“Forced Currency Structured Payments To Keep Everyone Down?” by Bob – 5.27.21


Entry Submitted by Bob at 10:02 PM EDT on May 27, 2021

Hello all.

I see lots of postings about the NDA’s we have to sign, but let’s look at this in the same way.  Aren’t Sovereign Humanitarians “Free” to live as Angels, and each of us decide what is best for ourselves, and not being “ordered” or “Required” to follow our once again, “new controller orders”?  How can we be “free’ yet be forced to comply and play by the new rules that are being set up?  Or in this case, why are many of our physical monies we have in our hands, going to be “Locked up”, “Controlled”, and “Given Back” to us to buy things, by our new Free Society Rules as they deem we should get them? 

Are we shifting from one evil controller system, and walking right into just another new evil controller system?  So we really are NOT going to be “Free”, but just walking right into one locked controlled room into another locked controlled room.  If we are going to let out the front door and actually be totally free, we each can 100% decide what is best for us.  We each should be 100% allowed to decide our own faith, regardless of the outcome.  But “controlling” us after Appointment, shows we will not be free, but are at the mercy of a new set of “controllers” over our world.

Why are we being “forced” and “required” to accept Structured Payments on currency exchanges?  If we are to live in a new free society, as Sovereign Humanitarians, why can’t we decide if we accept all our funds right away?  It’s my “in-hand currency” to buy goods, yet under our guidelines, some of us will only be Limited and “restricted” of cashing in all our money, to immediately purchase properties or large businesses.

My undertanding, even if we only accept curreny exchanging, why are many Humanitarians “required” to only get a small 2% fraction of our total wealth at our appointment?  And some of us, will only be given back our 98% of physical monies, “Returned”, over the upcoming years and decades?  How is this “True” freedom, as how each of us want to live?  Its not.

This makes no sense.  Someone with say $1Million to exchange, would only get $20k at the appointment, and the remaining 98% of our physical monies may be “Required” to have a “Structured Settlement Payout” signed and agreed to, before we can ever get another penny of it?  Of course, they say this is only for larger set amounts, but why?  For example, if you exchange $100Million, you will only get $2Million at the exchange, and not a penny more until years or decades later.  See my total confusion, and total loss of fathom of all “required” “Structured Settlements” being placed on some of us?  Financial agencies are just shifting of controlling us from one owner, to another owner, so we all 100% continue to be finanical slaves.  How is holding back my cash currency away from me, for “my benefit”?  Its not now is it?  But then who’s benefit will now control us?

Isn’t this exactly what the banks done?  Our currency we physically have in our hands, today, right now, go sitting 98% unused; sitting and collecting dust, worthless, until “The Alliance” decides to give us our monies back to us for us to keep our lives going?  Global elities now “control” our very own wealth, and we 100% deem them as our new financial slave owners.

Lets expand that to $1Billion in currency exchange.  So you physically have $1Billion, yet you will only be given $20Million to spend at the appointment.  So what kind of business can you purchase with $20Million, and you are a Billionaire?  So the other $980Million will be sitting in a cold dark vault, worthless to anyone, and not being used for the good of Humanity?  I understand its up to whatever “Legal Contract Rules” we will under, and we are being 100% forced to accept at appointment, if we want our monies.  So we once again have a financial owner, and we are at their mercy.  So much for being a Free Sovereign Citizen and Humanitarian, who can make our own decisions; right or wrong.

Imagine, I’m interested in purchasing and investing in larger companies, yet I would not be allowed to do this in any forced “Structured” settlement we 100% have to accept.  So now, only the already rich “Whales” will have larger sums of money to purchase all the largest companies, and the public Tier 4B will only have enough cash to purchase a small town businesses.

Then, we get a letter saying we have a larger backed guaranteed funding, yet we will be forced into signing a long term payment contract, and required to pay an Interest on our business we purchase.  So here we can buy this company outright with cash, yet the “Alliance” (new financial slave owners) will only give us $20Million, on our $1Billion we physically have.  See how this makes no sense?  Then they pocket interest rates on what they charge us, yet we have enough cash, that is 100% locked until our new slave owners agree to give us OUR OWN MONEY.

