“Grateful but still no Blessings!” by Reda – 7.12.21


Entry Submitted by Reda at 5:33 AM EDT on July 12, 2021

Beloved IDC readers,

I never thought we will still be waiting for our blessings in the middle of July 2021! Can you believe it? Really?

Lord Ashtar said we lighworkers will be face with a lot of challenges before everything settles into the light. I’ve never thought it would be this though. In the past 6 months I have have been evicted, had to bad sell half my belongings, I was offered a job starting on June then everything halted. I’ve been betrayed by friends, lost friends and love ones, family is there but not there, It’s been a year since my mother passed away, I’m just glad and grateful that she is not living in this crazy times.

But anyway, I have many things to be grateful for, I have a roof over my head, I have my health, I’m grandfather, I’m son of God and a Lightworker ready to service, see? many things to be grateful for! I really mean it. Aren’t all this changes going on in this planet right now for the better outcome of mankind? Are they?

We read and hear that people are getting paid! The whales, the F&P’s, governments, settlements, SKR’s, tiers 1-3! Everybody else but us! NO TIER 4B! We the ones who are going to change the world! We are not getting paid! Isn’t this frustrating? We are the last. Gurus tell you every day that we’ll RV on Tuesday or Wednesday! Surely on Thursday but most probably next week or next month! Or September!

What is really going on??? I look for answers and they are no where to be found! Many people like me probably in the millions are in need of financial help! Where is the help? Why are these people getting paid if they won’t help nobody??? Why? Why ALLIANCE? WHY COMPANY OF HEAVEN? Why aren’t we getting paid? Some times I think nobody cares, as long as you are provided for, nobody cares about others sufferings. This is the 3D frequency we are stocked in. But you have to raise your vibrations, think positive, live positive and live in 5D. Let me tell you that MONEY will raise human’s vibrations in a blink of an eye! Some people may disagree with me by saying money isn’t everything, but let me tell you something brother, 90% of the world will disagree with you!

By the way, I had my eyes on a beautiful beach front house down in south Florida, guess what? Gone! Lol! You are right guys something is going on.

I never loose hope that in the meantime I will find a charitable soul that will help me pass through this hard times, I know you are out there, and I know you have a golden heart, don’t be afraid to give a helping hand, I can tell you is the most wonderful feeling in the world! That’s what Lightworkers are! Stewardess in this world! Please give big!

If you feel the call in your heart to help me please do so at http://paypal.me/7cooking. If you have a job opportunity or want to help, send me an email to 7cooking.rhc@gmail.com

“may all the money you give be blessed and returned to you multiplied”

Love and light to all!


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