“Re: Homeless People and the New GCR/RV Cards” by Fellow Co-Creator – 7.23.21


Entry Submitted by Fellow Co-Creator at 7:06 AM EDT on July 23, 2021

RE: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 23 July 2021 (and some)

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 23, 2021

I am responding particularly to the section that mentions homeless people in regards to the new GCR/RV currency cards or bank cards. I hope my idea/request here gets into the right hands, read by the right person in the right department.

Help me/fellow patriots to help them/homeless (simple enough of an idea here on how)…

For a long time I’ve wondered how I could help the homeless when it comes time for this currency reset. I am writing this now to ask for an appropriate (professional source) printer-friendly document that can be handed to the homeless, which can have instructions both for the homeless as well as for the document hand-deliverer (or just for the homeless, not both – & it can be as simple or as detailed as mindfully & soulfully deemed necessary [humanitarian, not robotic, if possible]). By “printer friendly,” I simply mean – such as if you were to share it in an image format – that it not be white words on a black background which would take up far too much printer ink for some of us and our printers.

This document I am asking for is to be from people/a person/agency whom is/are genuinely & professionally  in-the-KNOW, and this document is meant to deliver not merely the information that Judy provided already, but also the following information (for examples*) – and please have it professional, viable, as they deserve respect and are not stupid and thus a header showing a trustworthy department/source might not be a bad idea (potential hand-deliverers might not even trust it if it’s from even just a white hat that typically gives fake news to help other white hats, or a mere human name the homeless wouldn’t be familiar with to trust – needs to be professional, which is rightly respectful to the homeless who are to receive it hand-delivered by patriots[Judy/etc., please don’t read this paragraph with the ego side of your brain, it’s sincere and realistic and not to be taken personal in a 3rd density/dimension victim mindset, coming from outside POV’s it’s sincerely legit and is without judgment of you or others – this is about helping the homeless most effectively and not about judging anyone]):

(Again, these are examples of the type of thing that can* be included if applicable – rough-draft only from the top of my head, for inspiration even):

  • “Dear homeless, you can go to these following places for your card. If you do not have any form of self-identification, please call this number and we will assign someone to assist you as we are aware that you cannot get identification without having documents that require an address to get.”
  • “All states but Ohio can call this number for help.” – or – “All states require you to go to this place EXCEPT Ohio; if you are in Ohio you can go here.”
  • “Dear document hand-deliverer, please do not allow the homeless to use your personal address; They will need to use this instead.” – or – “Dear document hand-deliverer, it is safe for you to allow the homeless to use your address if you like, but there is also this option…”  
  • “Dear hand-deliverer, if you would like to provide this following information to your local newspaper, you may (RATHER FOR THEM TO DO AN ARTICLE OF INTEREST as news OR TO DO A HELP-WANTED AD seeking VOLUNTEERS in the classified ads section)…”
  • “Dear homeless, if you require special assistance due to a disability….”
  • “Dear hand-deliverer, please do NOT do the following…(to protect yourself/to protect homeless)”
  • “Dear homeless, please do not allow the hand-deliverer to…(to protect themselves/to protect hand-deliverer)”
  • “Dear homeless/hand-deliverer, if you are helping in such a way that requires major funding, such as a large group of homeless attaining identification at a costly price for fees of each person that you/they can’t afford at this time, you/they may reach out for assistance to/by..(refund/rebate/voucher/discount/etc.)..if you can provide the following…”
  • “Dear homeless, you do not need identification for… or prior to…in the following states….”
  • “The following is a suggestion for your local newspaper (for news article and/or classified ads)….”
  • “The following must be done no sooner than… and/or…no later than…”
  • “Dear hand-deliverer, when approaching homeless with this….do/don’t/prior to”
  • “Dear homeless, soon you will be hearing ‘welcome home.’ We rejoice together as the end of homelessness is finally here. You are important and miracles happen. We The People won our country back from the corporate oligarchy. Welcome home. Please surrender to prosperity and release what no longer serves your highest good. It is safe to shine. You will no longer be stomped back down or have the rug pulled out from under you. Debt slavery is no more. Shock is understandable; thaw out first, take time to heal, then when ready rise up because your story is not over and it’s a beautiful story.”
  • “Dear (both), med beds/healing devices will be available in these states on these dates…./to find out when med beds/healing devices are available in your location, check the following link/phone # for updates….”

Sincerely and gratefully,

Fellow Co-Creator (master manifestor)


This post script is going to get a little squirly (is that you, Sammy?). This last part is for the readers and not necessarily the department(s) who can help with the hand-delivered document to homeless for GCR Rv.

Declaration to be spoken aloud by fellow deliberate manifestors, say the known fact with strength and intention:

“Everybody has a home forevermore;
Prosperity is ours and we rejoice;
We thrive and our spirits have come alive;
Myasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay;
Myasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay;
Myasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay;
So it is.”

Surrender, detach, as it solidifies.