As The Alliance stated, banks hoarded money and kept it away from the hands of the People, but isn’t all the “Structured” required payouts 100% exactly the same thing?  Bankers refused to give money to the people and keep everyone down, and once again, in the new QFS system, it is 100% the exact same thing.  We have the cash money in our accounts, but are being given access to our own money over years and decades, and once again, we are “Forced” to play by the bankers rules on how much money will be give out to the people.

Again, if the QFS is so Secure, which I believe it is, wouldn’t all criminal activities on our accounts be flagged and frozen?  But many of us will never be given our full funds, until the Alliance feels like giving us our money that we exchange?  As Free Sovereign Humanitiarians, we are once again at the mercy of the evil controllers, so we would not really be free now would we? 

I may have enough money to buy a Billion dollar company in cash, yet, when I go into my appointment, I may only be given $10Million cash, so why can’t I purchase the entire company with the actual cash I have?  See how this new system is set up to keep the rich rich, and in total control of businesses? 

By controlling and forcing people to accept any “Structured” payment settlement, is 100% a ploy to keep the rich rich, and our world as it’s financial slave for the next 1,000 years.  Sure, I’ll just be little richer slave, but still, be a slave to the controllers keeping and locking out all my cash exchange monies; the new “Controllers” lock and throw away the key to my hard earn cash I placed into my account.  So the new controllers say “its for my best interest” to give a long years to decades payout of my cash money back to me.  Really?  I’m being 100% held down by not getting every penny I exchange, so I am not free at all, but a “Slave” to our new financial Slave owners, who control our new financial system.

If anyone does anything Illegal, the QFS system will know, and lock accounts of those doing illegal things.

So for forcing any free citizen and holding back anyone’s actual money (in a Required/Ordered Structured settlement payout) is a Crime.  How can anyone be “Free” if our new “leaders” are keeping our hard earned money, under their “Lock and Sealed Control”, that could used for the betterment of everyone?

Understand, it is 100% clear that any currency exchange that is forced into any “Structured Payout”, is to keep the most rich and powerful in our world, in complete control of our new, fake, freedom.   Anyone that has say $1Billion or more, needs to be held 100% down BY THE WHALES already in power in our old world; and why the Forced Structured Payment, is to stop anyone else, not in their currrent circles, to become powerful, and not be allowed into their closed rich elite power structure of the future.  Forced/Required “Structured payouts” is the ploy to keep the top elite we are trying to shed, in complete power over its slaves into our next “Golden” age.

You see, power brokers, elite, and bankers of old left their firm grip of power over its slaves.  Anyone with money they require us to be Locked away, ensures they have no competition of anyone else purchasing large businesses, and keeps them in full control over the top 1000 companies that control the world.  They only are allowing non Whales to purchase small locally owned companies, but thats it.  Too, funny our money we have locked away, is available, yet to purchase any business, you will be forced to sign a contract, PAY INTEREST RATES, and have to take out more loans to get needed equipment….Yet, you have more then enough being locked away, in a FORCED STRUCTURED payment, and trickle back to you, YOUR CASH MONEY YOU ALREADY HAVE!  You got it, but the new “SLAVE OWNERS” will not give you your very own money!  They trickle it to you, so you can not compet with Whales, and pay Cash. 

So Ron, what is the rational of “Forced/Required Structured Payments” of our own money?  Does the Alliance not see this is a new tool to keep the old controllers, in complete control in our next phase?  How does one benefit of being rich, yet you decide for me, to give me my money I actually have?  You call that “Freedom”?  Surely not my “Freedom” but forced to live under your controlling what you want to give me, thats already mine! 

I don’t need anyone “Holding” a penny of my exchange or money, so why are some of us being “Forced” into letting you decide whats best for me, and you deciding how much money to be give me thats already in my pockets?  Don’t you think I can manage?  Or is it to protect the elite, rich and powerful, and keep everyone else away from them?  Are we that much a threat to them, and they do not want to step down, or allow anyone else to take a ounce of power, money or business control away from them?


I am not talking about Redemption but Exchange.  Two totally separate issues.


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