“More Questions Regarding the GCR” by KUU – 6.25.21


Entry Submitted by KUU at 11:07 PM EDT on June 25, 2021

The closer we get, supposedly, to this GCR, the more questions, mine and others, come to mind.

My first question is concerning the SHOTGUN START. I am definitely not alone with this question, just read the posts on this site, and the reason is simple. There is no SHOTGUN START!!.  There has been a Caste system in place from the beginning. The money mogul’s have already gotten theirs and have made it clear that we. lower Caste participants will not get to participate until they have purchased all the prime goodies, land, commodities and anything else that will keep them in a position of power and influence. This has been proselytised, ad nauseum. and condoned by everyone who have, seemingly, the ability to dictate  the procedures we must follow to gain our just due. It doesn’t take a genius to see who is kicking the can.

How does the NDA play into this?  What is the real reason for this silent signing?  What better way to keep the secret of their nefarious deeds than to force our silence and make it a rule, who gave this authority, to shut up or receive the dreaded CLAWBACK.. In other words, ….PLAY THE GAME OUR WAY OR YOU CAN’T PLAY. Does any one really feel protected by signing an NDA?  Personally, I just feel intimidated. 

Why does Redeeming the Zim in one’s possession lower the value of the currency that you possess ?  Value is value, has anyone been advised why this is a rule?  To whom do we owe this allegiance? Is it the people who we will be psychoanalyzed, for 20 minutes, by?  Wait a minute….they appear to be the MONEY MOGULS.  Does that make sense?  

What is the ALLIANCE?  Does anyone really know their true purpose? I have spent a career in covert operations and I have never met or seen a member….have you?  Is this Alliance knowledgeable and copasetic concerning these questions and the whole RV/Redemption process? Will we ever know how and why this covert operation works?  They, the Alliance, seem to be behind, and in control, of this dimensional morph we are experiencing….please, we need more information. ARE YOU LISTENING ALLIANCE?




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