“Re: How High will Silver Go?” by Thomas Anderson – 6.1.21


Entry Submitted by Thomas Anderson at 11:13 AM EDT on June 1, 2021

“How High will Silver Go?” by Patrick G – 5.31.21

Dear Readers,

I wanted to show you a very simple mathematical chart.

We know the term “Gold / Silver Ratio”. This word describes the ratio between… Gold and Silver over the years.

Here is the historical chart of this ratio.


You can find a chart similar to this on many different websites.


Astonishingly we see that this ratio shows a big difference between the minimum and maximum and looks like a wave.

Any given chart analyst would now more or less early predict a sudden fall of this ratio, according to a standard chart analysis of the given market data.

And yes, Patrick, it is correct: there is actually more Gold on the Planet as there is Silver. In fact its around 12 times more physical gold than silver.

So, if we assume that there will be a market situation with fair market prices based on realistic fundamental data, the silver price should in fact be 12 times higher than the gold price.

If we will see a market situation like this remains open.

And of course we have to take notice of the difference between gold and silver, that silver is still used as an industrial metal, whereas gold is “only” used for storage and jewelry.

Anyway, if we expect a gold silver ratio which most probable will decline in the near future, for whatever reason, and if we also assume a rising gold price, for whatever reason, then we can read the following table with the expected prices for silver.


Given is the price at an ounce in USD.

June 2021Gold PriceRatio 1/70Ratio 1/60Ratio 1/50Ratio 1/40Ratio 1/30Ratio 1/20Ratio 1/10Ratio 1/1Ratio 10/1Ratio 12/1
Gold1.900,00 USD200028,57 USD33,33 USD40,00 USD50,00 USD66,67 USD100,00 USD200,00 USD2.000,00 USD20.000,00 USD24.000,00 USD
Silver28,00 USD250035,71 USD41,67 USD50,00 USD62,50 USD83,33 USD125,00 USD250,00 USD2.500,00 USD25.000,00 USD30.000,00 USD
300042,86 USD50,00 USD60,00 USD75,00 USD100,00 USD150,00 USD300,00 USD3.000,00 USD30.000,00 USD36.000,00 USD
Ratio67,86350050,00 USD58,33 USD70,00 USD87,50 USD116,67 USD175,00 USD350,00 USD3.500,00 USD35.000,00 USD42.000,00 USD
400057,14 USD66,67 USD80,00 USD100,00 USD133,33 USD200,00 USD400,00 USD4.000,00 USD40.000,00 USD48.000,00 USD
450064,29 USD75,00 USD90,00 USD112,50 USD150,00 USD225,00 USD450,00 USD4.500,00 USD45.000,00 USD54.000,00 USD
500071,43 USD83,33 USD100,00 USD125,00 USD166,67 USD250,00 USD500,00 USD5.000,00 USD50.000,00 USD60.000,00 USD
550078,57 USD91,67 USD110,00 USD137,50 USD183,33 USD275,00 USD550,00 USD5.500,00 USD55.000,00 USD66.000,00 USD
600085,71 USD100,00 USD120,00 USD150,00 USD200,00 USD300,00 USD600,00 USD6.000,00 USD60.000,00 USD72.000,00 USD
650092,86 USD108,33 USD130,00 USD162,50 USD216,67 USD325,00 USD650,00 USD6.500,00 USD65.000,00 USD78.000,00 USD
7000100,00 USD116,67 USD140,00 USD175,00 USD233,33 USD350,00 USD700,00 USD7.000,00 USD70.000,00 USD84.000,00 USD
7500107,14 USD125,00 USD150,00 USD187,50 USD250,00 USD375,00 USD750,00 USD7.500,00 USD75.000,00 USD90.000,00 USD
8000114,29 USD133,33 USD160,00 USD200,00 USD266,67 USD400,00 USD800,00 USD8.000,00 USD80.000,00 USD96.000,00 USD
8500121,43 USD141,67 USD170,00 USD212,50 USD283,33 USD425,00 USD850,00 USD8.500,00 USD85.000,00 USD102.000,00 USD
9000128,57 USD150,00 USD180,00 USD225,00 USD300,00 USD450,00 USD900,00 USD9.000,00 USD90.000,00 USD108.000,00 USD
9500135,71 USD158,33 USD190,00 USD237,50 USD316,67 USD475,00 USD950,00 USD9.500,00 USD95.000,00 USD114.000,00 USD
10000142,86 USD166,67 USD200,00 USD250,00 USD333,33 USD500,00 USD1.000,00 USD10.000,00 USD100.000,00 USD120.000,00 USD

kind regards


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