Everything we want to manifest also wants to manifest us. Alignment is everything, the frequency you’re vibing at matters (your vibrational offering to the universe). Tune-in to it as manifested, not as tomorrow but as now.

Alignment over everything else. Intend. Surrender/detach (allow). Alignment – that is everything.

Group intending? Even better, more energy focused is more energy to bring into solid form faster. It is already here, just needs to solidify from the quantum realm.

It is always closer, but let’s complete it anyway since we do not have to wait and rely on outside sources to do it for us (as religious people tend to mistake, relying on god as an outside source as if they are not extensions of source energy every bit as much as “Jesus” – the illusions religions bring, amirite [we’re all capable of alchemy just like Jesus & we all have a chariot like Jesus rode off up in – it’s called our Merkaba, which is probably what the Freemason geometry tool symbol really stands for, the suppression of our light body/merkaba, and we can activate it; yes, the merkaba is also called a chariot [just as the ‘gold’ among the frankincense and myrrh was actually what turmeric was called back then and was more valuable than gold back then – all cancer cures {interesting how pastors never know these things; Jesus was against religion for this reason – the illusions and Stockholm syndrome caused by occults for control over cultural norms rather than connection to the quantum realm aka spirit realm as an extension/individual expression of source & NOT separate-from thus leaving you helplessly dependent upon outsider god}]).

“I surrender homelessness to the Christ within, that all beings live in prosperity in the homes of their choice forever more. Amen/so it is. I am grateful to witness this having manifestED before my eyes right now.”

Moving mountains? Don’t mind if I do. Activating chakras. Oh, ancient civilizations used frequencies to move large objects, but your pastors won’t tell you this either. There are still places today that do this but they keep very secret so to not lose what they have to globalists.

Fallen angels? Reptilian.

King James (“version” bible guy)? – evil ancestor of pedo queen elizebeth.

Aliens? From another planet..(?)..OR from other DIMENSIONS(???) – (like upright walking reptilians came from another dimension after a portal was opened, as did humans, who were never neanderthals; neanderthals were their own upright-walking species, also known as …you won’t like this but…hell, I’m going to let you learn this later instead of by me; just as independent scientists expose covid-19, the same goes for the bones of neanderthals whose bones are altered and lied about; the first ever human civilization on earth – equipped with legal system and all – did remember clearly where they/humans came from and it’s not earth and these people are known as ancient Sumerians, and a secret military operation was sent to destroy ancient Sumerian sites because these facts were reaching modern day America (this is the kind of information covered up by cabal book-burning as they re-write history). I look forward to our tax-farm re-education camps (disguised as “school”) being replaced with reality’s meaningful education, like civics and our true history……….and quantum physics ( – already being manifested before our eyes, a website that may be suppressed on some browsers; the National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into law on December 21, 2018).

**Waving goodbye to Sammy the squirrel.**


What a great time to be alive!!!

Welcome home… the golden age!

Oh, Sammy is back:

Med med? Don’t mind if I do.

“Um, hello, I’d like to order one of your coral flying saucers, please. Yes, the one equipped with the particle accelerator thingy that disintegrates plates and bowls so I don’t have to wash them, as well as manifests them at the push of a button. So awesome how the universe’s 12 particles of matter and 4 forces of nature work! Energy = matter, indeed, Einstein. Jesus could turn water into wine, but look what my flying saucer can do! It’s equipped with a med bed, too, so let’s grow your arm back and that spleen you had removed by the big pharma butcher. Yes, I know I have the same chariot that Jesus did, but I like my pizza pie and sea food boil (that I don’t have to cook or kill for).”

Love you all! Bye!


RE: (Reader: Disciple John) Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

John, you’re not alone! I been on that same page for some time! She/they won’t listen, but they’re still good for people at lower frequencies, just not for us – let’s lead the way as they ascend! You know the denser their dimension, the less they can comprehend us (we do not live on the same frequency and thus our information sounds like something completely different to them). So we just have to lead the way for those who are ready like us! When I tried to tell her, she was reactionary and wouldn’t have it and claimed to be a victim of my innocent words! We can only lead those who are ready for where we are, and we’ll let the lower density beings enlighten the even-lower density beings. You see? But you’re not alone. Keep up the great work! I’m sure you didn’t need to hear any of this from me, but just wanted you to know you’re not alone and we aren’t the only ones who see it as you do, but we must rise above any upset at being sick of the low vibes of “it’s not here yet (etc.)” & focus on what’s next (ignore the YET to come & know it’s already here – they’ll catch up when their soul is ready). Take care as we lead the way to 5D, no more duality – we are the pioneers of New Earth! Growing pains happen – ouch, learn, grow – not an exact science, can’t be perfect, which they also need to accept from us just as we do of them – this is pioneering, not following (following would mean there are instructions rather than learning through experience – we are step-by-stepping-oops-now-I-know-ing)!


I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you!

Choosing “prosperity,” not “parish.” Thanks Queen Romana of Canada! And thanks for sharing about the upright-walking Arcturians this week!

– Fellow Co-Creator (gratefully yours)


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