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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:06 AM EDT on July 23, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

I’m sure you all know it, from your job, from your circle of friends, from neighbors and other private environment. The true face does not show up immediately, sometimes it takes years or unforeseen incidents. A supposedly nice boss or a supposedly great company shows his/her true face when problems arise. And these don’t even have to be self-inflicted problems. Last year I had an accident at work and was sick for a long time. What did I get in return for a commitment that often went beyond the ordinary? Even though I always filled in for the sick or lazy (unfortunately that was the case)? The dismissal! The supposedly good company, the supposedly nice “boss” showed their true faces. They didn’t care about me and my fate.

The show presented to us in the last few months has already shown us many true faces. And yet, many people still can’t see that. If it wasn’t so frightening that these people are either indifferent, or indoctrinated, manipulated, or just plain stupid, you could smile about it. I’m not saying I do, but some days I begin to doubt the sanity of some fellow human beings. Anyone who has ever been called a conspiracy theorist or an alu-hat wearer knows what I’m talking about. Meanwhile everything is so obvious, one could think the fellow men are all blind. The flood from other countries we get yes only from videos and postings, I myself live just under 20 kilometers from the flood area Ahrtal away, have there acquaintances who give out a lot of information, which of course is published in the alternative media.

Of course, political actors have already shown themselves in the crisis area, that is, the actors who have to play Merkel, Steinmeier and other political bigwigs from NRW and RLP. The MSM have started to play their lyre with climate change and Corona again, so that the less and less viewers don’t forget. The new narrative is that only “right-wing radicals” and “lateral thinkers” are among the private helpers. The police, mercenaries of the private company Constellis, only move out to prevent “demonstrations of Reich citizens”. For this purpose, they want to force the helpers to wear masks and keep their distance. That is the only reason they are on site. They do not help. Even the policemen, who are still human beings, are not allowed to help on orders “from above”. Rumors are going around that compulsory vaccinations for helpers are being considered. And unfortunately there is already a vaccination station in Ahrweiler. And those who have just survived a tidal wave are getting their jab. Medially, the crisis area has already been declared a Corona hotspot, so fear is stirred up again, who is surprised, right?

The true face of the politicians is shown, because for the flood victims 300 million were promised, which are about 300 euros per injured person. The day before, Jens Spahn’s actor assured the WHO 260 million as a donation. For the “refugees” in Germany, 23 billion euros have been spent so far. The true face of the German government: Others are more important, than the own population. Before all the own pocket, because straight again an increase of the emoluments of the Bundestag was decided. Quietly and secretly, medially not noticed. How also, it hang all at the same drip. So it looks.

But thanks to alternative media, this game is over, the narrative buildings are built on quicksand, the houses of cards of media propaganda collapse faster than you can watch. On each LIE of the MSM immediately counterstatements of the concerning and the aids come into circulation, which expose everything as Bullshit, which is reported there by paid liars. And more and more people see that. The true face of the media. A few days or weeks ago I wouldn’t have bet on it, only 56 percent of Germans didn’t believe the MSM anymore. Now I would bet it, because it becomes daily more. Every helper of the fire departments, who wanted to come helpfully from almost all over Germany to the West, and were sent back by police or authorities, or just sat around for days, because there was no mission order for them, comes home and tells his environment, how it really was.

I have read of over a thousand helpers who had to turn back (there could be more). For the flimsiest of reasons. Each of these helpers has 5, 10 or 20 people in his environment. They now learn the truths first hand, they have a very credible source. And they again have 5, 10 or 20 in their environment. Folks, this is word-of-mouth advertising at its best. No lie propaganda can compete with that. Not at all! Also here the true face is shown: The official media lie, conceal and operate state propaganda. And those, who recognize the true face, become daily more.

The best of all was the mayor of the flooded village Schuld, who explained to the actress Merkel, in front of running cameras, that there were already flood waves in the village, the biggest in 1790 and 1910, before there was any “climate change” at all. The expression on the actress’ face? Priceless!!! Officially in the media? No, but alternatively viral extremely widespread. The man will get a medal yet. And stirs up hope that there are still humans in the lower levels of politics. After all, we know that we will build our countries, our nations from the bottom up.

