“What if…” by Tina H – 7.4.21


Entry Submitted by Tina H at 11:30 AM EDT on July 4, 2021

What if…..

What if I allowed every experience to play out, believing I had no control of the outcome or timing…

What if every experience that has, is, or will occur – as well as the outcome and timing, was the design of my choosing…

What if the programming of beliefs and systems had a timeclock ticking down to NOW, an expiration, if you will…and what if I had the power to determine how and when the programming plays its final act…

What if the controlled chaos, grief, scarcity, and pain were designed by us to experience…for us to see the personal power and sovereignty we freely gave away, albeit unconsciously, and for us to realize never again shall this occur…

What if the intensifying darkness (and despair) was a direct result of a brighter, stronger, larger collective of souls shining their light – indiscriminately…

What if, as a collective of awakened souls, our role – our (only?) mission here was to raise awareness, raise the collective consciousness, shine the love light to all of humanity, to every dark corner, to BE a beacon of hope…

What if…If so…

If, in understanding the Law of Attraction, what if I could harness the power of my thoughts, my words, my actions from the highest vibration possible… If so, would only the highest frequency result return?

If, in understanding the Law of One and Unity Consciousness, what if I harnessed the universal collective power of the highest vibrational thoughts, words and actions and put forth the highest outcome for all of humanity… If so, could this frequency have an impact on the whole of humanity’s vibration?

What if the increasing chaos, increased fear, and hyper-controlled narrative was a direct result of my taking back my sovereignty, understanding my inner power, and shining my light.  If, in understanding the power of my inner light and the reactive nature of darkness to light, and the power of the NOW moment, could I NOW begin to create my own reality? 

What if I could create my own reality… What if by manifesting my world in love, light, sovereignty – independent of outside circumstances, I was able to send this same energy of light to all of humanity?

What if I was that powerful… What if the darkness knew we were all that powerful… If so, then I choose to create a reality of daily blessings, daily moments of BEING in the power of the NOW moment.  I choose to see only beauty, love, and unity.  I choose to see only as an observer, not attached to the outcome belonging to those who have chosen to play out the lower vibrational experiences – instead loving all of humanity, whilst respecting their choices.

What if this Independence Day truly burst forth and lit the way on our evolutionary path to our inner power and sovereignty…?

What if humanity awakened today… to choice… If so, what do you choose to do with this revelation?

What if…


I dreamed I lived in a quaint little cottage by a body of water, a large lake I think.  I had a beautiful flower and vegetable garden.  All of nature worked almost symbiotically with me.  It seemed like we could talk, telepathically.  I wasn’t lonely because we had lively conversations!  Beautiful vibrant colors of flowers and land.  Peaceful.  No fears.  Nothing negative.  Just joy.


I was sleeping and was awakened to a lot of lightning.  I thought what a storm coming.  Then I realized it wasn’t lightning but many flashes of light!  And the flashes were not just bursts but intelligent designs!  Squares, rectangles, etc. – but large – almost filling my entire viewing area!


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