“Money was Moved” – RV News Update from Holly and Wolverine 7-26-21


Holly Monday RV News:

Over the weekend large traunches of money was moved. We are still on a very, very slow release schedule.

Where are we today: 

1. F&Ps were to go over the weekend till today. We are still waiting for the recipients to be notified. 

2. Kazemi is to meet in Washington DC today. It is to be an announcement that they are part of the WTO (world trade organization). The USA is sponsoring them in. They need a rate change and an international currency…. Something big should be coming  

3. Nesara and Gesara still have not been publicly announced. They have been happening behind the scenes for years. The last part is the debt forgiveness for all. 

4. Bonds continue to be paid out on a slow release schedule. This ride is not for everyone. It takes nerves of steel to navigate it daily.

 If you are new, there is a learning curve you need to to get through in order to remain detached and peaceful. You know in your soul it is happening and you do not get caught up in the day to day misinformation. We are being asked to use discernment and see what resonates and makes sense and what doesn’t.


 All of you are here for a reason. You would not be brought here unless your energy was needed to make this happen. Do you part and hold the high vibrational energy to bring this in the here and now.

This is a transition not a transaction. Never, ever give up. All we can do is pray and wait while the events of the world unfold to release this.  

Wolverine, Dear friends.

They are working 24/7 to make sure that  the RV is released so we can all embrace global liberty.

There are nations that work in idle, and others in full steam, we have to balance the times so they all come out at the same time

News is that the rates have all  been posted on the Forex and are waiting to be officially published to the public.  Other news that came out last night is that they will end all Bonus programs during this weekend. ie the bonds.

I don’t have an answer concerning the F&P if it is finished or not as the last time I heard is that they were over 50% done. We will soon have an announcement concerning it as that is practically the shotgun to get this started.


Hopefully our beloved guru Holly will have an answer any day and I’m praying it is today.

The military is fully in control of all operations on the RV  and they are making sure that the QFS is fully operating and it is in place before the RV is released. 

We will all be notified any day now by email and receive our 800 numbers and Starlink link, so we can calmly mark our appointments.

Although it’s not easy to coordinate size deployment, so if everything  comes out at once, we got the Green Light.

Pray that everything comes to plan and do not lose hope as remember this is a war which we will win at the end so we can start our mission as humanitarians as God has intended. 

May God keep you safe in these uncertain times and keep you steady and in faith.

Your beloved friend 

The Wolverine.

Source: Dinar Recaps



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