Of course, Germany’s “hysteric for everything” has also intervened again, he is always ordered in front of the cameras when it comes to exaggerated scaremongering and doomsday scenarios. Officially, he is an expert on everything, but unofficially he knows nothing. And because he spouts his garbage almost every hour in front of the cameras, the people who are loyal to the media believe him. But, we must know, also he is already exchanged and sits in one of the numerous Gitmo’ s on the world. The actor is already awakening foreign countries. The editor-in-chief of the Swiss online magazine “Die Ostschweiz”, Stefan Millius, has made the German “Professor” Lauterbach, or rather his actor, the subject of a great article. My namesake shows in his article that he can formulate classes better than I can. Here is a summary, folks, I really had to laugh when I read it:

What is true for Germany is equally true for Switzerland: for more than a year, virtually all political talk shows have revolved around the topic of “Corona”; and there, according to the author Stefan Millius, Lauterbach is virtually an ideal appointment, because Lauterbach, the editor-in-chief of Die Ostschweiz is sure:
“Lauterbach is the accident on the highway made flesh.”

The viewer is creeped out, and yet he feels attracted to what is happening before his own eyes, according to the presumed logic behind the talk show presence of the 58-year-old. And yet another logic of the ratings-hungry media is all too virtuously served by Lauterbach: the obviously insatiable fascination that emanates from tragedy and apocalypse. The Corona hysteria diagnosed by Millius is a current example of this. Lauterbach, in turn, is, according to this reading, “the symbol of the ongoing hysteria,” because “it doesn’t matter at all how strongly the panic is otherwise already being conjured up,” “Lauterbach always adds to it.”
“With him, everything is always a few rounds worse, more disastrous, more dramatic. He does not know such a thing as relaxation, even more: it puts him in excitement.” What is worrying here, he says, is that Lauterbach does not come to terms with his “inner paranoia” but, for no less pathological reasons, is virtually forced to impose it on others – “as if in a fever frenzy.”

Just as little as the German Dr. Drosten has a doctorate, so little is Lauterbach a professor, all this is now confirmed. Of course not in the MSM, again only alternative media published. He was ordered in front of the cameras not only because of Corona, the Delta variant and other medical apocalypses, but now also because of man-made climate change. The true face of the media: lies, concealment, state propaganda. And many in Europe pay this with a compulsory fee. Those who don’t pay it go to (illegal) jail.

I know from contacts in the crisis area that the number of victims is much higher than reported. And still over 1000 people are missing. I suspect that this is also the case in the other flooded areas around the world. There are victims, there are missing people, and we who read reports about it don’t know how to deal with it at first. I, for example, ask myself then why the alliance now just in this endgame still allows so many victims, why on the one hand children are rescued from DUMBs, on the other hand now again very many people fall victim to the war GOOD against EVIL. It is difficult to understand, surely it is the same for most of you. Each victim is one too much.

As regrettable as all this is, but let’s not forget that every soul has a free will? Aren’t we forgetting a soul plan? You don’t have to believe in it, but what if there really is such a thing? When souls really make a plan before they incarnate? If inhabitants of other planets of the universe decide to make “experiences” here on earth, to help or also to find an early end? Indications that it could be so, are found many, counter-evidence I have found rarely or not at all. For me these theories are a good way to deal with the events and their victims. So just to believe that some souls have fulfilled their goals in this dimension, on this planet and that’s why they have ended the incarnation. That they simply took advantage of these catastrophes. In or through religions you will not find an answer to this, whereas I do not want to question the belief in God, whatever you call him. Merely the religions, which are made by people, serve the division.

So pay attention to the true faces that are shown to us these days. In private, as well as in the public sphere. Be vigilant and protect yourselves! If all true faces have become visible, we have won!

“Trust is an oasis of the heart,
that is never reached by the caravan of thought.”
Khalil Gibran

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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