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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:51 AM EDT on May 22, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

And do you want to go on a research trip with me? There are more and more signs that we will soon be able to say goodbye to many of the species that have accompanied us for so long in our lives. As unfortunate as extinction is, I suspect we will not miss many of them. They all had a chance to step away from their namesake behavior, they didn’t take it. Everyone had a choice, always, and excuses don’t hold water. I have experienced this myself. Shall we get started? OK, let’s do it!

I didn’t make any order in this list, I just wrote down what came to my mind, I’m sure I forgot some of them.

First of all, there is the subspecies of the white coat, the white vaccine coat. It can still be found in larger hospitals, but also in small practices. You can recognize him by the fact that he wears a white coat, always acts very important and knowledgeable, and likes to give people medicines and injections they don’t need instead of curing them. You can almost always find this species at the teat of the big pharma bear as well, which we will get to later. Other white coats that don’t behave like this also exist, they are by far not as important and have, from today’s point of view, much better healing procedures. The white coat also does not look as radiant as the white spray coat. But it will go into the new world as “technicus medbettus” or “healus novus”.

This brings me to the big pharmabear. This has been weakening for more than a year, had a brief flare-up, but it is now coming to an end. The pharma bear originally stood out for its wealth of ideas, creativity and research, but then its greed for money won out over everything good it could have created. One could have thought that the big pharma bear could have grown further and further up to the gigantic pharma bear, but finally natural remedies, self-healing powers, immunity and finally also logical thinking and inquisitiveness won. The pharma bear nourished the white splash coat and also its subspecies of the “all-you-can-say” caregiver, “the-next-please” receptionist and the “it’s-only-for-your-best” nurse. As for who allowed the pharma bear to become so big and powerful because they also profited from it, we’ll get to that now.

This kind is the most dangerous of all, whoever gives his hand to a representative of this kind should count his fingers afterwards. Seriously, it is very dangerous to approach these specimens or even the subspecies. Fortunately, these creatures separate themselves so massively on their own, unless cameras are pointed at them or a microphone is nearby. I mean the politician tick, also called politician vampire. The comparison lags a bit, because the politician only sucks money.Not for his country, no, only for himself. Politician ticks come in different colors. Characteristics of a typical green politician tick are lack of education, overestimation of oneself, world-saving syndrome, clinging to false facts and cheating on one’s own education. The green politician tick acts on the motto “All people are equal, but we are more equal!” An example for better understanding: the green tick forbids normal people to fly, but flies itself as often as it is possible. In Germany, we call this “preaching water and drinking champagne”.

The other colored politician ticks are not better, outwardly everything is done for the people, in the secret is managed in the own pocket. The best example of this is the promotion of the big pharma bears, who like to give something from their huge profits to the politician ticks. This species, no matter what color, will leave us in the near future and thus their “habitat” the party system will disappear forever. Since this species cannot survive alone, respectively can only thrive in symbiosis, there are two other species besides the pharma bear that still exist now. I mean that firstly the medial lying mouth and secondly the bank fox.


First the media lie-mouth. It cavorts on television, on the Internet, in newspapers, books and also on the radio. It works in almost perfect symbiosis with the political ticks, especially with those who govern a nation. Aptly, it is also called propaganda by experts. The media’s lie-mouth thus supports all the statements of the political ticks and backs them up with falsified statistics, one-sided reports and scaremongering. Often, the lying mouth is also accompanied by expert mouths, but these can always be exposed as charlatans or reality deniers. The media lie-mouth can be found in a wide range and it has a power not to be underestimated against gullible people who do not question anything. The lie-mouth is also a true genius in distraction and concealment. The best way to react to contact is to turn off the receiving device or to question. It’s not easy, I know, but it’s the best tip until the species goes extinct.

The bank foxes have spread everywhere where there is money, especially where there is money for themselves to get. Unfortunately, they go thereby over corpses and destroyed existences or companies are indifferent to them. They were able to become really big and unscrupulous because the political dicks introduced, for example, compulsory bank accounts. Bank foxes are accompanied by credit vultures, who determine what people can afford or not. Special subspecies or offshoots are the stock market jackal, the broker jackal and the digital currency jackal. They all live from the fact that other humans are badly off, in which one takes their money.

I do not want to deprive you of the following species. You surely know them, because we are surrounded by them. I mean the couch animal, popularly known as the couch potato. Subspecies are the ignorance animal and the phlegmatic animal. They are particularly susceptible to bullshit, to lies, to distractions, especially on television. They cannot be dissuaded from an indoctrinated way of thinking by anything, certainly not by evidence. Even their own emerging doubts are ignored. Since the couch animal and its subspecies are almost constantly kept in fear, a rescue is only with difficulty possible, almost impossible. The fatal is that one would like to take many couch animals because they have grown to one’s heart. But in the new world visionaries, doers and people with heart and mind in symbiosis are needed. I still see opportunities with some, with those whose doubts are growing, but some we will also see die out, one way or another.

I could continue this endlessly now, but I think you understand what I want to express. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the species I used for naming. It wasn’t nice, they didn’t deserve it. We will be able to witness the extinction live and are already experiencing it in part. In our new world there is no more place for all these species, they cannot exist in this new world. There will be no more theft, no more exploitation, no more lying and cheating. The financial resources we will get will be enough for the whole world, for each one of us. I firmly believe that we will make a wonderful world of our planet once we get started cleaning it up. We have a lot to make up for on our Mother Earth. She comes first, then we. Automatically.

“You be the reason
why others
again believe in the good
in the human being!”
from @GedankenundZitate

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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