“2nd Response to Danlboon on NESARA Debt Forgiveness” by Vee – 7.4.21


Entry Submitted by Vee at 12:37 PM EDT on July 4, 2021

“Re: Vee on NESARA Debt Forgiveness” by Danlboon – 7.2.21

Danlboon it not we at 16 that was ignorant..but our fiduciaries. Parents, Grandparents, etc. They dropped the ball..even way back by obliging to get a drivers license..that no law required them or us to do…unless for hire.. commercial Commerce on the roads. 
Colonel Edward Mandell house has stated what will be done to the American people..”

“Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that’s you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency…”

This “Certificate of Birth” ( does yours say live?) Is this registed “property”. Now if you have a copy of the long form CofB. not the transcript of it..you will see that by the black and white prima facie of this document, that this named “property” ie a child is in fact a bastard one even maybe a foundling one in some construction of law.  Why do I say this…is that this document or instrument does not designate that the father and mother are of wedlock…married. They-Gov always use mothers maiden name and not married. And so this presumption makes that named infant-child-baby as I said and thus then the Government steps up and takes thestation of .parens patriae A doctrine that grants the inherent power and authority of the state to protect persons who are legally unable to act on their own behalf. The parens patriae doctrine has its roots in English Common law. OriginsThis term is rooted in English common law and dates back to the chancery courts of England during the Middle Ages. … In this way, the parens patriae model allowed the court to serve as surrogate parents for wayward children. The first juvenile court was established in Chicago in 1899. And giving custodial ship to those named as mother-father. Yes this document serves also as a security (securities) instrument of value..I guess a bond ..but now the question would be who is entitled to this bond when(?) it matures ? Who created it? The mother and father ? Are their signatures on the instrument? I’ve been told that if this was a bond of value..that the Government where able to draw against it 10 times. So no wonder tbe FRN is worthless. Also a military’s honorable discharge papers calked a  DD-214 are also a securities instrument of value. 
Now there is this

What does Minnesota rule 220 have to do with a birth certificate ? Is the birth certificate actually a death certificate?

Rule 220.Birth Certificates

The Registrar of Titles is authorized to receive for registration of memorials upon any outstanding certificate of title an official birth certificate pertaining to a registered owner named in said certificate of title showing the date of birth of said registered owner, providing there is attached to said birth certificate an affidavit of an affiant who states that he/she is familiar with the facts recited, stating that the party named in said birth certificate is the same party as one of the owners named in said certificate of title; and that thereafter the Registrar of Titles shall treat said registered owner as having attained the age of the majority at a date 18 years after the date of birth shown by said certificate.

 (Bouvier’s law vol 2 memorial a petition or representation. and petition instrument of writing containing prayer or person whom seeks redress of some wrong to present the facts before a court. Seems to me that it means you are presenting to the court the fact that your are the owner of your title and that you are in fact alive and not dead. could the birth certificate really mean your dead instead of alive and that your petition to court to grant you relief ?)


So let’s all the hubbub about that instrument. But I have as well most of you should have from the hospital a Birth Certificate and Identification if my foot prints on it. A live BC. So this is the one we should always be using for anything needed. 
That’s my 2 bits. 

I have zero faith that this RV will happen anytime soon. I believe that the big event of the storm has to happen first..with new trustworthy powers in place..in order to impliment a new beginning.IMO.


PS.  If anyone does read this..and are in upstate Ny. I’ve a idea-something I would like to network with you..to start here in the upstate cities vary soon after RV. IT will be job creation and more.. vary exciting and fun entrepreneuring. 


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