“Re: RV/GCR Podcast Notes for June 8” by Kandi Darlin – 6.11.21


Entry Submitted by Kandi Darlin at 6:45 PM EDT on June 11, 2021

Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Podcast Notes from Yesterdays Call 6-8-21

My question is was he referring to bank lawyers, CPAs, etc. provided by the bank? Or was he referring to our group that we get together on our own?

Is there some reason we are now supposed to be able to trust bankers? I know we do not trust them, but, why do they not trust us? If we blow our own money, it is no concern of theirs. If we have projects that we do not want to make known to them, that is our own business as well.

Once again, why would they be able to make a decision to give someone less than someone else or more than someone else? Again, who gives them the right or authority to control us and our money?

The Bible says not to let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.  That sounds like good advice where finances are concerned especially regarding bankers. 

Why is this not the same for everyone across the board? It is if you walk in right now and exchange currency or redeem a bond.  Everyone gets the same rate across the board. 

The bank cannot tell you how to spend your money or check on you for what you are spending it on. Who gives them the right to once again control us?


How does this make any common sense to continue in the same path we are in now? How does it make any sense to leave the little guys until last if everyone gets the same amount across the board? It seems a bit backwards to me and continues on the same path we are currently fighting against.

I know we have no assurances until we walk in for our redemption/exchange. Still, if it does not make sense, what is the point of putting it out there?

 Who just cannot wait to be treated this way by some banker you do not know judging you without knowing you or even caring about you personally?  Do you want a banker to be able to judge you on a first impression, one time meeting for something that is going to affect your life until you die and your children and grandchildren’s lives? 

Never having met you before they should have NO input into what you receive or do with your money.  If they do, nothing will have changed in this country or this world for you and me. 

Fair and right is treating everyone exactly the same.  What if I am a homely (not necessarily even ugly) looking person, who has never been able to afford braces, expensive haircuts and I am dressed in my Walmart best going right after someone with perfect hair, teeth, figure/physique, expensive clothing?  What would that first impression be?  What comparisons might that banker draw and give me less than the perfect looking person even if my IQ is far above theirs? 

Do you get where I am going with this! 

Why should they have a say in my future and my business? 

As I have stated before, my dad always said, “If everyone knows your business, you don’t have any business.“


The Bible also says there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. I want to choose my own counselors because of the wisdom I feel they will have. I do not want to be told who to choose or made to use a certain person or people for a certain price which again is what we are fighting against.

Freedom is what we are fighting for.

I hope the PTB are looking at these things and deciding to do the same for all. 

Fight for right and justice.

Kandi Darlin


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