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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:25 AM EDT on May 18, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to make time for me again!

Folks, I’m making this request, basically it’s a plea, to all of you who, by whomever, because of whatever, have allowed yourselves to be put into fear or even drawn back into fear. Please come out of it!

I know it’s not easy and I think many channels don’t mean any harm when they bring news or posts that lead people back into fears. They just want to inform but are not aware of the impact on the audience. There’s a reason why the channels among the enlightened, who take care to keep their posts positive when posting them, are so popular. People basically don’t want to be afraid, they need a push, a shove to get out of fear. So when I run a channel, I have an obligation to exercise that care, that hygiene, in my reporting. It’s simple, because all I have to do is put myself in the reader’s/viewer’s shoes and think about how I myself would react if I read a news story. Simple, isn’t it?

For me, it’s not about just posting blooms and hearts, those channels exist too, that would be a way too. But for me, it’s about reporting that firstly makes people think and secondly doesn’t trigger fear. You would achieve that if you formulated a headline or a title of a post as a question. Example, “Why are ballots being reviewed after more than half a year in already two states?” or in reference to Covid flu, “Why are so many people getting vaccinated with a serum that only has emergency approval?” or “Why isn’t a German health minister responding to health problems some people are having after getting vaccinated?”

It is clear to me that in this endgame, the MSM must do what the Alliance still allows or even mandates, i.e., pull off a wake-up program for the persistent sleep sheep. In order to bring still as many as possible to it, nevertheless times their brain to switch on. With most also that is still futile. Most of them have such a great urge to return to their old lives that they throw all their concerns to the wind and get vaccinated. In my private environment, i.e. my neighbors, almost all of them are. I talk to some of them and what do I always hear out? Fear. They believe in everything that is presented to them in the media because they are afraid. And because the fear hinders their thinking, their logical thinking, they also believe that they will get “their life” back again, they let themselves be made a guinea pig. Unbelievable!

Fear of a war? Let’s be honest, we are in the middle of WK III and hardly anyone gets it! PERIOD!

Fear of a virus? People, there are no viruses! Despite 2 million premium, no one in the whole world has been able to prove the existence of a virus! PERIOD!

Afraid of getting infected? Yes, it is bad to catch flu from others, you get a fever, feel bad for a few days until your own immune system defeats the bacteria and other foreign bodies. Fights of the body cost now times strength! PERIOD!

Enough of that, OK? The schizophrenic thing is that none of these people who have the above fears have ever been afraid of the real dangers that were lurking. Isn’t that so?




Without a second thought, we consume everything that is offered to us as “food” in stores and fast-food “restaurants”. We drink water and other beverages without question. Fluorine in drinking water? Fluorine is good, isn’t it? Coca-Cola with more sugar than in Turkish honey? Tastes great, doesn’t it? Toxins in vaccines? No, they wouldn’t allow that! High gasoline prices? Yes, the state must live from something, it must provide for us. Chemtrails? No, those are only vacation planes! Folks, I could continue this endlessly and I would still not be able to list everything.

We all, and I count myself among them years ago, have allowed all this for far too long, the evil, which now shows itself more and more. What is sticking its head out of the ground more and more. Basically, we would only need a scythe, isn’t it so? It’s showing up all over the world. Would we have had a chance to fight evil and win years ago? I don’t think so, the power had become too great at a certain point. It should have been nipped in the bud, but the slow, creeping evil was unrecognizable. The few who recognized it early enough were “disposed of” very quickly. But enough of that now, we will find out everything that really happened in the past, what was really done to us, soon enough. And I’m sure I don’t want to know, see or hear everything.

I want to continue to bring you out of fear. Perhaps I will succeed better if I write to you what I believe in, what I trust in. The alliance and all its allies, all its helpers, all its soldiers have been in control for a long time and allow everything that still has to be done to wake up as many people as possible. The military has taken over not only last year in Germany, but in January, they are carrying out everything that the Commander in Chief has authorized them to do. Authorized with the Constitution and his Executive Orders. The militaries in all countries have been working together in coordination for months to gradually drive the Deep State out of all countries. Including rescuing children, women and men from underground tunnels. There can be no dark forces in this alliance because no plan could be carried out with spies at the table. The result would be fatal and we would not be witnessing all these successes now.

The seventeenth letter of the alphabet, “Q”, denotes the mouthpiece of the alliance, encoded indeed and also one, two or even three years in advance, but who has followed the drops for a longer time, can actually not be afraid anymore. That was the purpose of this mouthpiece. However, we had to and must switch on our brain for this and also do something ourselves for the understanding. Knowledge is not available on a silver platter and certainly not without doing something ourselves. As often as we are currently confronted “purely by chance” with the “17”, this must slowly strike even the last doubter.

All members of the Deep State will be found, arrested and punished, all liars and concealers of the media will be found, arrested and punished. They will no longer be able to walk down the street. Now comes the time of cleaning up, of eliminating all the evil in the world. And if it is really the case that after all these actions we will be fewer people, consider how many arrests there will be around the world, then perhaps there is a reason for this that we do not yet know. We have put the responsibility for our lives in other hands long enough and have had more harm than good as a result. And all of a sudden we get upset that other people are making different decisions than we are?

So, let’s get out of fear and doubt, let’s trust that everything will fall into place and that we are going to a better world. Let’s stay calm and level-headed, the time of waking up, fighting, arguing are over. Let’s rather prepare ourselves for the time afterwards, when we will have to comfort our fellow human beings, when we will have to explain to them what will be shown in the EBS. Not everyone will be able to grasp this immediately and realize what the Deep State had in mind for us. And, very importantly, let’s remember our contribution: put positive thoughts into the morphogenetic field! Time for change!

“Trust your path!
Faith is taking the first step,
even if you can’t see the whole staircase!”
Martin Luther King




WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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