Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 7-26-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

07/26/2021 Update

Our military intel contact said that his info is that everyone behind the scenes is being told the shotgun start is any moment this week going forward; over the past weekend large tranches of funds were moved into place for the shotgun start and bonds continued to be processed and paid out;

. ..A) The lower level 3 beneficiary accounts of F&Ps (& adjudicated settlements, PPs) recipients were to be paid out as of today Mon 26 July and are still to be paid out as part of the shotgun start at any moment this week; F&P pay outs into accounts and notification / package deliveries were over 50% over the weekend and are approaching 70% now behind the scenes as is needed to start the shotgun start and T4B;

[4:14 PM]

. ..B) Iraqi PM Kadhimi (=Kazemi) and the Iraqi delegation are in meetings today in DC concerning Iraqi – USA economic and business agreements, security agreements and the reduction of US military presence in Iraq, and about Iraq being inducted into the WTO for which Iraq needs the new IQD RV rate that it has now and that is posted on Forex behind the scenes; the RV rates of the 23 currencies in the first basket are posted to Forex behind the scenes and at the right time the rates will be published publicly; T5 the public are still set to start next Mon 2 August and T4B is set to start before then this week;

. ..C) Bond-holders at the end of the bond payout line (lower levels) are still being told to stay close to their banking centers as the shotgun start is close when they will be paid out; bonuses (funds partially to keep bond holders in place at their banking centers) are now being ended suggesting the shotgun start is being initiated shortly;

. ..D) The military is making sure that the QFS is fully operative to initiate the shotgun start; as of mid-day EST they were ready to move forward this week; his info is that we in T4B will be notified with Safe Link web links for 800#s with email notifications any time going forward this week (his current info is that the cards are not part of this notification process for T4B);

[4:14 PM]

. ..E) T3-4A group leaders who were not in place at their assigned banking centers last week, because they did not want to be in place till the shotgun start was ready to be initiated, are now in place as of today Mon 26 July, because they are being told the start is any moment going forward this week;

. ..F) When the shotgun start is initiated, (i) lower level bond holders will begin to receive access to their bond redemption funds, (ii) the lower level (level 3) of F&Ps, adjudicated settlements, PPs will be paid out (the last 30% of notifications/deliveries completed), (iii) T3-4A groups will be notified and start getting paid out on their SKRs, and (iv) within hours T4B will receive notifications and start exchanging;

. ..G) WF upper level bankers and wealth managers were told over the past weekend to report to their banks and redemption centers today Mon 26 July, to be ready for “major changes” (a clear reference to the RV release and shotgun start + exchanges starting);

. ..pray that all happens as planned by the white hats, he agrees that this ride has taken nerves of steel to navigate daily, and we need to keep our vibrational energy high with gratitude and seeing it done in prayer in order to bring this in here and now; this RV release is a military operation (it always has been), it has been a war to defeat the Deep State, and the DoD and the military and the Alliance are winning the war so we can start to help those in need and heal the planet as God intends.

07/26/2021 Podcast Update




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