“Re: Before the Post Office Closes” by Grace – 7.16.21


Entry Submitted by Grace at 12:47 AM EDT on July 16, 2021

“Before the Post Office Closes” by GK – 7.14.21

Dear GK,

I was shocked and disappointed to see your public rant earlier today, but it appears that at least one person has already addressed that.

The reason that I started my call a little over 3 years ago now was because of the never-ending misinformation put forth from the “guru’s”.

My purpose has been to use my background in commercial lending and the global financial arena to actually track the Reset, happing in REAL TIME before your very eyes, and offer all of those standing on the promises of God something that they could wrap their hearts around.

And, since I was THERE on the Front Lines when all of this began in the 2nd week of January 2007, and my business came to a crashing halt (just like last year for the masses) then witnessing the collapse of the derivatives as evidenced by the Lehman sacrifice September 2008 – a year and a half later,  AFTER the banksters (LOVE that word, and I believe it originally came from Stacy Herbert – FYI) had taken the TARP $$$ and NOT put it back out as we thought they would….the digital gains on derivatives sent the outdated idea of usury out the window – as I finally later realized.

(Watch the Big Short, but CDO’s = derivatives as they never use the word in the movie!)

So having lived through all of that, as well as having had at one time “sources” who were banker friends still left over….it took me about 6 months to figure out that they were being lied to – until becoming aware of the Sting Operation ongoing in the financial arena since fall of 2013.

(the difference between bankers and banksters are the level of their crimes)

After that, I just focused on ‘following the money’ – which had been an obsession for me anways after all that and as I’ve been serving in this Mission we’re all in all of my life and I’m in it for the release of slavery for all of mankind as fiat money is the #tool of enslavement….next to your mind. They capture most of those early with religion, school, and the military.

For many years I’ve been using my words, voice and this little meme I made to try to warn others about the information which has chartered my course all of my life that I picked up on as a young teen…

Alas, my message has largely been ignored, and unheeded.

And no, I’m not a “New Ager” who got caught up into the cabals ‘Plan B’ BS of “food” as ‘the problem and the remedy’ and I don’t subscribe to such a thing as “alternative health” – since I know that its a matter of life or death.

I teach about the Secret Ingredients and the heinous plan of using “health care” as a means of eliminating their quota of use-less eaters. They create dis-ease, and slowly like frogs are boiled…their deadly ‘bonuses’ claim everyone’s life through a cradle to grave ingestion and unwitting participation (and EVEN Payment) in genocide.

Realistically, I could have screamed at the top of my lungs and turned blue from head to toe…

BUT, “You Have to be Shown. Q”

As I’ve been excitedly saying ever since this fake global-resetting scamdemic started coming into its own – “This Little Bug is Going to Do a Whole Lot of Damage”

just LOOK at what I came across TODAY

October 22, 2020 – Let That Sink In….(req. Disclosure)

“The following list of jab side effects appears for a split second at 2:33:40 in this video.

The video was an FDA presentation on October 22, 2020

This proves the shot is NOT experimental, full testing was done and they knew EXACTLY what it does. The list appears for a split second. It was scrolled through and not presented properly. This proves they knew ALL the effects of the vax in October of 2020, and like I was saying a little later – they probably got those answers by testing it on palestinians. This shot is NOT experimental. They knew exactly what it does. Knowing this, they then proceeded to allow it to be used. Technically they can say they showed everyone this because in their book a split second counts.”

Discovered by, Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

Go LOOK for yourself what the FDA said, at 2:33:40 https://youtu.be/1XTiL9rUpkg?t=9220

SEE the list of already experienced side effects, on the screen shot

Do you think that ANYONE will ever want to use “health care” provided by the cabal – ever again?

Just because they didn’t put their Plan into writing until 1992 with Agenda21 and then later the Georgia Guidestones – doesn’t mean they haven’t been working on this for centuries.

I hear that they plan 500 years in advance.

Just Sayin


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