“Re: Yippy is a Celebratory Word” by Yippeekiyay – 7.17.21


Entry Submitted by Yippeekiyay at 10:04 AM EDT on July 17, 2021

“Yippy is a Celebratory Word” by GK – 7.15.21

Dear GK,

My handle symbolizes how I live my life. I am successful and knowledgeable and a proud city boy who became a country boy. I share the wisdom I have with others to help them live a more fruitful life because we are not truly free if our fellows aren’t.  I’ve helped hundreds of families during my adult years with my knowledge of how Big Pharma, through their “miracle” cures for mental disorders were and still are destroying our kids pretending to help them. I saved lives. When people hear truth, it resonates with them and the lies fall to the wayside. I have comforted people who lost sons and military friends to suicide because of those drugs. Almost 25 soldiers a day die by their own hand and it’s because of the meds.  More suicides in the military than we lost in Afghanistan over past 20 years.

I volunteered at natural disasters helping people to recover from the shock of the loss while Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were stirring up trouble blaming the government for not doing enough for the black community instead of lending a hand. I listened to stories of complete terror from victims of tremendous flooding and watching their homes ripped from their foundations offering them succor in the form of a compassionate ear and pots of morning coffee and keeping them from going deeper into shock. So I have served the people of my country. But I am not looking for attaboys and never will. I have fought against the evil in this world and still do with my words of wisdom and compassion. I met a man today who is looking for hope about our future. I gave it to him. He was so grateful as was I to be able to give him hope. I feel it is my duty to help others with my knowledge and my compassion. 

I tell people I meet in my business not to take the jab and why.  I know what it is doing to those who do.  However,, from the bigger picture., if Pres Trump had not backed the vaccines, he would have been attacked even more heavily and possibly been impeached and would not have been able to pull off what he and the military are about to pull off. This is my opinion.  The information about how these vaccines were possibly not safe was not a secret. Robert Kennedy Jr has been fighting the vaccination scene for over 25 years and found first hand data that the mercury used as a preservative in the vaccines (yeah right) causes autism after discovering a huge jump in autism in China, date coincident with vaccinations being introduced in China.  But President Trump was fighting a much much bigger war. There would be casualties unfortunately. Wearing the masks has caused more deaths than the flu and without a fast tracked vaccine, we would have seen more people dying of bacterial pneumonia wearing the masks for years instead of 12-15 months. Also the emergency release prevented the vaccine from being mandatory instead of voluntary. It was up to the populace to decide for themselves if they got the jab or not. 

So as you can see, I have faith in  President Trump  and how he has handled this along with his team of Patriots. Very dedicated to defeating the evil once and for all. This is a war for our souls. Are we gonna be the victims or the Victor’s? Basic life 101. 



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