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Parliamentary Integrity: Mafias Behind Preventing The Opening Of The Currency Auction File In Iraq

Political  Wednesday 26 May 2021 | 12:30 p.m.| Views: 99  The Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed, on Wednesday (May 26, 2021) the parties behind the auction of currency sale in the Central Bank of Iraq .

A member of the committee, Representative Taha Al-Dafa’i, said that “the file of the auction sale of currency in the Central Bank of Iraq, behind which are large political forces, mafias of corruption and private banks belonging to influential parties and personalities.”

Al-Defense said that “the most prominent axes of questioning the governor of the Central Bank, was the file of the auction of selling the currency, but these major political forces prevented this questioning and will continue to work to disrupt it for the continuation of hegemony and control of this auction .”

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee confirmed that “most of the political forces have private banks and are benefiting from the auction of selling the currency, and this auction provides huge profits for these banks belonging to prominent political parties and personalities, and this auction continues until now .”

Representative Finance: Sending The Region’s Share Depends On The Implementation Of Four Paragraphs Of The Budget


Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad    The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Wednesday, that sending the region’s share depends on the implementation of the four paragraphs of the budget, pointing out that the region must implement all these conditions.

Committee member Jamal Cougar said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency, which was followed by “Al-Iktissad News”, that “there are four paragraphs in the budget, if the federal and regional governments agree on them and apply them, then the budget will be sent to Kurdistan.”

He continued, “The first paragraph is that the region must deliver oil of no less than 250 thousand barrels per day, and the second paragraph is to deliver half of the non-oil imports to the center, while the third paragraph is to hand over the lists for preparing employees, and the fourth paragraph allows the Federal Office of Supervision to coordinate with the Bureau Financial control in the region has been auditing the region’s accounts since 2003. “

He added, “Sending the region’s share of the budget depends on the application of these four paragraphs,” noting that “the delegation of the region must visit Baghdad and inform them of its readiness to implement all these conditions.”

He stressed “the importance of not stopping the budget due to some administrative matters,” calling on “the federal government to send the budget to the region, and if there is any note that it checks, but if a defect is recorded, it is possible for the center to deduct it from the region’s funds for the rest of the months.”

The Kurdistan Democratic Party announced, earlier, that a delegation from the region will visit Baghdad soon to implement the provisions of the budget and distribute the salaries of employees without deduction. Number of observations 158 date of addition 05/26/2021

Dollar Exchange Rates In The Local Market Today


Market   Economy News _ Baghdad   “Economy News” publishes the exchange rates of the dollar in local markets on Wednesday (May 26, 2021).    Baghdad – Al-Kifah Stock Exchange   149,150

The price is in the exchange   148,500   149,500   Number of observations 93 Date of addendum 05/26/2021

The Lowest Since 2003 … Gallup: 78% Of Iraqis Do Not Trust Al-Kazemi’s Government

Political   Wednesday 26 May 2021 | 10:34 a.m.| Views: 61  A Gallup poll conducted by the Washington Institute and published in a report, Tuesday, confirmed that 78% of Iraqis are dissatisfied with the performance of the current government, stressing that the Al-Kazemi government must act quickly if it is to avoid a possible popular uprising among dissatisfied Shiites in Iraq .

The report stated that “according to the poll, the Iraqi Shiites showed particularly high rates of dissatisfaction, distrust and unhappiness with regard to their political system, compared to the Sunnis and the Kurds .”

He added, “The Gallup International project is a long-term project to assess the state of public opinion in Iraq towards democracy and governance in the country, and the overall goal of the project is to determine whether the state of public opinion in the country is on a path that leads to a well-functioning, sustainable pluralist democracy. While the first survey in the project was conducted in April 2021, the project will periodically track key situations in Iraq in order to better understand the societal foundations of the existing political system.

