“The Dividing Realities” by Mike Haydon – 5.26.21


Entry Submitted by Mike Haydon at 12:12 AM EDT on May 26, 2021

The evidence is all around us that our reality is dividing into a 3D timeline and a 5D timeline… with a chaotic 4D in the middle!!!

We are now being given an obvious opportunity to choose which timeline resonates with each and everyone of us.

We may choose between a “hidden” Satanic, Paedophilic, Socialistic, Fascistic, Mind controlled existence… OR an “open” Compassionate, Independent, Free Thinking, Intuitive existence.

We are being shown that we can either take the 3D timeline based on Words with Distorted Meanings, Logic, Reason and Distrust… OR take the 5D timeline based on Heart Centered Intuition, Inner Feelings and Trust.

One keeps us where we are, with never ending Wars, Debt, Sickness and Lies and the other takes us closer to Peace, Abundance, Health, The Creator or God and “THE Truth”.

So how does one define “THE Truth”?

Unless you “Know” and have experienced “THE Truth”, you either believe or have an opinion.


Many here claim to “Know” or ecstatically support those (Gurus) whom they “Believe” are the “Guardians” of the “Truth”, and we have seen a division of opinions forming for some time now.

So here also on Patrick’s open forum, we are being given the opportunity to see through the “corrupted” masculine energies of distorted words, logic and reason, which has ruled the world for centuries and rationalizes the way the world IS, or choose another way for the world with the “balancing” feminine energies of the heart, through intuition and what “feels” right.

Just reading words on a blog does not give one knowledge of “THE Truth”, anyone can claim anything and say it is the “Truth”.

“THE Truth” can only be experienced intuitively through the heart… whereas our five senses can be easily fooled.

Words can seem to be the Truth and are lying, or seem to be lying and are the Truth.

There are those who know how to “play” with words so as to project the opposite energy to their apparent meaning, (we have a whole legal system based on it called “Legalese”), and with speech can be detected with “reverse speech analysis”.

“THE Truth” or the “Lie” is not in the words, so much as in the energy used to create them… This must be intuitively felt if we are to evolve to a 5D existence.


Ultimately we choose what to believe until we come to know “THE Truth”.

Mike Haydon


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