“Water, Floods, and Eagle Perspective” by Stefan – 7.17.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 6:49 AM EDT on July 17, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

“Watch the water,” we were told by Q. And how many times have we done that? Last year, among others, it was the boat rallies, the rains in China around the Three Gorges Dam, and many more incidents. This year we have also been able to watch the water many times, especially in the last few weeks. Whether it was in Washington DC, or even in other cities around the world, manhole covers were pushed up, streets flooded, and even entire neighborhoods. This week there was that in Haiti, in Arizona, yes, and also here in Germany, in Bavaria, in Rhineland-Palatinate, and in North Rhine-Westphalia. But before I go into more detail, I want to pause here for a moment and tell you something:

Even though it may seem like it, I’m not just focusing on Germany. When I report on this, the impression can arise that I seem to forget the hardship, misery and despair in other countries or that I am perhaps behaving selfishly. This is not so, because I have often written that for me every victim, no matter where in the world, is one victim too many. And I mean it in the same way. Right now we are witnessing uprisings and brutal repression in Cuba, we are witnessing uprisings in France and Greece, which are also being brutally fought by the police. Well, in France police officers are shown quite often that they are defeated, when it comes down to it, the people, the sovereign stands up, what can a few police officers do? To Cuba I would like to say only that I find it already strange that despite Internet and mobil phones shutdown still pictures and videos can reach us. Should there really be victims among the population there, I regret it of course. But it remains strange or questionable, don’t you think?

If you take a closer look at all these floods and overflows, I notice that the areas where we could observe scan flights of the military and also “earthquakes” (almost always at a depth of 10 kilometers) increasingly, now coincide with the flooded areas. This is the case in the Ahr valley and in the Ruhr area. It is noticeable that in the Ahr valley there are two known bunkers, one of them used to be a government bunker. And in the Ruhr area, as we know, there was and is coal mining underground. So, what else do these flooded areas hide, I ask myself. Because nothing happens by coincidence. Could there have been other DUMBs in the Ahr Valley so that the German “elite” could hide there? All the stooges of the lower structures who have not yet been replaced by clones and actors? What is hiding in the worn out tunnels of the mines of the Ruhr area?

But one thing is obvious to me, and I’m not the only one who notices it: the amount of rain that has fallen is unequal to the amount of water we can all see now. It looks to me like there was water from above and water from below coming together. Hey, folks, we’ve had days and days of rain here. For days it didn’t stop, we did then have an increase in the creeks and rivers, but not as extreme as it was now after 13 hours of rain. That’s another thing that I find strange and question. It just doesn’t add up.
I suspect something else entirely: both with the riots and with the flooding, the acceptance among the population for military operations increases. By a multiple, because the military has completely different means “against” demonstrators and also in cleaning up the flood damage. So the military can be used, and this has been working together internationally for more than a year. Under the command of the alliance.

So without losing the consent of the population, the military could declare martial law and take over a military government, without panic among the population. The insurgents would have achieved their goal, old government gone, peace and order returned and no more casualties! Related to Germany, old government gone and it can be tidied up orderly. Patriots are no longer persecuted and harassed. And now it comes: then the arrests of the middle and lower levels of the cabal “government” take place, thus employees in administrations, justice, youth welfare offices, schools, employment offices and naturally the doctors, who absolutely had to make money by vaccinations (150 euro per Jab). The most beautiful thing would be the end of Corona, the end of vaccinations, right? Finally the truth about flu. And without riots, people would let the military punish them. What this could also mean? Of course the RV and the GCR! That stands for me now directly, because why should the alliance let us rebuild everything after old scheme, if we can rebuild it nevertheless directly for a new world? Water does not only clean and flood, but it also destroys, as we could see.

Unfortunately, many, even many enlightened, can not reasonably deal with the subject of money for all, wealth for all, NESARA and also the RV or illuminate this with all facets. Well, it is also difficult, I admit, because I have also had to learn in recent years. I have also been offered help and have accepted it. This has led me to look more intensively at the new things that are coming, including the possible changes brought about by new technologies that we already know about. Some enlightened people think that the flood of money can’t be, because then nobody would do the menial jobs anymore, and that mankind in general would not be ready for abundance. The other day we had during a stream in the chat a woman, who said, who should do all the work, if everybody has enough money?

Counter question from the eagle’s perspective: what work will be left if we not only have money, but also the technologies that come with NESARA? Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to elaborate now, I’ve already written articles on this. I think people will have a huge financial pressure taken off them first and foremost, and without that pressure they can start thinking clearly again. I also don’t think that everyone would buy a Ferrari or any other luxury just to impress people they don’t like anyway. Another positive aspect is that crime will decrease, because if everyone has enough money, no one will have to steal anymore.

From the eagle perspective, you have to look at the whole picture, because money for everyone is not the only thing that will come. Medbeds, replicators, free energy will do away with all these “menial” jobs we know now. If you don’t know what I mean by that, do some research on replicators, for example. They can not only create or repair, no, they can also dispose. So who has garbage or needs a sewer system anymore? And the 5995 new technologies that we don’t know about yet will offer unimagined opportunities for training and jobs. Everyone will be able to do what they feel like doing, what they enjoy doing and what the community needs. And in the much free time we will soon have, we can take care of spirituality, much more intensively of our children, family and ourselves, than before and live with, in and for the nature of our beautiful planet. This is what we must and will learn in a short transition period.

That means, we must start with something and there is now the simplest way to make this about the energy MONEY. Money is nothing bad, money is energy. And the alliance would like to use this special energy, in order to bring us out of the lack thinking, which was drilled into us for centuries, and into the abundance thinking, which we actually have internalized, deeply in us. To grasp that, to recognize that, is what we need to do. To see the big picture and not just the money issue alone. If I look at only part of the positive changes with blinders on, I miss important points. That can lead to me hitting a dead end or making the wrong decisions. Or even misinform. So let’s keep in mind, everyone gets enough money, this relieves an enormous amount of pressure, we can think more clearly. In addition, there will be new technologies, unloved jobs and many other jobs will disappear, but there will be new and more exciting ones. We have more free time and can devote ourselves to what we like to do and take care of family, children and fellow human beings.

All of you, take some time, find out about the new technologies, try to find out what will disappear, what new work there might be. You will see, it is fun to deal with it and it will also answer many questions you still have. And you might even come up with ideas for projects. I trust you! We will have a wonderful new world.

“Always leave room in your imagination for the impossible!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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