He continued, “The recent poll, which was based on a nationwide face-to-face representative sample of 1,200 interviews, remains pessimistic about Iraqis in general and the Shiites in particular about the government’s orientation. In January 2021, Iraqi Shiite confidence in the government reached 27 percent, while confidence reached 27 percent. Sunnis in the federal government by 46 percent and Kurdish confidence by 55 percent . ”

And he continued, “The level of confidence in the Al-Kazemi government is at its lowest level ever. In last April’s poll, 22 percent of Iraqis in total and only 17 percent of Shiites express their confidence in the government. The latest poll also showed that 75 percent of Iraqis in general believe that the country Going in the wrong direction, while this percentage rose among Shiites to reach 80 percent, which is the lowest level of optimism about the country’s future since 2003. “

The poll showed that “while about 50 percent of Sunnis and Kurds believe that they cannot influence the decisions made in Iraq, the percentage jumps to 60 percent among Shiites, and by the same token, 60 percent of Sunnis feel that not all people are treated fairly and equally. By the government, while 70 percent of Shiites believe it too . ”

The report indicated that “there is a tremendous crisis of confidence in the Iraqi government and since this is the largest rate among the Shiite community in Iraq, the most important group for the government for its political support, this means that the societal basis for the legitimacy of the government in Iraq is largely lacking, and this lack of community support. It may mean more political instability in the country, and it also means that many of the Iraqi public view its government as a cause of problems rather than a solution to many of the economic, social and political challenges in Iraq.


Governmental Adviser: The Surplus Of Oil Revenues Will Cover The Deficit And Cancel Borrowing

Posted On 2021-05-26 By Sotaliraq   Baghdad / Hussein Hatem   A government advisor says that the high revenues generated from oil exports will go to fill the deficit and cancel borrowing, while a specialist in economic affairs recommends that these revenues be managed realistically and provide job opportunities to reduce unemployment rates.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Ministry of Oil announced the final statistics of the exported quantities of crude oil and the revenues earned for the month of April.

According to the statistics published by the Ministry of Oil, on the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO”, the amount of exports of crude oil amounted to 88 million, 398 thousand, and 319 barrels, with revenues of 5 billion, 549 million, and 517 thousand dollars. The statistic indicated that the total exported quantities of crude oil for the month of April from the oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to 85 million 534 thousand and 916 barrels. As for the Kirkuk fields through the port of Ceyhan, the exported quantities reached 2 million and 863 thousand and 403 barrels.

According to the statistics, the quantities and revenues of exported crude oil shipments that were marketed at a price premium to achieve additional revenues during the month of April totaled more than 74 million 992 thousand and 080 dollars, while the average price per barrel reached 62.779 dollars.

The appearance of Muhammad Salih, the financial advisor to the prime minister, explains in an interview with Al-Mada that “the revenues resulting from the quantities of exported oil compensate for any deficit or borrowing situation in the budget,” indicating that “if the average price of a barrel of oil is $ 62 and recorded in the budget 45 A dollar, the difference goes as cash income. ”

Saleh adds that “the budget includes revenues and expenditures,” indicating that “this month’s revenues were set at $ 45 in addition to borrowing, and if additional income is achieved, borrowing will stop.”

The government consultant indicates that “the budget is an annual financial plan and the funds are spent and allocated according to the decree in the budget,” noting that “in the event that there are job grades, projects, or exchange doors, they will be implemented according to the terms of the budget through oil or non-oil revenues represented in customs, taxes and sale. State property, corporate profits and others.

Salih adds: “If the revenues are sufficient to meet the expenses without borrowing, the situation will be balanced, but if the revenues are higher than the expenditures, the surplus of the previous month will turn into revenue for the following month.”

The financial advisor believes that “in the event that the surpluses increase by a large percentage, it is possible to go to a supplementary budget, and this depends on the government’s decision.”


In turn, the specialist in economic affairs, Bassem Jamil Antoun, said in an interview with (Al-Mada) that “the revenue outcome is good compared to previous periods that witnessed a setback in oil prices and the quantities issued,” adding that “the amount is large for the past two years.”

And Anton adds that “the revenues will contribute to filling a large proportion of the deficit,” expressing his hope that “these revenues will stimulate the economic movement.”

The specialist in economic affairs called on the government to “manage these revenues realistically in distribution and privatization, such as creating job opportunities to reduce unemployment rates (..)”, referring to “investing these revenues in vital projects away from corruption.”

And Anton notes that “being careful about these funds and being well-managed will provide good positive results.”

And last Sunday, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, said that at least $ 150 billion in corruption deals had been smuggled abroad over the past years.

For his part, the specialist in economic affairs, Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, believes in an interview with (Al-Mada) that “revenues may cover the needs of the general budget within the normal rates, as the budget remained within the current estimates without being subject to new challenges,” noting that “the revenues are within the normal rates.” Sufficient for the minimum in financing expenditures.

