Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 6-25-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

06/25/2021 Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, Holly’s sources, Bruce’s sources, and other sources saying that (1) WE ARE AT THE FINAL STAGE delayed this past week by global arrests from Wed 23 June onward but now cleaned up; (2) THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS for going live with the RV/GCR and a Sat 26 June shotgun start (see below on next Mon-Tue possible timing);

. ..His info agrees with that of Holly’s sources when she said this morning Fri 25 June, “The [NDA / gag order] quiet is good as people are told to be quiet to get this done. All that was said is they want this completed and are feverishly working to complete it and get the final release done. I understand all issues are completed and they were having meetings to get this rolled out.”

[11:39 AM]

. ..CLEAR FINALITY BEHIND THE SCENES: He said we are in a DIFFERENT PLACE than in past weeks THAT IS RECOGNIZED BY DoD and UST to be THE FINAL DEADLINE PERIOD: the UST was intending to get everything prepared to go live for the RV release yesterday Thu 24 June and they were intending the bond holders to receive final notifications to enable them to start accessing their account funds by today Fri 25 June; But DoD security concerns took their preparations till today Fri 25 June–however AS OF TODAY FRI 25 JUNE DoD like UST realize THEY NEED TO GET THE RV OUT TO GO LIVE WITH THE SHOTGUN START TODAY OR WITHIN THE NEXT 4 DAYS because EVERYTHING IS COMPLETED AND READY TO GO LIVE and IRAQ, THE CHINESE ELDERS, & WORLD COURT ARE DEMANDING IT–he said the past three Thursdays (3, 10, and 17 June) the UST waited for the release algorithm managing the myriad of global release details, to decide with DoD not to push the RV to go live these past three Thursdays, because they still had (1) sting operations and arrests to weed out criminal bankers who were trying to steal from RV accounts whom the QFS flagged in under 20 seconds in multiple cases, (2) they had to complete bond vetting, and (3) they had to complete rate issues and sign offs with the IMF for the 23 countries, including Iraq, whose rates are in the first RV basket;

. ..He is confirming sources saying that last night Thu 24 June, the DoD and UST were running a series of AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms tied to computer software by which they have been looking at the final release level of risks (risks in rates, money flows, risk of criminal cabal bankers trying to steal from post-RV currency holder accounts, etc, etc) after the banking system goes live with the RV/GCR shotgun start; they have been and are now assessing the risks, if they implement the numbers from overnight FOREX trading in the currency rates;

[11:41 AM]

. ..He is confirming that all is completed to go live, and all the paperwork is signed off for the gold to back the USN / USTN in the QFS system including the rate increases;

. ..He is confirming that the final decision is in DoD’s hands and the DoD RV security teams are discussing potential risks right now Fri 25 June in the 11 am EST RV team meeting with UST, Iraqis, Chinese Elders, etc, as the meeting continues right now;

. ..He is confirming that DoD & UST have been working feverishly & quietly, as Holly’s sources said above, to get the RV/GCR released as early as this afternoon Fri 25 June for an overnight RV/GCR rate release in the global QFS system, as Bruce and his sources mentioned is anticipated tonight Fri 25 June–the final decision is with the DoD RV security teams who are assessing the risks (again for example, the likelihood of cabal criminal attempts to steal from our T4B accounts, which would be flagged by the QFS, thereby causing post-RV clean up delays, also rate risks, money flow risks, etc).

[11:42 AM]

. ..So RV teams are trying to decide right now if the risks are minimal enough for the military to enter the DoD security codes into the system to start to lock down the rates and procedures this afternoon-evening Fri 25 June for the system to go live globally overnight–if there are too many risks that DoD security teams identify through the AI algorithms, they will clean up the risks (arrests, plug the holes so-to-speak, etc) through the weekend and then by next Tue 29 June they will attempt lockdown again to go live with the shotgun start by next Tue 29 June overnight;

. ..He is confirming that the reason that the DoD RV security teams and the UST teams are working extremely hard to get the RV released, because THEY KNOW THAT THEY ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO DEAL WITH ALL POTENTIAL SECURITY RISKS and they know that they need to get the RV/GCR released immediately, because they are VERY LATE, WEEKS LATE BY WORLD COURT & CHINESE TIMING; the Chinese Elders (and World Court) and the Iraqis (who announced the RV in the mosques last Fri 18 June) are putting extreme pressure on the UST and DoD to get the RV/GCR out immediately.

. ..He is confirming that all 23 countries’ currency rates, including the IQN rate, in the first RV basket were being traded on FOREX last night Thu 24 June and are ready to be locked down at the proper rate directed by the UST RV release algorithm if the current RV team meeting decides to do so today Fri 25 June;

[11:43 AM]

. ..He is confirming that we should take with a grain of salt all rates put out over past weeks for the IQN and other currencies (some rates that he confirmed too), because rate tests and sting operations have caused rates to go up and down this past week–RV rates will not be finalized until the lockdown of rates and procedures happens just before the shotgun start and T4B is started;

. ..He is confirming that ALL GLOBAL BANKING CENTERS WERE RELEASED by DoD & UST from YESTERDAY THU 24 JUNE to PREPARE FOR LOCKDOWN TO GO LIVE FOR THE RV/GCR SHOTGUN START–THIS ALSO SHOWS WE ARE AT THE END, AT THE FINAL DEADLINE TIMING–he confirmed that Australian banking activity acts as the official start of the financial day going from east to west around the globe–he confirmed that Australian banks were released to start their preparation procedures yesterday Thu 24 June to prepare for going live with RV rates (he said exchanges and bond holders getting payouts [1% access to account funds] in Australia earlier this week was not broad and unrestricted–his info is that they were only test exchanges and test bond payouts); the release to prepare for going live globally then moved from Australian banks to Shanghai and Hong Kong banks and from there to Zurich and London banks; as of yesterday morning Thu 24 June at 10:08 am EST his info was that the preparation procedures to go live in each of the global regions had gone well and are ready today Fri 25 June for going live globally as early as tonight Fri 25 June if DoD gives the go this afternoon;

. ..So He said things are looking really good for the shotgun start to go live as early as overnight and prayers are appreciated that all goes according to plan without disruptions, glitches, or hitches.


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