“Dear Parisse” by B. Patrick Thomas – 5.27.21


Entry Submitted by B. Patrick Thomas at 9:27 PM EDT on May 27, 2021

Dear Parisse, 

One of my favorite pictures hung on my wall is that of Christopher Columbus sailing his boat off the edge of the world. It was titled, “I told you so.” It was a sarcastic slap at those who had no vision. So, who am I to judge you about your insights, right? Joyfully, I told you so with my considerate opinion, about the enjoyment your posts offered about a better tomorrow. However, my disenchantment was with your public negativity towards an NDA agreement.  

My reason being, that about nine months ago, on this board, there were people very centered on the semantics of the term “Q” and “Q-anon.” They were indignant that us posters were misinformed or just plain dumb. Because we did not distinguish between these two names as being two different entities. I will tell you, I followed the “Q” posts from his third day of posting onward. Personally, when writing about “Q”, varying this name as “Q-anon” was to avoid repetitiveness as much as possible in my writing. In my mind’s eye, this critique was about semantics, so instead of worrying about it. I Lessened its negativity by hollering at the sky, “Semantics – shemantics” and never gave it another thought. Justifiably, it was just another infiltration by the Satanic deep state to divide and conquer their opposition. Open-mindedly, I do not feel that you fit into this category, but, your post (IMHO) did not have a unifying or 5-D spirituality. 

Overwhelmingly, if given the choice, I believe no one would sign an NDA – that is not the real world though. In your post you mock the value of NDA supporters worried about people opening crack houses, or who are fearful of being ripped off, and finally that money makes people crazy and could lose their minds. Deferentially, we do not know their world’s view, possibly they have witnessed these occurrences. 

I will say this concerning people losing their minds. How many people that have won big lottery payouts were in a worse financial condition after 10 years, than they were before they won the lottery. Honestly, I too worry about losing self-control after suddenly inheriting a HUGE amount of money. Uninhibitedly, wanting and buying a beachfront condo in Miami Beach is a reality. All the while in the back of my mind, knowing that it will not make me happy because it is beyond what I need. My question to you, dear Parisse, is it too 3-D to want this condo? Anyway, I bet after a year, my new place to live is a two-bedroom apartment. Once again I ask, is limiting myself to a small apartment a slave to the scarcity gods, or too 3-D? I believe that, these are the issues that everyone replacing their old lives with a better life at the exchange, are questioning themselves. 

In what you labeled as my self-deprecation, I call a blessing from God. One of my experiences was driving for a public transit system. My training was a very controlled environment, with 13 new hires on a bus that was not in service. Basically, we learned the bus-routes and necessary company policies. Then the real world hit, there is nothing compared to a busload of passengers screaming at you when you make a wrong turn. They never mentioned this in the 4 weeks of training. Also, there was no hint about all of the other shenanigans that happen in a ghetto backdrop. Pretty much, management threw us into the deep end of the pool. Later, after defeating the craziness, the realization that “I was the captain of this here bus” was quite satisfying.  Nostalgically, I remember this lesson well, and am apprehensive concerning only 20 minutes of counseling at the exchange. Are we being thrown into the deep end of the pool? Are we to assume that we are the captains of our own ship? So, in my best reductionist manner, an NDA is the least of my questions. Believe it or not, I trust and will blindly follow the Alliance. What other choice do I have? Faithfully, I decided that they sincerely love and care for the demoralized people of this planet. Unquestionably, they are about to share their windfall with us!  

In a practical manner, I hope that an offer is made at the exchange, whereby, we money changers can hire a bank executive on the spot as a prudent advisor. Thus, removing any reservations about our future evolution from a small operation to a large humanitarian network, and smoothing the necessary interactions with the bank. 


Dear Parisse, you say that the “Quantum System” is foolproof. I will agree with that, and that God has inspired this gift. However, he is still giving us the freedom of choice. And in this freedom – is the freedom to be foolish. You repeatedly say that you are being forced to sign an NDA. That is a falsehood. This was from my post that I wrote in a passive voice not to divide but to bring some common sense to this disagreement: 

“In my own Zen way, I am creating my own reality by peacefully signing the NDA, of my own free will, knowing my choices are: 

Choice #1:  Sign the NDA, and keep my mouth shut for about 3 months, and hopefully my Great-Great-Great grandchildren will not worry about scarcity in their lives like I had to, and my father before me, and my Grandfather before him, and like all of my Great Grandfathers…..! Also, my dreams of helping other people, who are down on their luck becomes a reality. 

Choice #2: Do not sign the NDA and join the great multitude in petitioning for the Alliance assets.” 

You write that you are free, and you alone are responsible for what happens to you. Also, that you do not give anybody permission to control you. And that this is the lawful foundation of the United States of America. Can I ask you; did you consent to using a driver’s license? I did, otherwise I could not legally drive. When purchasing at a store do you consent to the intrusive privacy issues and bandit fees while using a bank card to pay? Once again, I did. Did you self-will yourself out of having to wear a mask inside any business establishment that you entered recently? Anyway, you are right in saying that YOU alone are responsible for what happens to YOU. However, if the wolves were clever enough to steal the Alliance funds from exchangers, there could be harsh consequences for OTHER people.  