Al-Mashhadani believes that “the Ministry of Oil has ambitious plans that are not consistent with the economic interest nor the aspirations of the global oil market,” noting that “granting new contracts for new licensing rounds is not correct. When increasing production capacities, one must think about how to dispose of them.”   LINK

In Anticipation Of Any Emergency After The Arrest Of Qasim Musleh .. Close The Entrances To The Green Zone In Baghdad

Political| 02:42 – 05/26/2021   BAGHDAD – Mawazine News    An informed source said, on Wednesday, that the security forces had closed the entrances to the Green Zone in the capital, Baghdad, in conjunction with the arrest of the Anbar Operations Commander of the Popular Mobilization Forces, Qassem Musleh.

A security source said in an interview with Mawazine News, that “the security forces closed the entrances to the Green Zone in the capital, Baghdad, and allowed entry only to baggage holders, as a result of the tension that occurred after the arrest of Qassem Musleh and in anticipation of any emergency.”


Earlier, a security source said, today, that the commander of the Anbar operations of the Hashd, Qassem Musleh, had been arrested in the Dora district of Baghdad.

In an interview with Mawazine News, the source said, “A special security force has arrested the commander of the Anbar operations of the Hashd, Qassem Musleh, while he was on his way to the holy Karbala governorate.” Ended 29 / p4

Representative Law Explains The Reason For The Federal Court’s Decision To Lift Immunity

Time: 05/26/2021 15:06:51 Read: 13 times  {Politics: Al-Furat News} The Parliamentary Legal Committee explained the reason for the Federal Supreme Court’s decision regarding lifting the immunity of members of Parliament.

Bahar Mahmoud said in a statement that the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of, that “the interpretation of the Federal Court regarding the immunity of the representative came because some deputies exploited their immunity to commit corruption crimes,” affirming that “immunity is to facilitate the profession of the attorney and not to legitimize the commission of crimes.”

She added, “Article 63 of the constitution is clear like the sun and does not need any explanation, as it is understood that it is not possible to arrest a member of parliament except after the approval of the parliament by an absolute majority or the approval of the president during the legislative recess except in the case of a witnessed felony, in this case it is permissible to arrest him without need Until the approval of Parliament or its president, but the interpretation of the Federal Court says the opposite! .

She added: We are against the immunity peek for any class of both society members of parliament or ministers or presidencies because immunity in violation of Article 14 of the Constitution, which provides for the equality of citizens before the law, and that there are some members of parliament took advantage of immunity to conduct crimes, especially corruption. “

Showed Mahmoud, “On the other hand, when interpreting any article, we must refer to the philosophy or wisdom of legislating this article. The wisdom of Article 63 of the Constitution is to facilitate the task of parliament members to carry out their legislative and oversight role and not to facilitate and legitimize the commission of crimes and hide behind them. Therefore, we criticize the exploitation of the privilege of immunity by some members.” Parliament to commit corruption crimes. “

The Federal Supreme Court decided yesterday to abstain from previous court decisions regarding obtaining the approval of the House of Representatives in all crimes for which members of Parliament are accused, whether crimes are felonies, misdemeanors, or offenses. A crime of the type of felony that is not witnessed, except for the impunity of the members of Parliament, and legal measures can be taken against them directly in the event that any of them is accused of a felony, misdemeanor, or violation.

The court also decided to revoke the previous court’s decision regarding the interpretation of the concept of an absolute majority, as the court decided that the concept of an absolute majority wherever it appears in the constitution is intended to be more than half the actual number of members of the House of Representatives, and what is meant by a simple majority is more than half of the number of members of Parliament present After a quorum is achieved. “


She pointed out that “with this decision, courts can settle corruption cases faster than before, because most corruption crimes apply to the description of misdemeanor crimes, and resolving them depends on lifting the immunity of the accused person, if he is a member of Parliament.”   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

More Iraqi News Wednesday PM 5-26-21

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The central bank achieves additional revenues in the first quarter of 2021

Time: 05/26/2021 10:03:35 Read: 2,496 times   The Central Bank of Iraq achieved additional returns on its investments during the first quarter of the year 2021 compared to the fourth quarter of last year, and this came as a result of its adoption of the principle of self-management of investments as part of its efforts to adopt international best practices in managing investments that allow greater flexibility and control benefiting from the electronic trading platforms that Owned by this bank, and specialized technical personnel trained to work on it.

