and position, you can accurately predict their future state. Consciousness has no role. Emphasis on control. Indeterminism – Chaos. Nothing in the universe is certain.  Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle shows you cannot measure a particles position and velocity at the same time. Probabilities exist of finding the particle in different locations in space. Requires consciousness. Emphasis on belief and expectation 

Since before recorded history, mankind in both the Western and Eastern Mystery schools have had access to more of the ‘truth’ that the new sciences are beginning to empirically prove. For the first time in a long cycle (at least in mankind’s recorded history), science and spirituality are on a path of convergence saying the same thing… You have far more power to manifest your desired reality than what you can possibly imagine! 

Psalm 82 vs. 6: “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” 

John 10 Vs 34: “Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” 

Genesis 1 vs.27: “… So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God, he created them; male and female he created them.” 




Proverbs 23 vs.7: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” 

Buddha: “We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” 

Holographic Universe Theory 

A branch of science postulates that we live in a holographic universe. First let’s explore how a hologram is made. 

A laser beam of light is aimed an item (say a person) from several different directions at the same time. This is done through the use of mirrors and beam-splitters, which split the laser beam into two beams. The light bounces off the person and forms patterns on a glass plate (film). This causes interference patterns, which etch onto the plate/film in the form a two-dimensional image of the person taken from the laser projections.  

How a Hologram Is Projected 

To produce the three-dimensional image that we call a hologram the process is reversed. A beam of laser light is passed through the piece of film with the interference pattern on it. The result is that the light passing through the film recreates the exact patterns of light that were bouncing off the person when the hologram was made. The light patterns reform the exact original shape of the person from a two-dimensional film/plate into a three-dimensional image of that same person. Thus, the hologram. 

Fourier Transforms  

An interesting aspect of holograms is the Fourier Transforms. These are a set of mathematical equations that describe how light patterns are responsible in the recording and projecting of holograms. Basically, Fourier transforms are a set of mathematical equations that show how physical images can be converted into a waveform and visa-versa, just as a television camera converts an image into electromagnetic frequencies and a television set converts those frequencies back into the original image. Any pattern (physical) in existence can be converted into a wave (vibrational), as any wave can be converted into a pattern.  

It has also been discovered that these exact same equations of Fourier Transforms are used by the human brain to translate information during the thought process! The implications are profound, that the human brain is itself a lens, recording and projecting light in a holographic universe, creating the reality that you experience!  




Rumi: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”  

The Holographic Universe Theory postulates that the entire universe is not made up of tangible actual ‘stuff’, but it is actually a hologram of pure potentiality. It is a mathematical pre-construct with an almost infinite permutation of possibilities. That if you took the smallest particle in the universe, it would contain all the information of the entire universe within it. It is our ‘observation’ that collapses the wave of the virtual particles that exist within the holographic universe into the manifested reality that we believe it should be. 

In other words, every single human instrument is in a situation where it can be greatly improved or worsened. It all depends on your mindset, your thoughts, your choices.  You can be a product of every reality that exists in the entire universe. All the information about any reality is encoded into your cellular structure as your cellular structure is made up of the very same holographic particles that contain the information of all that is in this universe’s construct. 

That means that the reality we experience with our five senses is a product of our consciousness interpreting and transcribing a coded interference pattern into what we sense/manifest as real objects. We chose the reality that we are experiencing! The virtual particles of pure potentiality only become ‘real objects’ due to our perceptions of how they should manifest 

Simply put, a hologram can be created when lasers (light) interacts with a two-dimensional interference pattern to produce a three-dimensional image. One of the keynotes of holograms is that if you shattered the image encoded within the hologram into a thousand pieces, each piece would still show the entire image of the original image. You would literally have a thousand smaller images of the original image. If you took one of the shattered pieces and shattered it again into a further thousand pieces, each one of the newly shattered pieces would still reflect the original image in its entirety. 

Unlimited Storage  

A fundamental aspect of holograms is the almost unlimited ability to store information. The amount of information that can be stored holographically is almost unlimited. You could record the images of millions of items on the same piece of holographic film (plate). Every time you photographed a different item, you would simply hold the laser used in making the picture at a slightly different angle. Conversely, you could recreate the three-dimensional image of each item by changing the angle of the laser during the projection process. 

Currently, with the technology we have developed, one square centi-meter of holographic film can store all the information contained in all the different versions of the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagava Gita, the Upanishads and every other spiritual document ever physically recorded by man! As technology develops the storage capacity of a hologram will greatly increase.  

The Holographic Universe Theory is gaining momentum in the scientific world. It mathematically answers many conundrums that were unanswered before. In other words, the universe is a mathematically constructed system with pre-ordained outcomes. Similar to a game of chess. There are rules of the game whereby each piece of the chess board can perform in a predetermined manner on an eight square by eight square chess-board. 

Whilst this would suggest the universe/chessboard is pre-ordained/deterministic as per Newtonian/Classical physics, we have yet met a person who has mastered the game of chess. The permutations involved in the game are immeasurable, each move on the board opens up a host of probable counter moves. Each game played between two people, even the greatest grand masters of chess, is not pre-determined. The certainty of a    winning outcome is beyond the minds of any one player. Hence Free Will. The greatest gift you have. The ability to read and take control of the game. 




Quantum Logic -Indeterminism – Chaos. Nothing in the universe (or game of chess) is certain. 

It should be noted that even in the game of chess, the pawn which has the most limited ability to move on the chess board, also has the ability to become a queen, which has the greatest ability for movement on that same board. 

What should be more significantly noted is that the game of chess (which has not been mastered by any grand master), is limited to a board of eight squares by eight squares. In the game being played on the board of the Universe, you are a piece/player. The Universe has infinitely more squares than a chess board. The permutations are incalculable by the human mind. Yet the opportunity exists for you to move from a pawn to a knight, or a bishop, or any piece on the board from your current status, to that of the queen, the self-realised entity that can transverse the board almost as she pleases. You see it is holographically encoded in you to become anything that exists as part of the Original Creation. 

David Bohm “The universe was itself a kind of giant, flowing hologram,” … “the tangible reality of our everyday lives is really a kind of illusion, like a holographic image.” 

It is time to change our thinking from ‘Physical logic’ to ‘Vibrational logic’; from 3D to 5D.

Time to read Mark’s article.

Jai Guru Dev


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