The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 6-24-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 6-24-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody again on this Thursday June 24th thanks for tuning in to the Big Call tonight – thanks for tuning in once again all over the globe whether it’s live or on the recording replay –

Ok let’s talk a little bit about what we know and may be what we don’t know – that is a fun game we have played in the past – and I think we’ve been pretty clear – we are triangulating this thing and getting it closer and closer with each call and I got some calls today with some pretty good information – So —— let’s talk about it – first of all – let’s go back and review a little bit about where Iraq is –

Iraq for the longest time – we were looking for Iraq to show a rate – right?  When are they going to put their rate out internationally? Well they did that actually last Saturday – and as I understand it IMF was not thrilled with the rate they put out – and wanted it to be a little higher – we talked about that I believe on Tuesday  –

Soooo they’ve done that and now not only has Iraq have a rate but forget about seeing it here though – ha ha forget that – not yet  right – not here yet – but it is being traded internationally other than here in the US  on Forex – it was on Forex last Saturday – but you cannot find it here –

It’s not only on that but their digital version – if you will – of their dinar – just like we have a USN or USDC – Iraq is also completely connected internationally now with an Iraqi Dinar Digital Currency – that was put into play and running through the new system –

Now enter this information – we talked very briefly in the past about Basel 3 and Basel 4 and Basel 5 compliance – Basel is a town in Switzerland – and this is a Basel compliance that allows banks to have so much gold to back the value of their deposits on hand –  that is a very brief cursory explanation of it –


So Basel 3 compliance we’ve had – but today they did level 4 for testing – starting at 9 AM Eastern – was to go until 9 PM tonight – 12 hours of testing – this is where banks would ping back to central banks to the Treasury –  globally – not just here – this is a stress test – a global stress test – a level 4 stress test –

Now I take that to mean that it was a level 4 stress test to see if the banks would qualify for Basel 4 compliance – That is what I am drawing from the concept of level 4

The beauty of it is – and this is a good thing – for once I can tell you something that is good  –  that is going to happen or has happened –  this test was supposed to take until 9PM tonight – the start of the Big Call actually – but it was completed at 4PM this afternoon 5 hours early – and it was all successful – that means that all the banks that were involved registered and pinged back and were known to be compliant

That means that the proper amount of gold is situated and has actually been – no gold has been moved for 2 weeks now – the gold has been in place to back these currencies – back the exchanges that are about to take place all over the globe – now that’s a really good thing –

Now here’s an interesting little caveat – to throw in here – you realize Australia  – they started the exchanges I believe it was either Tuesday or  Wednesday – they started paying out on the bonds to the bond holders – getting their 1% – I believe it’s been 3 or more days – so they’ve got a head start on us – they got to go first –

Now the theory is – I can’t prove this – that other countries internationally are in the same position to have already started – we who remain – here in the US – have not been as fortunate and we are in the slow roll out crowd – we’re going but we’re going more slowly and they are really taking their time –

Let me say this – in some ways – it’s hard for us to take this perspective – I know – but in some ways it’s a good thing – because  what has been happening continually is clean-up on aisle 3 – a little bee sting operation – stuff like that – that needs to happen – it just needs to go – and that’s what’s been going on –  you know I believe I mentioned on Tuesday – that we had some clean-up – with banksters –and paymasters – the new system closed in about 18 seconds or less –  so that is continuing to be an issue of sorts –


But I will say this – the new system is functioning very well  and is allowing transactions to go through but also helping to stop any transactions that are illegitimate  –

So in addition to the Basel 4 compliance having been a success today by 4 PM Eastern we also have word that the GCR and the RV that is to take place at 12:01 AM Saturday morning – When I hear that time it makes me think of “Friday Night” 1 minute after midnight – 12:01 AM is the official time for the GCR and RV to be in effect

Now beyond that we know that there’s several things that are good that are going to be happening – we’ve got a boom scheduled for tomorrow which is the results of the audits of the election in Arizona – early afternoon – and the repercussions from that – could be felt around the world – obviously –

Beyond that we have the possibility of us getting notified – it could come anytime – we’re hearing the possibility of maybe tomorrow – I’m going to discount it a little bit – it could but I am going to say more likely Saturday – we may not make it out of the weekend – we may just get this over the weekend and yes we could start Saturday –

The redemption center staff even tomorrow – is on a 40 minute call – response time – so I’m looking forward to some great things happening by the weekend and over the weekend

NESARA is supposed to start at least with some of these announcements on Monday June 28th – what are we going to get? We could get an announcement about the new tax system – the new consumption tax – on new items not sure what the percentage will be but will vary by state – certain states are going to have a little better rate than others – that is something we’re really looking forward to – and the other thing that we’re looking forward to I believe also on Monday is the USTN the new gold backed currency – to be announced if not put into effect for us as early as Monday – now in my opinion – OI think we’re looking at July 1st  which is Thursday – a week from today – as the start date – more than likely – only my opinion – I do not have this confirmed at all –  but in my opinion – they would start it on 1st  day of the 3rd quarter – second half of the year – the 3rd quarter start July 1st –

Now what happens? Does that plan turn retroactive to Jan 1st of 2021?  I think so – we will have to wait and see what is announced as we expect something Monday June 28th

Now were are in an any minute situation for notification – I’ve been told we could go as early as Saturday but could turn into early next week – which is the old Monday/Tuesday scenario – so I’m not going to call it in either direction –  I’m going to say stay tuned to what happens and what comes out tomorrow – Pres Trump is going to do a rally out of Cleveland I believe on Saturday –

So stay tuned I think a lot of good things are getting ready to happen for  us – for our country – and for the rest of the world –

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:13:00


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