The Central Bank confirms that working according to the above mechanisms and practices achieved additional returns resulting from the difference in negotiating interest rates with correspondents, at a rate of more than 1% of the total returns achieved on the investments of this bank for the first semester of 2021.   LINK

Oil Stabilizes After The Decline In US Inventories

Time: 05/26/2021 08:46:36 Read: 1,768 times  {Economic: Al Furat News} Oil stabilized on Wednesday, with the decline in US stocks, in exchange for the possibility of more crude oil supplies flowing from Iran in the event of reviving the nuclear deal

Talks continued between Iran and world powers to resolve issues related to the nuclear deal, which could pave the way for the lifting of sanctions on the OPEC producer. This could unleash a flood of Iranian barrels hidden in tankers at sea.


Oil has risen more than 35% this year as the strong recovery from the epidemic in the United States, China and Europe led to a recovery in consumption, even though parts of Asia face a resurgence of Covid-19.

West Texas Intermediate crude for July delivery fell 0.03% to $ 66.02 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange at 05:19 GMT.

Brent crude settled for the month of July at $ 68.50 on the ICE Futures Exchange, after gaining 0.3% in the previous session.

The American Petroleum Institute reported that gasoline inventories fell by about two million barrels last week, while crude oil inventories fell by 439,000 barrels, according to people familiar with the matter.

Meanwhile, diplomats are still arguing about the United States. Sanctions and Iran’s advanced enrichment technologies, the Gulf state may hold up to 69 million barrels of crude oil at sea in tankers.   LINK

The Demonstrations Are A Wake-Up Call Towards Comprehensive Change

Qasim Gharawi114 2021-05-26   Qassem Al-Gharawi || On Tuesday, legislative coordination demonstrations took place in various places in the center of the capital, Baghdad, coming from several governorates, where activists raised banners calling for the detection of the killers of activists, resenting their dissatisfaction with the government’s procrastination and failure to fulfill any of its previous promises, warning at the same time against the expansion of protests if these are still ignored. Demands

The political process faces a major defect in light of the continuation of the series of assassinations that were not limited to activists and media professionals, but rather to election candidates recently, in addition to marginalization, exclusion, unemployment and quotas in everything.

The reasons for the resumption of demonstrations again in Baghdad and the provinces is due to the delay of the government announcing the results of the investigations into the killing of demonstrators and activists, a major reason for the return of the demonstrations again to the Iraqi scene in Baghdad because the demonstrators did not obtain any results about the investigations and who was behind the bloodshed, which caused suspicion and suspicion.

We believe that the popular revolution of anger will not be confined to Baghdad and will include other governorates if there are no deaf ears to the legitimate demands, and that the demonstrators have the right to know the results of the investigations and the fate of those who kidnapped and killed, so where are the results of the investigations into the killing of protesters and activists and who is behind them?


There are real fears of assassinations targeting more candidates with the upcoming elections approaching, and this cuts the way to holding fair elections, which are among the most important demands of the demonstrators now.

We call on the demonstrators to adhere to peaceful demonstrations and express their constitutional right with complete freedom, which reflects their culture, commitment and patriotism. The joint Iraqi security forces must also be keen to protect the peaceful demonstrations and the security of the demonstrators and provide them with full support until the legitimate demands for which they demonstrated are fulfilled.

Recovering Stolen Funds And Proceeds Of Corruption C1

Saeed Yassin Musa107 2021-05-26   Saeed Yassin Moussa ||About a year and a half ago, I placed the file of recovering the stolen money and the proceeds of corruption crimes on international and national tables, especially after the so-called Arab Spring, and based on the United Nations Convention against Corruption, and specialized conferences were held with the establishment of the Arab Forum to recover the stolen money from the people, and I was honored to be present in one of the These gatherings and acquaintance with a number of international bodies, Swiss banking, the Scottish Yard and the World Bank at the invitation of the eight countries, the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank, as well as getting acquainted with a number of experiences of the Arab Spring countries such as Egypt and Tunisia in addition to Lebanon, and this money is stolen by influential politicians who lead and manage countries,

What concerns me here is my country, Iraq, and there are many questions in this regard, and we are supposed to analyze the political environment, the supervisory institutional environment, the legislative environment, as well as the judiciary and the role of official institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.I do not miss the environment of the central bank, banks, money movement, border crossings, etc. And career.

