“Alone and Unarmed in the Alamo” by Stefan – 7.16.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:02 AM EDT on July 16, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to have time for me again!

What I know of American history I got from books and movies, or from documentaries. I don’t know if everything that is presented to us is true, because there is also a lot of misinformation about real history. Because history is written by victors and not by losers or objective reporters. Besides the wars with the Indians, the Civil War, where brother fought against brother, the War of Independence, the war of Texas against Mexico probably also belongs to the unpleasant events of American history. However, I only want to condemn the war as such, please do not misunderstand me there. Gaining independence can’t be wrong.

I’ ve drawn on the Battle of the Alamo for this post, which lasted 13 days in the spring of 1836 and cost the lives of 200 Texans. All of whom had fought at the fort. I can’ t and will not pass judgment on the legality or illegitimacy of the Texans’ fight. The Mexicans fought to get their land back, the Texans fought to establish their own state. In the end, as I’m sure you know, Texas defeated Mexico and got the land. You’re probably wondering now why I’m writing this. Well, I see a lot of parallels from that time to the present situation in Germany. No, not only my fatherland, we see it in all countries where a communist-inspired dictatorship holds on to power under the cloak of democracy. France and Cuba have been coming into focus for days. And NO, I’ m not lamenting, I’ m not crying, I’ m not complaining, but I’ m giving you facts so that you understand a particular situation. I know that many people around the world, in different nations, are wondering every day why Germany is not rising up, really rising up.

The ratio of troop strength at the Alamo was about 1:7.5, so just under 200 Texans against just under 1500 Mexicans. Famous men like Davy Crockett and James Bowie stood alongside William Barret Travis, the ridge commander, militia and volunteer fighters to defend the fort. They knew for certain that they had no chance. Eventually, the fort fell and so did all of its defenders. In the film, General Antonio López de Santa Anna is portrayed as an arrogant man for whom the life of a soldier was worth as much as a chicken. So arrogant, the Mexican general makes crucial mistakes in the advance after the fall of the Alamo and is crushed by the Texan army under General Samuel Houston in the Battle of San Jacinto within minutes. The Texans were motivated by revenge for the Alamo, Santa Anna made the mistake of, first, underestimating the enemy, second, dividing his army. A city was even named after General Houston.

I also feel in Germany like the brave boys back then at the Alamo. With the difference that we patriots here still have a much larger outnumber, moreover, we have no weapons. The latter is also not necessary, because violence is not a solution. As a deterrent, however, it is excellent, as you can see in America. We are perhaps a few thousand and face millions. First, the 40-50 million or so indoctrinated who verbally attack us when we encounter them. Then the systemic people, about 1.7 million “civil servants,” people who think there is still civil service status. Of these, about 750,000 are teachers who teach our children “the truth and nothing but the truth“ (not all some are good teachers). About 320,000 police officers who think they are allowed to perform sovereign duties. The rest of 1,7 million civil servants are administrative employees who, on behalf of the “legislator,” push through everything that is determined from above. No matter what the cost. In addition, there are about 21,000 judges who think they have some authority to dispense justice. They do, but it is never really law. And as for teachers, there are also good policemen, good “civil servants”, good judges. But they too live in the German Alamo. Without a chance.

About 175,000 soldiers, some of whom have typical German first names like Ali, Mohammed or Aische. I really have nothing against foreign citizens, I am tolerant. Many have lived here for decades or were born here. And Germany is a beautiful country. But you must know, everybody gets an identity card here in Germany, who wants it. The FRG state simulation earns money with it and nobody cares. Those who have lived in Germany for a long time, that is, who have made Germany their home country, should be welcome at any time. I too, if I had chosen another country to live in, would like to see myself integrated there at some point. But this means that I do not force my way of life on others, but integrate myself as well. But the bosses of the FRG saw it differently. And so it is in many, almost all European countries. The cabal has infiltrated many things, has indoctrinated and manipulated people. So lengthy and so intense that no one notices anymore.

In my last articles I asked the Alliance to give us power. A little power so that we patriots can help ourselves. On the one hand, to balance the superiority, the imbalance a little, on the other hand, to silence the many false enlighteners, who only further divide awakening. Which are used as controlled opposition by the many companies of the FRG. There are more of them than we think! And, folks, now it really looks like the alliance has had a sympathy with me and all the other patriots. All the demonstrations in London, France and Greece, all the uprisings like in South Africa and Cuba, are deliberately still allowed by it. The peoples are tired of doing what dictators (they all are, unfortunately) tell them to do. They show the middle finger to the NWO worldwide. Because they all just want peace, freedom, sovereignty and to live as they want, not as a “state”, a religion or a self-proclaimed elite dictates. Isn’t that right? The alliance still allows all this chaos because it makes it more acceptable for a military takeover. So these uprisings actually tell us only one thing: WE ARE ON THE CURRENT!

The silent masses in Germany will rise up. At the slightest chance to give in to doubts, they will do so. And we will hear from them: “We always knew that!” and “We said it right away, everything up to now has been a lie!” And we patriots will stand next to them, smile, say, “Right! How could we have been so blind?” and we will wink at each other. We have a different mess right now, heavy rains, floods, and corresponding disasters. The way it looks at the moment, this is going from south to north. People can’t get to work or can’t get to work well, soldiers are helping firefighters. Wait a minute, soldiers are helping? Also a form of acceptance, right? Oh, of course there are casualties. People have perished, stores and basements are full of water, cars have been washed away. It’s not for us to question an alliance plan, but what does that show us? Of course, DUMBs are flooded with the water, but what else does it serve? Does it all perhaps serve as a necessary cleanup for a coming rebuild? Why should everything be repaired in the next weeks, when we can start to build our new world in four, five or six weeks?

So I am beginning to believe that in the next few weeks it will not be our Alamo that will come, but the Alamo for the Deep State. I would like to ask you to visualize this scenario with me. And at the same time, thank everyone who is or was involved, who risked or even sacrificed their lives. We will honor and remember all the victims for all time. I really don’t want to take any credit, but it is and will be a hot summer. And I am honored to be able to witness all of this. What times!

“Everyone can do and believe what he wants!
As long as he does not harm others with it!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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