For instance, our supreme socialist leader gave $335 million to the Palestinians recently. A short time afterwards, Hamas instantly started firing missiles into Jerusalem. Of course, the requisite counter offensive created a lot of dead people, due to the stupidity of one man. Moreover, I believe the Alliance wants to limit any benefits to the cabal, thus the need for a limited time NDA. After all, we are supposed to be humanitarians, and helping murderers is not in that job title! When the NDA ends, we-the-people can change all the obnoxious control mechanisms that have been forced upon us. 

You ridicule the idea of having to do business with banks and financial tools. Bless your heart, I agree wholeheartedly! I thought about it too. I could build a fort, hire a military army to guard my gold. Thereafter, hiring an army of accountants to review the activities of every piece of gold. Then wisely I said to myself, “hey, the Alliance is already doing that for me.” Why duplicate their effort? Until we get to 5-D, that is the limitations put upon us by our loving God the Father, and His only Son, and through the Holy Ghost!  


Dear Parisse, you say that “you are either free or you are not.”  

Will you be free to rob a bank, free to rape and pillage? If not, psychosomatically, Satan would lecture you that “you are not free.” That’s how he works. Instructively, the Lord agrees: 

“But to the rest of you in Thyatira, who do not hold this teaching, who have not learned what some call ‘the deep things of Satan,’ to you I say, I do not lay on you any other burden; only hold fast to what you have until I come. To everyone who conquers and continues to do my works to the end, 

I will give authority over the nations;

as when clay pots are shattered— even as I also received authority from my Father. To the one who conquers I will also give the morning star. Let anyone who has an ear listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches (Revelation 2: 24-29).” 

I especially love your argument of how the early colonialists started a war for the hard-fought freedom in not paying the tea tax. Curiously, is that 5-D thinking? Nevertheless, you continue with, “an authority is trying to force you to give your permission to control your tongue.” Confusedly I wonder, “are you saying that we should join Satan and start a war against the Alliance?” Why would I do that when I can just sign an NDA?  

Continuing with this train of thought, this is from my offensive post and somehow it pre-substantiated what you just wrote: “On the other hand, the enlightened ones claim that their radiance is sparked by loving and acceptance. All the while, they find a spiritual problem in signing an NDA agreement. Thus, giving aid and comfort to the main kidnappers of our long hoped for 5-D reality!”  

Meanwhile, you so eloquently tell me to, “get a grip, brother!” And that you “could write three pages pointing out my judgmentalism and self-deprecation.” Please feel free to write as many pages as is fulfilling, it only gives me more ammo to pick apart your flawed thesis. After all, I am the one who admitted to possibly being an “old testament” person, ready to fight for the survival of Israel. Why are you, a 5-D person quarreling? 

You continue, “do you really believe those of us in total peace and love are that stupid or naïve? Love means not allowing our dislike of others behavior draw into reactions like hatred and revenge.” My dearest Parisse, that is very tolerant of you, and yes, I agree with Jesus who said “turn the other cheek.” However, He also said, I know your works—your love, faith, service, and patient endurance. I know that your last works are greater than the first. But I have this against you: you TOLERATE that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet and is teaching and beguiling my servants to practice fornication and to eat food sacrificed to idols…. And all the churches will know that I am the one who searches minds and hearts, and I will give to each of you as your works deserve. (Rev 2: 19-23)”  

I appreciate that a major theme of the people writing against your views, is the idea of common sense. Otherwise known as wisdom. Moreover, you keep saying, “please stop promoting fear, judgment, and hatred of what you don’t understand.” Well, the FEAR of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. 


“A scoffer who is rebuked will only hate you; the wise, when rebuked, will love you.

Give instruction to the wise, and they will become wiser still; teach the righteous and they will gain in learning. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. For by me your days will be multiplied, and years will be added to your life.If you are wise, you are wise for yourself; if you scoff, you alone will bear it (Proverbs 9: 8-12).” 

Parisse, you believe that I am arrogant. To avoid that label, I always write in a passive voice; your writing is in an extremely active voice. That aside, sincerely I must ask you. How wise is it to alienate the chosen Donors of a new trusted Quantum Financial System by not signing their chosen method of a DNA? To me, that is arrogance! 

When it comes to the Ascension debate. Let us assume, that you are sincerely seeking His permission to ascend into the glorious Heavens. Would God’s acceptance be quicker if you jumped off your pedestal, and prostrated yourself on the floor in prayer? Perhaps, you will be given the power to ascend. Of course, in Heaven that will be called an assumption. Please forgive me, for allowing myself to debate your world’s view. Then I thought to myself, was this more about an NDA, or is it about a different spiritual awareness – and whether one side is right and the other wrong. Thinking to myself, why not just scream at the top of my lungs Parisse, Shmarisse and forget about it forever. But then I remembered my self-deprecating mannered philosophy, “I will raise or lower the intensity of my reactions to that of the level of my stimuli. Whether I am right or wrong – who knows? Only the Father and the Son can be sure!”  

After writing all of this, a sense of a 5-D stimuli overcame me as I remembered some wise advice. I will paraphrase – I feel your hurt and worries. But I know that you have suffered worse than this, and the indignity of the NDA will pass. Then you will know great joy, I have faith that Jesus is with you always. Also, those of us who do not mind the NDA are also looking forward to a better world and the long-awaited flight into the Heavens. And perhaps I am feeling a 5-D euphoria, but I pray that you climb to the heights on your own accord, dearest Parisse! 

May God bless you ! 

I hope that you, we, the stakeholders in a new world get everything for which we have prayed !!


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