By a simple comparison between the amount of money allocated in the state’s government budgets with the size and type of services provided to citizens, we see the extent of the backwardness of these services, in terms of quantity and quality, with the amounts allocated to the service, security and defense sectors, and the transformation of institutions into an environment in which the disguised unemployment rises in terms of production (17 minutes the value of production) The day for public sector employees), where did the money go,

if it escaped abroad, what are the mechanisms that were used to smuggle it, and if it was also used inside, what are the methods and methods used to steal it, how are its revenues dealt with, i.e. the proceeds of the money stolen abroad and inside, that this file Too large and not one person or one institution to address to save public money.

Preventing the plunder of money has two axes to contain it and then prevent it and eliminate it, even if relatively, firstly, prevention, secondly, deterrence and punishment, and all two axes have their details and parts.

What concerns me is the preventive aspect of crime prevention, the crime of looting and smuggling money externally and internally, and I claim that the preventive axis is the most important and most dangerous of the two, and in this article I will talk about the institutional environment and opportunities that can contain the crime of money smuggling, and then the challenges that we face as a state, society and individuals.

The bodies that specialize in pursuing smuggled money as monitoring institutions are the Integrity Commission and this institution has the mandate to combat corruption in the country and it has a department for the recovery of stolen money, a department for prevention, and its mandate to pursue corruption crimes after the fall of dictatorship and the establishment of the democratic system,

and this monitoring institution officially represents Iraq in Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the development of public policies to prevent corruption, investigation, auditing, investigation, referral to the judiciary and the integration of society in promoting integrity and combating corruption,

while drawing a roadmap to combat corruption and implementing Iraq’s obligations in accordance with the mentioned agreement, and the second institution is the Accountability and Justice Department, Department of Financial and Economic Prosecutions, The Ministry of Finance, Iraq’s Money Recovery Fund, and the supporting bodies for these institutions are, the Central Bank, the Money Laundering Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the conclusion of bilateral agreements,

And before all that, the House of Representatives in its specialized committees, integrity, legal, financial, and economic, and the judiciary to issue judgments in the freezing, seizure and confiscation of corruption money and its proceeds, incriminating the accused and issuing prosecution judgments, and before all that the House of Representatives with its specialized committees in legal, integrity, financial and economic, in order to legislate the necessary laws and bridge the legal gap with legislation And the amendment and the tasks of oversight, accountability, accountability and follow-up, and from the important security authorities, the Ministry of Interior, the Interpol Department, the National Intelligence Service, the National Security Adviser, the Economic Department,

and I do not miss civil society institutions such as non-governmental organizations and human rights unions and the utmost importance of media institutions as institutions and individuals specializing in investigative journalism to guard institutions Of spoilers and to create a public opinion guided by information, pressuring and advocating for the file of combating corruption and recovering the stolen money,

All of these institutions are opportunities to contain corruption, encircle it and eliminate it and the spoilers, and one of the most important opportunities is the new government’s adoption of the anti-corruption file and the prosecution of the corrupt, whatever they are and wherever they are, and this is what we count on. The use of recovered money and its negative political, economic, social and even security implications.

Calls To Accelerate The Implementation Of Al-Kazemi’s Directives To Promote Investment

Wednesday 26th May 2021   106  Baghdad: Farah Al-Khafaf   At a time when the Investment Authority is seeking to create appropriate climates to advance the current status of work, calls have increased to accelerate the implementation of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s directives regarding canceling investment project licenses that are stalled or of very low achievement. Amid this picture, the consultant in industrial development and investment, Amer Al-Jawahiri, said that the projects that are lagging behind are major beneficiaries. Al-Jawahiri said: {The prime minister’s directives regarding the stalled investment projects did not come in vain, but rather as a result of what the National Investment Commission had studied, and it was in the face of major beneficiaries of those lagging projects.

Project licenses

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi had directed the cancellation of licenses for investment projects whose completion rate ranged between (0-35%) and the time period available for their implementation had expired, as the number of projects to which this applies is 1,128 projects, with full commitment to implementing the provisions of Article 28 of the Investment Law from During the issuance of warnings for unfinished projects.

Al-Jawahiri stressed the need to {search for the threads and intertwined roots in the lagging projects, and not just stop them, so it may require changes. Conducted by the Iraqi Media Network ».

