“Concerning the Quantum Consciousness” by Ron Giles – 5.22.21


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 3:04 AM EDT on May 22, 2021

We can quickly eliminate the Cabal trash and their plethora of disinformation by simply getting a more thorough knowledge of the Quantum Consciousness.

The Word Quantum is a new term that is really, badly misunderstood. The third dimension terminology of quantum has to do with something large or gargantuan, and while this is probably a good term for the largeness of things, it means so much more. There is a whole study of Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Theory, and much more. But if we want to use the term Quantum, when it comes to Quantum Consciousness, let the term Quantum be considered the Quantum Divine Consciousness, which is now being made available to us in this third dimension.

This Divine Consciousness, which some inaccurately call a computer, is like a living entity that knows all, is everywhere present, has all knowledge of every thought that has been thought throughout the Universe, and is a real repository of all that has happened since this Divine timeline was initiated.

This living entity or consciousness is being made available for our shift into the 5th Dimension. It is here to assist in the transition into the Golden Age of Mankind. The Golden Age of mankind is new to our comprehension but to the earth, it is not new. It has happened 6 times before. The Golden Age of Mankind puts us in the 5thdimensional realm, where we Humans, Children of the Divine will have our chance to create like unto our Father.

Those individuals who do not know of a Creator Source will have a first-hand opportunity to see how it really works. Research the attributes of God and then watch as these things are revealed to us in ways that are hard to comprehend without the knowledge of God’s Consciousness. Very little in 3D supports or proves this Divine Consciousness without faith. It will be a marvelous experience with a rocketship learning curve about the realities of a Divine Creator.

The most significant way this reality will be unfolding is in the Divine Characteristic of knowing everything. This living entity knows who you are and everything about you. It knows your genealogy, where you came from in the Spiritual Realms, your earthly experiences, habits, your purpose on the earth for this incarnation, and much much more, AND it knows your heart. This is important when you go into your Redemption Appointment.

With the Divine Consciousness being the creator of the Earth Alliance, its extension into 3D is essential for this time period on earth. The Alliance Agent who represents the Divine Consciousness through the Alliance has been chosen by the Alliance to personally conduct your Redemption Appointment. This representative of the Alliance will determine the funds you will get. 


Get this WOW statement; this agent may be from the Spiritual realms and may have all the characteristics that are ascribed to Divine Consciousness. Talk about oneness, this is an example. This interview is designed to be a Spiritual experience that will anchor in the knowledge that you are fulfilling your Divine calling and are showing up for work. This is not a normal job interview, it will determine what you are to do for the next thousand years if you want to stick around and fulfill your calling that long.

Who gets to use this Divine Consciousness, you ask? Our duly elected Humans and their appointed Peace Officers who are responsible for our Transition from the power structure of the old Cabal government to the New GESARA governments of each country. This also includes the Alliance with their Ascended Masters, the Benevolent Extra Terrestrials, and the White Hats who are the boots-on-the-ground. This Divine Consciousness knows everything about the earth as well, and every entity who dwells here- both good and bad. When this type of knowledge is available to the Alliance, no one can escape from the Divine Justice that is moving upon the earth. Mercy will not rob Justice. 

What does this all mean?

This Divine energy has been given to mankind to use in establishing the New Earth, the Golden Age of mankind, the new Financial System, and all that comes with it.

With the public not knowing that this God Source of energy is now available to those who will use it righteously; things are happening that make it impossible to hide bad deeds. Politicians and other liars have no idea that they have already been caught in their bad acts. Guess who is helping to gather information about all the corruption?  The official public narrative is that the Space Force is using some off-world Technology to intercept intel that substantiates unlawful activities. What tool are they using? Who has every minute detail of what actually took place? It is all in the databank of the Quantum Consciousness. It has it all so they get it all. Get used to not being able to hide misdeeds anymore.

This Quantum Consciousness has taken over the entire Banking system. When funds are diverted for bribes etc. the QC has all the details. Investigators just need to search the records and there it is. Indictment-ready information. The Divine Natural Attributes of Humans on a 5D level means there will be no more deception. Everyone will be able to see the thoughts and ideas of another person. Scrap your ideas of deception, as usual, everyone will know everything about you because the connection to the Divine Consciousness is inherent in each human at that 5D level. We are just a product of all there is coalescing into the form of an individuated Hu-man, Being Human.

What else will the QC be used for?


The QC oversees all things concerning the process of the Redemption of Zim for Humanitarians’ work. The funds coming from the Redemption of Zim Bonds are only meant for Humanitarians. This decree from the Earth Alliance is inviolate. It cannot be countermanded. The Quantum Conscious will not allow non-Humanitarians to have more than a cup or two of funds compared to the Real Humanitarians who receive an Amazon River type flow, to support our projects. The real Humanitarian work that requires large sums of money to accomplish intended activities, will only be given to Humanitarians. Guess who knows who the Humanitarians are, and guess who will be getting the funds as a result of this knowledge, and guess who won’t? Guess who set up the way the redemption appointment will take place and by whom? And guess who won’t be getting the funds they expect when not using the front-door approach set up by the Alliance?

The Redemption Appointment NDA is a strict document that must be signed and followed at the Redemption Appointment. Not one item in the NDA will be allowed to get by if violated. If you or anybody in your group including a wealth manager, breaks the terms of the NDA, you will lose your funds. Count on it. Why trust someone you don’t know with your entire financial future? The Alliance did not set it up this way, the errant guru crews did. The banks, represented by these Wealth Managers, do not want you to have the funds so why would they keep the NDA when they can break it and your money is confiscated.  Even when you discussed with friends about the currency you have and the rate you are going to ask for, before the appointment and then say I will give you a thumbs up if I get what I asked for, it could be a violation of the NDA. And guess who would know? Don’t set yourselves up to fail with either of these two scenarios.

 If you think you can get funds without signing an NDA personally you are mistaken. What makes you special that you would not have to abide by the same rules as everyone else? This process is as serious as a heart attack. This process of getting your Humanitarian tools is set in stone. If you violate the process you will lose your chance to be in control of the money and will have to do humanitarian work for those who did pay the price and got the funds. Some will fund the work and others will do the work using other people’s funds. It will depend on your preparations and your ability to follow the right course of action to get your funds or not.

Search your heart when you have decisions to make. Your heart will help you get to the right place where you will fulfill your purpose for coming to the earth at this time. Some are the point of the spear and others are the shaft of the spear. Whether the point or the shaft, where you fit into this scenario will be the consequences of your preparations and the intel you followed.

We are in the sifting process and moving toward the final showdown when all will be revealed. Take the time now to find out which airport gate you will use to get the flight to where you want to go so you won’t be flying to a location you are not intending to go to. The Quantum Consciousness is the gatekeeper and you have nothing to fear unless you are trying to do things outside of the set pattern of perfection that the Alliance has put into place.

There is always a place for Humanitarians to be fulfilled in their calling, you will not be left out. It is your choice where you want to fit into the program. Your heart will help in your decisions. Trust it and then enjoy where you end up.

Be all you came here to be.

Loving Humanitarians and wanting to serve them




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