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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:08 AM EDT on July 12, 2021

…will unite the world!

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to have time for me again!

My previous article gave me more to think about than I wanted to admit. The title today is a statement by “Q” and I think it is one of the most important posts by “Q” I have ever read. First of all, a word to the same-switched state media, the ignorants, the left-wing “journalists”, the cabal supporters, knowingly or unknowingly: There is only “Q” and there are only “Anons”, there are no QAnons! Once and for all! And those who claim that it is a right-wing “association” calling for violence and riots have neither read nor understood Q-Drops. What am I talking about, the propaganda works anyway only with indoctrinated sleep sheep. Patriots know it and the silent masses suspect it. Still they remain silent. Still!

The suffering of the children will unite the world. That reads well at first, doesn’t it? But times honestly, who knows then at all that children suffer? Actually for a unification of the world still much too few, even if the number of the awakened ones rises, even daily increases. The cabal, that is, the Deep State knows it, of course, but he does not want the world to unite. It would unite so that there is only love and peace, tolerance and respect. And the cabal did not want that. From my point of view we have about 15-20 percent of awakened people in different phases. This of course includes all patriots, so also the few who know the plan, as well as the military. Then we have a (still) silent mass of about 50 percent who have doubts but don’t dare to express them because the current is still flowing in another direction. Then we have about 10 percent deeply sleeping sheep. Here there are different opinions, some think they are biorobots, others think they are soulless people. It doesn’t matter, because these 10 percent will NEVER wake up!

Now about 20 percent remain. These are all who either acted and act directly in the Deep State, the stooges in different levels of hierarchy, government and ministry members, media people and MSM journalists. Some of these 20%, supposedly yes those in highest and high positions are replaced by clones, actors or holograms. The levels directly below have been arrested for weeks and shipped to the old Gitmo and the new Gitmos, as evidenced by the numerous military airlifts to and from them. So the military is going level by level from top to bottom and I suspect with each arrest there are more indictments. Many who felt safe after the supposed “election” of Sleepy Joe may already or soon see themselves in handcuffs.

Since one can recognize the dark forces by the symbolism, I suspect a stronghold of child suffering in Germany. And here my understanding stops for the time being, because I consider, with which criteria one recruits personnel in child homes, in all mechanisms, which have to do with “child protection”, in youth welfare offices, in church communities, in hospitals (how many miscarriages were really one?), which take part in such a thing. With what, for example, does one blackmail a formerly dedicated employee in a children’s home into making children disappear? What goes on in the minds of people who do everything in the youth welfare office but never decide for the best interests of the child? What makes judges and lawyers take children away from parents? These are questions that concern me. And sorry that I am not perverse enough to find answers for them.

We were and are shown in series and movies how youth welfare offices work, we experience it first hand or learn about it from our personal environment. And it is hard for us to imagine, it is only the tiny tip of a gigantic iceberg. This is a problem of the silent masses, they would only feed the doubts if they themselves were affected, fates of others are far away. “It’s tragic, yes, but as long as it doesn’t happen to me….”, you know that too, don’t you? But the doubt remains in the back of their minds, because no one gives them a guarantee that it won’t happen to them. So what is needed to wake up this silent mass? In my opinion, the only thing that helps is a little push, as if one were to push a domino (somehow this sounds familiar……).

How do we want to awaken the silent masses in Germany now? The awakening program has been running for weeks and months. Measures against an alleged pandemic are becoming more and more peculiar, vaccine damage is becoming more and more and is also being published, politicians are falsifying resumes, doctoral theses, writing off for their books, lying and are caught, are corrupt and are caught. And what do sleep sheep and silent masses say? Määääh, and free their arms for a jab with an emergency drug. Creeping and dragging is no way for Germany, unfortunately only an ice-cold, wet washcloth will help. Just exposing the Corona fake? Too little! Only expose the corruption in German politics, economy and ministries? Far too little, nobody cares! Report about DUMBs and child trafficking? Don’t believe them! Expose American election fraud? Over 60% Germans hate Trump because the media hates him!

But, fellow patriots, it will all work together! This works like a wet washcloth and a sledgehammer at the same time! Not with everyone, think of the 10 percent mentioned above, but the silent masses will rise up. Some see the danger of angry riots here and who will blame the people. They have been imprisoned for almost 17 months for no good reason, have had poison injected into their bodies, also for no reason, have believed politicians and media, for no reason and have allowed child trafficking on a large scale, consciously or unconsciously. But I trust in the military at this moment. The military is the only way. Its own and that of other nations, which is stationed here and has been doing the “dirty work” for a long time.

The exposed suffering of the children will first unite the divided populations of the countries. They will, we will give each other courage and hope again. We will forgive and forget and focus on the new world. First in our country, then with all the countries in the world. We will be able to be proud of our countries again, we will all be patriots and respect and tolerate each other. Until then, it is still a long and hard way, but we will go and we will make it. But first washcloth and mallet please!
Tomorrow would be best!

Oh yes, I almost forgot: Please also remember to post on the website so we can make our exchange appointments. It’s not as important as the sledgehammer, but once you’re there…….

Ephesians 5:11-13
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,
but rather reprove them.
For it is a shame even to speak of those things
which are done of them in secret.
But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light:
for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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