Residential projects

He added that {what is required is to implement projects for the benefit of the country and for the benefit of citizens, despite the fact that most of these (lagging) projects took lands to establish housing projects and others}, pointing to {the importance of implementing procedures and directives that prove the rule of law and prove that the government represented by the Investment Authority and the concerned ministries is working on Take the necessary steps to improve the investment environment ».

Al-Jawahiri indicated that {monitoring corruption operations shows the existence of an executive body capable of this matter}, calling for {the prime minister’s decisions to be covered by legislation. “

Financial revenue

To that, the economic expert, Nazem Al-Aqili, stressed that {the current stage requires that the country’s efforts be directed to creating an ideal investment environment that advances the economy and addresses its problems and achieves financial revenues for the general federal budget}, pointing out that {international companies from different regions of the world have their sights set on Iraq, realizing The opportunity to work in our country is renewed, and this matter is unique to the countries of the world.

And they confirmed that {The investment portal represents urgent solutions to all the problems that the country suffers, as the country’s economic performance has witnessed a clear decline in all its sectors, production and service.

Promote investment

He warned that {the local and international effort possesses capabilities capable of changing the reality of the economy in a short period of time, as it has capabilities that shorten time and effort, and this is in harmony with Iraq’s need in the sectors of industry, agriculture and tourism, and these sectors are able to transfer the national economy to a new stage, and here it is necessary.

An administration devotes all efforts to promoting investment and making Iraq a destination for all investments. In a recent statement, the Economic and Investment Committee affirmed its support for the government’s directive to withdraw the lagging investment licenses, calling on the National Investment Authority to study the files of lagging investment licenses, and to follow the legal contexts against violators in accordance with the applicable investment law. Committee Chairman Ahmed Al-Kanani said:   LINK

Activating The National Strategy And Developing The Private Sector Support Development

Wednesday 26th May 2021   50  Baghdad: Haider al-Rubaie   The demand for investment support and the creation of an ideal environment attractive to the effort wishing to enter the Iraqi labor market continues amid the assurances of all parties to support efforts aimed at developing the national economy.

President of the Businessmen Union Ragheb Ridha Blaybel stated that {the Iraqi economy possesses the capabilities to achieve success, and what is required is to move to a new stage of work, and to move work in the productive and service sectors to reduce the aggravation of the economic problems that Iraq suffers, which can only be overcome through the gateway to creating a promising job market that is achieved Benefit for Iraq}.

He stressed {the need for the state to enter certain percentages in major projects that achieve economic feasibility, and for the project to be reserved for the financing bank. Here, resources are provided to the general budget and the investor in the long term, and investments are employed to be financial support for the budget in the long run}. A member of the Iraqi Economists Association stressed d.

“The private sector has had significant developmental implications, and has contributed fruitfully in various aspects, especially the industrial ones, indicating that the Iraqi product occupied an important area in the map of locally and internationally manufactured materials,” Abdel Aziz said during her speech to {Al-Sabah}.

Disrupting the private sector

The economic expert indicated that the private sector was subjected to “disruption” in its presence on the scene, at a time when the country was in dire need of its efforts on the economic and investment arenas, explaining that the sector took its scope in development processes through a national strategy developed for this purpose, but it did not Its scope has been achieved, especially since this strategy included multiple, comprehensive and broad goals, and was developed according to specific time bases, but the failure to fully implement its foundations led to the delay in reviving the private sector and its advancement in previous periods. Allocation of loans and land

Abdul Aziz explained that the absence of the support that the private sector needs, especially financing, loans, allocating lands and facilities that can serve the directions of that sector and simplify routine procedures, all factors that have contributed to keeping the private sector without achieving large booms through which it can support the national economy and support sustainable development at Iraq.   LINK

Issue (4631) Was Issued From The Iraqi Newspaper Al-Waqi’a Issued On 24/5/2021

2021-05-26 01:29:00

1- Republican Decree No. (21) for the year 2021 appointing Mr. Dia Majed Jusoor as a judge in the fourth class of judges.

2- Instructions for the formations and tasks of the Prime Minister’s Office No. 1 for the year 2021

Those wishing to acquire the Iraqi factsheet can refer to the Iraqi investigation department, located in Salhiya / Haifa Street (Ministry of Justice building), and obtain the required number.

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