“Thoughts on NESARA” by Nan – 6.21.21


Entry Submitted by Nan at 1:39 AM EDT on June 21, 2021

I have some thoughts about what is being proposed for Nesara.  

Firstly, everyone over the age of 21 to get $110 000 per MONTH for 11 yrs : So, if people are going to receive that amount of money – WHO will bother doing any work. Especially, the jobs that nobody LIKES to do, like garbage collection, retail salesperson, or really ANY job at all, unless of course, you REALLY LIKE your job.  Just look at the current ‘covid stimulus’ payments where people got their ‘checks’, and decided they didn’t want to work and business can’t find anyone who actually wants to work.  How much MORE so, if you are getting over $100 000 per month – that is ridiculous.

Then, 14% tax on NEW items. So what will happen to the BUILDING industry and MANUFACTURING industries.  If everyone is buying ‘USED’ items, whose going to bother with NEW items.  

NO new HOMES would be built, even if people DID have a ‘lot of money, because everyone would opt for the ‘established home’ rather than pay THOUSANDS more in tax

NO new CARS either.  

People would look for USED furniture, appliances, cars ets.  and the prices of ALL USED items would RISE because of SUPPLY and DEMAND – more demand – less supply, forcing PRICES UP.

It just seems ridiculous to penalise one portion of industry – that is EVERY BUSINESS that is involved in making SOMETHING NEW.
Then there is the issue of WHO is to say, what is ‘FOOD’.  Is it ALL FOOD, meaning ANYTHING that is CONSUMED??  Or is it just ‘Meat, Bread, Milk ??

Then medicines, WHAT will be deemed to be MEDICINE – ONLY what is prescribed by a doctor or ANYTHING that you can get from a ‘chemist’ or ‘pharmacy’, but then, SOME items can be bought at a SUPERMARKET, such as ‘Panadol’, Paracetamol’ and other ‘pain killers’.  SO just WHAT WILL be included as MEDICINE??

And then, when you start ‘excluding’ things it becomes a LOT more COMPLICATED for business to ‘adhere’ to the ‘RULES’ ,making issues of ‘compliance’ more ‘difficult’ for ALL business. 

 It would make a WHOLE lot MORE COMMON SENSE to put a SMALLER tax on EVERYTHING. Something like – 1 or 2 % or even 5% and it is much SIMPLER to control and manage for ‘compliance’ and NO part of society can OPT OUT of paying their share, making it much FAIRER for EVERYONE.

 And they would probably take in MORE than what the current rate that is being suggested would bring.

Just common sense – but so far – we’ve not seen a lot of that on this ride.



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