“Everybody Relax!” by Jay – 6.1.21


Entry Submitted by Jay at 3:16 PM EDT on June 1, 2021

Everyone RELAX! Do yourselves a favor and try a different perspective. Trust me, it’s invigorating!

Take an hour today and go to any retail business. Just watch people. No predisposition, no judgement, no thinking, just watch.

Watch as they live their life.  See humanity in action.  Experience life from a different perspective.   

Some are happy, some appear sad. There are moms with kids and senior citizens. Maybe one is a doctor and a few are laborers.  Every life different living in the same Reality.

When you get home, take a few minutes to apply that perspective to your Reality.  Chances are NONE of the people you saw in the last hour possesses ANY knowledge of the RV.  Let that sink in for a minute.

God has already won the battle, we are merely His chosen recipients of some of His treasures. Fortunately WE WILL be blessed…on His time (assuming you ascribe to a linear time theory). So just breathe and chill.

Indulge me for one more thought experiment.  Think back to all the people you saw.  Each one, soon to be divinely Sovereign once again, living their life exercising their God given human free will within their subjective reality.  


Now select just one adult that you must change that person’s reality so the RV exists in their reality without violating their human free will.  How about everyone you saw? How about everyone in the town? World?  

Now perform that exercise with every other facet of The Great Awakening of which you believe you have any knowledge.  N/GESARA, med beds, election, epstein, tribunals, aliens, ascension, ZPE, etc…. REMEMBER you cannot violate human free will, so no mind control or flashy thingy from MIB.

In my estimation, humanity is in for a decades long journey and we, T4B, are the designated adults to hold humanity’s collective hand as we share this long, slow walk.

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