Dinarland Highlights for June 16, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.16.21


Iraq Trade Bank – External remittances (SWIFT)”

You can now transfer to all countries of the world through the application of banking services from the Iraqi Trade Bank…

Barzani announces that an agreement has been reached to receive the region’s dues in the budget with a “retroactive effect” “

I would argue the news about Barizani is bigger then the swift thing. I understand you need to be international for the swift stuff. But you also need the kurds for the dinar to be worth much.


Frank26 (KTFA)

IOO The CBI is coming out and they…started, what we call, ‘promoting’ the true exchange rate...the CBI is now starting the campaign…They are starting to promote the education of the monetary reform to the citizens and the world to put an end to the fluctuation in the market prices…The CBI is now making it clear not just to the citizens but to the whole international community that only the CBI has the authority to change the currency’s rate…Based on the articles…you are now seeing the campaign.



[via PDK]

A number of paymasters are refusing to go back to the bank unless they are guaranteed the money …well, banks are guaranteeing the money so they will go back in today. We will be watching this closely. [What is a paymaster? A paymaster is like a esgrow agent…but on a much larger scale. They are licensed…many are attorneys…they aggregate funds to distribute… Think of it as an attorney at a closing on real estate.

The news from all the paymasters has been exceptionally good all around the world. Lots of talk about liquidity beginning today…  This could be it…I hope so… buckle up…we are so painfully close…


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

There is a date…The economic reform date is the same as the monetary reform date…There is a date written in stone and it has not changed of when the new small category notes, of when the new exchange rate, is scheduled to be released.  IMO that date gets closer and closer… although the process of the education has just started…it is the words and explanation of this education that will instill confidence not only in the dinar, not just in the citizens of Iraq, but in the monetary reform itself…


Petra (KTFA)

We’ve got nothing to share.  Nothing going on.  It’s kinda boring. NOT!  🙂  …The Group of Seven [G7]…it made a very clear statement.  It said that the G7 supports the sovereignty and independence of Iraq.  That’s the largest, financially most profitable countries in the world recognizing the sovereignty and independence of Iraq.  That to me is a very clear clear statement of how they feel and where they feel Iraq is at...



The news is everyone is still saying, by the end of this week the final release and notifications should come out…Again, do not shoot the messenger if it does not happen this week. But everyone is saying the same thing…We can see the progress with Iraq and the news coming from them. Iraq made the 1st move with their rate December 20, 2020. Then 60 days later, Changed it again. That was February 20th, then again April 20th. Logically the next date is JUNE 20th! There is a pattern and Iraq is clearing their debt. They are article 8 compliant. They are ready and it seems the whole world is ready.


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

…obviously we have a moving target…and obviously they were shooting for something and the target moved on us – AGAIN…  everything is lined up and ready to go – funds have been in place – the new system is working flawlessly…I have been told by one banker…“This is the week”…we have a lot to look forward to…I think July 4th could be a real “Independence Day”…



“The dollar exchange rates fell in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region”

What does this mean?  Remember I always told you guys, think about the direction the dinar is going in.  That’s how you know if it’s good or bad.  It says the dollar exchange rates fall in Baghdad (And in Kurdistan ).  That’s a good thing when the dollar exchange rate, not the dinar, fall…that’s what you want to see happen...the number of dinars you get for the U.S. dollar you want that to go down.  The lower it goes the better it is for those holding onto dinar…you don’t want it to go up, you want it to go down.  If the numbers go up, it means it’s being devalued…

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