The Atlantis Report: Taxes, Food, Rent, and Gas will Skyrocket


The Atlantis Report
Premiered June 2, 2021

Stagflation is coming, and it is not because of clogged supply lines but because stuff isn’t going to get produced, period.

Even before the pandemic, the economy was doomed to fail. Job growth that was limited to low paying part-time service industry jobs, taxes cut for the rich, CEOs, giving themselves record bonuses, more money spent on tax buybacks than hiring workers, no investment in smaller communities, etc.

This is What do you get when you put the central banking cabal in a blender with the CIA.


In which there’s absolutely ZERO need for functioning markets.

In fact, this is just the start.

This push for GLOBAL DIABOLICAL DYSTOPIA is exactly what is happening. America, Land of the Brave Home of the Free, mist be shown as a Police State then the others will fall in line when this is finished, if those who are orchestrating this Dystopia are successful, we will have the same freedom a Chicken in his cage or a Pig in his pen has!


They use this pandemic to coverup a 50-year Ponzi scheme that was about to collapse in the peak of the baby boomer retirement, that happens to be right now. Make sure the baby boomers can’t get the wealth out of their houses because it was the Ponzi scheme money that they stole from their children anyway. Then hyperinflate the currency to get the rest of the fake money back from anyone that had savings or investments. Only the cash-rich will qualify to buy homes, scoop the defaulted assets up and rent them out to collect the UBI that is going around. Taxes, food, rent, and gas will skyrocket. Nobody is safe. This is economic Darwinism; anyone that was paying attention could see this coming a mile away.

It’s designers to fail! It not about recovery. It’s about transferring wealth and profiting off of default swaps and hedge funds!

The great economy that never was. We are already in The Great Depression 2.0. ALL the numbers have been fudged, and if Americans knew the real numbers, they’d “faint out of fear.” All the health crisis did was to bring it in the spring instead of the fall. Look at the millions who were behind on their credit card, mortgage, and car loan payments.

A V-shaped economy will not be possible until the country shifts from a house of cards service-based economy to a manufacturing one. That will require people willing to pay MORE for products made in the USA and for companies to be willing to gamble that they will. That will take years. Or a major war.


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