“Dear Grace” by GK – 7.17.21



Entry Submitted by GK at 2:12 PM EDT on July 17, 2021

“Re: Before the Post Office Closes” by Grace – 7.16.21

Dear Grace,

When I included in my list the Glory be to God show, I wasn’t talking about your show. I was talking about the show Tank and Fischer were on. I couldn’t remember it.

However, there wasn’t anything in my “rant” that was negative unless listing the carnival attractions is negative.

I got a nice email…

“I flat out giggle at the way you express yourself sometimes and enjoy it immensely.  I don’t know why people get so “itchy”.  After all, if they believe in the crap they’re pitching, the quantum system is basically like God and will know our true intent anyway. So why the ruffled feathers. We are not going to get more just for saying what we think they want to hear.  And anyone who thinks that is the pot calling the kettle black, because their focus is money not truth.  From what I’ve seen in the few years that I followed it, The Virtue Signalers were the biggest flakes on there and the stupidest.  It’s like they were all vying for attention, singing for the king, as if the cabal gods would give them more just for song and dance.  Oops… Then along comes the quantum system that reads intent.  Song and dance alone just won’t cut it.  Still some try.. just to be safe….would strike an intelligent person as valid and harmless, and why it should upset anyone defies logic.  Further if these people who get upset aspire to have large sums of money, it makes me wonder if they will be tyrants once they have it.   God is not so easily fooled, as are self-inflated egotistical wannabes.But that’s just me.  Just saying… shake it off.  Those of us with true discernment make our choices not based on what others say anyway.   

Sometimes you leave me in stitches.

And the documentary on Odyssey was very well done.  You have my vote as being a good balance for the self-obsessed self-inflated egos.”

So, Grace mistaken identity as far as my reference to Glory be to God. And even then there wasn’t venom in me stringing that title together anyway — but my memory of that show was Fisher encouraging everyone to piss off the Federal Reserve and order up vehicles and such on their birth certificate accounts and then some people going to prison for it.

Christianity is easily the most used trojan horse of the Talmudists.

So everyone imagine a crumpled up piece of paper bouncing off my head. The pure brutal force of plink…the light unphased touch.
That is what your replies signify to me.,, fear this thing and Trump and company failed us miserably.

However, I look forward to breaking up the saloon again very soon, because the weak shouldn’t drink.

But this gives me another opportunity to add to my list of carnies…

Yosef… One who knows… Mountain Goat, Dinar this, dinar that, Dinarchaching, Dinarsquirrel, dinarclowns, dinarhole, CommanderDong, Donglover, KingKongDonghongkong, X-Change America, Exchangecurrencyandsexchange… 

Still this is only half of the people– some who realize that many people have gotten very rich off of the promise of riches.
If this weren’t a syndicate operation, they would have been forced to stop printing all these currencies and selling them.
Anyone ever made soup.

“More water! This soup needs more water!”


“You know what this soup needs?

“More water.”

Then there is a packed Vegas giggling. The NDA didn’t say no inside joke giggling. And the disappearing real estate.

And the plan to make money a clusterbuck so they can push their wallet injections… Mark of the Beast.


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