“Re: Sail a Different Course!” by Vee – 7.5.21


Entry Submitted by Vee at 11:21 AM EDT on July 5, 2021

“Sail a Different Course!” by RGVK – 7.5.21

Ok..RGVK.. your missing the “real” bigger picture. You said ..”I find it tremendously odd that none of the gurus bother to offer ideas on humanitarian projects. ” 

How come NON of these gurus are telling everyone that they should be upsetting the apple cart ? I’ve been posting these issues for years…how to do it…why they should. Not one ever gives a idea of remedy. Alex Jones is notorious for sabre rattling..pounding the pulpit-desk for all that’s wrong in America and the world..but never offers proposes any ulterior actions. He’s not along..pretty much all the right wing conservatives do the same.. Rush Limbaugh being at the top.. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mike Huckabee, Mike Levine, Glenn Beck to name just a few. If they would propose something different..or what I had post in my Reply to Holly today..

“Re: Going Back to 1776” by Vee – 7.5.21

It would overture the status quo that society was been bridge marching on for Generations.There is maybe one guy that told it as is it is..the facts..

“The Best Of George Carlin”

Right at the start he says it…no if’s and’s or buts.  I’m not a follower of George..but what I do know about him..he said it straight.
The gurus we are here on IDC that we are exposed to have no game. Ive post on Markz video live a while ago..( mr. Constitution educated) if he files a income tax? He skirted the answer. 

Ask guru.Ron Giles what he does to make a change of the status que is he and yourself one as I’d post in my post..just sitting and waiting for others to make things change..bench sitters ?

“This Goes out in Response to Fleming, Gayle B., GK, et al” by Vee – 6.26.21

( and the addendum)

“When I say..”Are you doing your part”, it’s that to which you are doing to ether keep supporting-being compliance and complicit to the assumed demands of all them PTB dictators, acquiescing to the status quo system and all their commands and demands from you? Or standing up against them ilks of oppression if you believe it so.”

Ron’s got all the intel on the QFS..big F’n realivant is that to us and our life now or even post RV. Zoro.  I don’t need join Ron or Bruce for how to use what I will be getting for post RV projects. Their >? not my guru. If I really need a true project that was on the table way before these guys emerged I’ll be part of The Venus probably never heard of it. 

Ask yourself RGVK..Are you doing your part?.. just a follower or leader. I love the beat of the drum I walk to..Its mine alone. My nose isn’t up anyones ars so fare that you know what they say. 




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