“Re: Thoughts on NESARA” by Kandi Darlin – 6.21.21


Entry Submitted by Kandi Darlin at 11:13 PM EDT on June 21, 2021

“Thoughts on NESARA” by Nan – 6.21.21

Good evening, all.  I have thought quite a bit about taxes for years.  I have some ideas as well that I know would work and be very easy to deal with.

Flat 10% tax – God only requires 10% and very few people in society give that including those “in church”. 

1% – City Taxes
2% – County Taxes
3% – State Taxes
4% – Federal or U.S. Country Taxes

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10

Property taxes go to a maximum of 1% per year for families with children to cover education and those who rent property or apartments and have children would be required to pay the equivalent of one month’s rent per school year for their children to go to school. 

A way to create an incentive for parents to take more of an interest in their children’s education is for them to have to pay extra on a cash basis for every time they are sent to a disciplinary classroom due to bad behavior no matter what the behavior is.  If it costs the parents financially, the kids might be required from their parents to behave better which would help everyone in the school.  Teacher and students would not be so stressed and walking on eggshells.


Teachers need to be held accountable for actually teaching the children and earning their paychecks.  One of the first things to start that process would be testing the teachers to see how they learn on an individual basis because that is how they are going to teach their students.  What I mean by that is does the teacher teach by lecture because she/he can listen to a lecture, take notes, study the notes and “get” the information or does the teacher have the student read the book, make notes then test the students?  If so, this is probably how the teacher learns best.  Maybe the teacher is a hands on teacher who does something to learn it, then does it and then teaches it hands on to the students.  Problem is that not all students in any particular classroom learns the way the teacher does and cannot “get it” the way the teacher teaches it.  So not only does the teacher need to be tested for their learning and teaching style but so do the students.  As we age, we change so every year or every other year the students need to be tested or if they are not passing, obviously, they are in the wrong teaching environment.  Students doing well would be one way to keep the teachers accountable.  This process would also encourage students to learn and understand what their future career path might be. 

School administrators would have to watch every penny they spend and if needed, the property taxes could go up in the area of each school system by 1/4 % or 1/4 a month’s rent knowing their property taxes were only used by their school system to educate their children. 

I could continue on but this is just part of what I am thinking about regarding taxes, NESARA, etc. 

You may remember I wrote a comment a while back stating “Do no harm” while trying to do good.  Well, UBI,  unless done very carefully, would do our society as well as the individual, young people and children more long term damage than it would be worth.

My first suggestion would be for the powers that be to figure out what benefits society as a whole, such as streets, roads, highways and interstates.  By giving everyone a small UBI of say $500.00 per month to start with, it would help a lot of people get on their feet without damaging any business in any way because it is not enough to live on but it is enough to make a difference.  This would only be for U.S. citizens born in the U.S. to parents who were legally here at the time the person was born.  This could be a great incentive with GESARA for people to go back to their homeland to get this UBI. 

Find more things to use the money for that benefits everyone equally and still produces jobs/productivity for people to be a productive part of society.  Many jobs will become available for U.S. citizens when illegal aliens or non-citizens go back to their country of origin.  Ideas of course are cleaner water, recycling centers of all kinds, not just glass, plastic and paper but furniture, automobiles, etc to help clean up our country to help our whole existence, cleaner air, oceans, etc.  These are not cheap undertakings but would benefit all. 

Doing no harm should be our goal for our society as a whole, not just the U.S. but the whole world.  There are so many good ideas out there that it would not be hard to find ways to use that money for the benefit of all and have subsidized earnings for generations. 


I know I do not have all the answers but we have to start somewhere.  Yes, I do have lots more ideas.  Such as every school/college should have a good swimming pool to teach swimming as well as life saving which is something to start in pre-K and carry in throughout college.  Why?  Because it is healthy and any size, color, financial standing, etc. Person would benefit for life by learning to swim and save lives and have the cardio workout even if they are not “good” in sports.

Every school/college should also have basic tumbling/gymnastics/Aikido, ballet, or some other type of stretching/mobility/agility exercise or even a combination of several offered each semester to help reduce injuries in other sports such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. 

One week some students would have Tuesday and Thursday swimming while other students had Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes for the mobility and agility classes then reverse the next week or have no classes on Friday and just do a four day rotation.  More teachers needed, more work for pool builders and caretakers.  More gymnastic facilities needed for each school with more teachers and upkeep for these facilities.  Adult classes could also be made available in the evenings. 

Why does every small community or rural area outside a town here in the U.S. not have at least one good fire truck and well trained volunteer fire department to help save homes until the city fire department can get out to the area to help save their neighbor’s home?

Why is there not a nice little community center attached to that little fire department so people have a close place to get to know and support their neighbors?  The money should be there soon to do so. 

More ideas are available from this head of mine and I am hoping these thoughts have made you also start considering other ideas that you have and could share for the good of all society here in the U.S. and possibly worldwide.  I would hope we would be a shining example of “Doing no harm” and using our resources for the good of all.

I do not know any of the PTB but maybe someone will see this post and get the ball rolling in a good direction.  Any way I can help  my neighbor will also help my country and I would consider it to be an honor. 

Take care and please share what has been stirred in your heart and brain with the rest of us.  One thought often leads to others.

Kandi Darlin



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